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first blowjob giving and getting

I was 15 he was 25 I had just gotten done washing his car for a little spending money. He said come on in the house for a tip, as soon as we got in he started rubbing my cock and asked if I wanted a blowjob. I ofcourse said yes so into the front room we went with me getting my pants off. He pused me down in a chair got on his knees and sucked my cock right down to my balls. His head was bobbing up and down on it while he took his cock out and started stroking it, his cock was huge and I couldn't take my eyes off it, and wondered out lout what it would be like to suck it. He soon had me readdy to cum and I blew my load down his throat and he got every bit of it. He stood up with that huge cock in his hand and said your turn. I took it in my hand and brought it to my mouth and licked off a little precum then took as much of that monster in my mouth and sucked and swirled my tongue around its head. What wouldn't fit I ran my hand up and down on it jacking him off. I must have been doing it right because he was moaning and telling me to not stop. I felt the head of his cock swell up and knew he was close, so I stroked him faster and then he flooded my mouth with warm sticky cum I loved it and swallowed every bit of it even milking him down to get the last drop. We got dressed and he said come over anytime you want for more, I started going there at least once a week and even met a friend of his that taught my to take a cock up my ass, but that is a different story. I still suck and get fucked to this day, but being married it's a little hard to find clean and descreet guys.
Posted by middleman502000 2 years ago
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13 days ago
sounds like mine too
15 days ago
love it
2 months ago
that is very hot
5 months ago
like to hear that story Long Island horn dog!!!!
6 months ago
nice short story
11 months ago
thats so hot im married but cant stop thinking about cock.i blew my babysitter when i was 12
11 months ago
reminds me of a friend from Boy Scouts! 8" and big head! yes, it's harder being married.
12 months ago
Good story!
1 year ago
yea being married messes things up...lol.. great story.. I started with a child hood friend when I was much younger . . it was great.. there was three of us and the one guys older brother ... I remember his older brother trying to show us some pins and stuff he did on the high school wrestling team.. man that guy was all hands and would get us so horny .. then rip off our clothes .. it was such fun
1 year ago
Love this. I am envious of your good fortune! lol I too find it hard to find safe guys now that I am married. When you do find one...hold on to him....it will be fun for you both.
1 year ago
love this story...I too was a 'lucky boy'
1 year ago
Thats when I started sucking cock and noe I can't get enough!
1 year ago
Great tip...that's the kind I like!!