A Romantic and Close encounter with my favoured gi

Just to let you know readers... this is a short story of the girl in my album, her name is Miki-I met her here in my stay in Japan. Interesting how I met her in the first time in Shinjuku station, Tokyo. We saw the movie, Wolverine the Samurai-whatever it was they called it in Japan-ate dinner and I asked her if she wanted to meet a second time and she told me, "you'll never like my personality" and I said, "I'm sure we'll work it out once we get to know each other."

The next time we met, it was in Akishima Station where we watched another movie, "Lone Ranger" and she often laughed at my joke when I called her, "kimosabi" which Johnny Depp would say every 10 minutes. We had dinner and I took her back to the station, and she hugged me for the first time. She later text'd me that night saying, "I don't know why, but you could have kissed me." I said, "I'll try next time :)."

The third time I saw her, she agreed to go to my city, near Tachikawa and visited my place. We watched more movies and as the movies went on, I asked if she wanted a massage and she said she was alright, but I insisted and gave her one anyway-which she couldn't refuse. She gave me a kiss and as soon as I knew it, we were making out. I told her we could wait until later for sex, but she insisted that we could do it. I asked, "would you like me to use a condom?" "It doesn't matter," she said. I didn't want her to get pregnant so I drove to the nearest convenience store to pick a pack of condoms. As soon as I returned to my apartment, she was laying there on the bed with only her ivory panties and bra-like a slender vixen, more like a Japanese schoolgirl-she was 22 years old. I started kissing her again and she slowly undressed me-I was in a daze because of how beautiful she was in the dim light emanating from my lamp near my sink, which was the only light that was on. I began to lick her neck, she moaned, then slowly moved my tongue on her breasts while fondling her vagina beneath her undergarment. I knew exactly how to pleasure a woman and I've had plenty of practice in my life since I hit puberty-but I haven't cared much for any other women before her for some reason... was this love or was I just caught in the moment? I moved downwards and removed her panties, to reveal a clean-shaven pussy (most Japanese women don't shave because there's a belief that if they shave, they oft are deemed as sluts). I started fingering and licking her clitoris-her moaning escalated to new heights the more my tongue went deeper and finally she said, "enough" and pushed me back, pulled down my pants and wrapped her luscious lips around my cock; it didn't take long for the erection to take effect and I could see her saliva dripping down my cock. I watched in amazement on how she was going to town with it... she noticed I was looking at her so she hit my forehead with her fingertips and buried my face with my pillow and continued to suck for a while longer. She stood up and placed her self on my "Solid Snake" and started bouncing while kissing me, tongues colliding. I threw her on the bed after a few minutes and went missionary on her-she wrapped her arms around my back, squeezing so tight and kissing my neck, as I pounded her tight, vagina. After twenty minutes, we proceeded to Doggy and it went on for a good fifteen minutes and I said, "I'm close... you want me to cum outside?" "No! cum inside me! It's okay!" With little hesitation, I unleashed a clone army within her urethra and it trickled quickly down her thighs. "That's too much!" she screamed and laughed. I kept on going for another ten minutes. She asked, "it's strange, but why do you keep going and why did you take a long time to cum? Japanese men climax too soon and they stop after they do so... You're the first non-Japanese asian I had sex with..." "Maybe it's because Japanese think most asian men are like Japanese men, which is not true at all."

We were together for four months... but it was not without peril. She was a habitual smoker and her personality was indeed troublesome as was her selfishness. We eventually broke up. A good friend told me, the prettier the woman, the more problematic your relationship will be... She is five feet, 7 inches-taller than the average Japanese woman, like a model how my friends described her... I just wanted to share my favourite experience in my stay thus far here in Japan.
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12 months ago
Thanks for the comments and advice!
12 months ago
Thank you for sharing.
12 months ago
You have a lot of potential. You seem to be upping your notch count as evidenced by your number of original uploads.

But I would like to suggest something. Avoid asking the girl what to do, lead her on what to do. Refer to your video when you got a blowjob in the karaoke. You asked her if she wanted to do it. She was WAITING for you to do it. And now in this story of yours the girl said "but you could have kissed me". When you insisted on the third date you got a kiss. What does it say? Your insisting behavior led into the kiss. She's even the one who insisted to continue the sex.

Now, you don't have to listen to me. I do not have any uploads of my own getting laid, right? Who am I anyway? You cannot verify how much experience I have to make my suggestions valid but it is up to you if you will take my observation and use it to your advantage.

P.S. you're right that shaving is considered as a fuzoku practice. So when you see that's already shaven you better be damn prepared to accept that your J-girl has been involved in some kind of AV, soapland, deaikei-ish job. If she's younger she's probably doing some enjokousai with the ojisans
1 year ago
Thanks for the comment, my friend-probably will write more in sometime when I decide or feel like it hahahaha
1 year ago
Great story . Well written. I look forward to more