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"FACTS OF LIFE " ( told to My DOG) LOL

as I sit her with my Sassy who is my constant companion and best friend, She is a miniture daschund now 6 years old, Truely a gift from GOd and one of the God daughters who I also let know she is a gift from GOD.
sassy was but 6 months old and going into heat for the very time.

I was entertaining some friend from a small 5 block by 4 block town here in Iowa. Ihad one of my mugs with a bit of the bl**dy Mary in it and drinking with threw a straw.

I was very thirsty and board and concernd about my sassy. anyway and never thought to much about having the drink with some medications, but sassy beings my baby girl had no idea what was about to be told to her.
Remember Sassy first time in Heat. ME drinkin. sitting in a recliner with a few friends.

I got sassy up on my lap and started talking to her about the "FACTs OF Life" .
NOw what I had to say is important and everyone that is an a****l lover need to have this once in a life t ime talk with your pet.

Sas I explained in total detail how a woman sizes up a man, but the size of his finger, his hands and feet. Weather they are skinny, thick, long or short. the extream . I also included attitude if he thinks he is a ladys man or a know it all. I went on to explane to my 6 month old dog that I was like h er little and chunky and I prefer certain kinds of men. I like men with a short cock one I could enjoy and it is hard when I want it to be. I explaine to her it might be a bit different , she needed to check out the size of his paws, front and back his height, and his length. beings she is small like me. I enjoy BBM cause they have little cocks. They also treat a woman with Respect and if a male dog is going to fuck her I wanted her to make sure she is very careful that she dont get more than she could handle. He had to be about her size preferable a weiner dog or a shit tzu. they are about the same size. His cock better be a good shape like most men that i enjoy. He better not have the attitudes on most of the men I have encountered. HE had better treat her like a queen. its her decision as to what she wanted him to do to her first lick her and make her comfortable and relaxed and not to big where he tears her up inside. OR he would have to answer to MOM! Yeah no one wants to answer to MOM. Iwent on to explane the personalities of men and how they differ, adnhow not to get used for jsut sex. My friends were laughing so hard a couple of them had to go home becasue they had wet their Jeans, and was in pain form the talk that I was having with sassy. Sassy in the mean time with twisting a turning her head like she was understanding everything I said. she was taking it all in. so were my neighbors. Pretty soon I got anotion th at i was going to call another one of my neighbors and tell them about the "FACTS OF LIFE" talk with their dogs. Well Folks it was the good Imade that call. It was 9PM at night, I was pretty lite up. and enjoyed being the MOmmey that told sassy about sex and wht to pick out and to be damn fussy about it. Iended up calling a Person Of here in IOWA that I did not know . I dailed the WRONG FUCKING NUMBER ! Now that is funny chit right there and it really happened. Ask the people from Harris Iowa that lived inthe Senior housing aparatments.
Inow Laugh about it and I did later that night . Let me know what you think of MIdge's Facts of Life story which is Very true.
Posted by midgeb58 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Love your blog and thanks for sharing midgeb58.
1 year ago
great read,different perspective you bring---honest of you
2 years ago
you're quite simply, and enchanting woman. xhamster is better for having you here with us. thanks so much for sharing yourself.
2 years ago
I love small women