helping my wife pick up a guy at a party

My wife Sue and I went to a party hosted by a friend of ours awhile back. We are swingers and I knew it was very possible to meet up with someone for future get together. We had been there for about three hours drinking and chatting with old friends many of which we had the pleasure of some wild sex with. One of the guys there was someone my wife had the hots for but never had the chance to do anything about. The two of them were standing together drinking and talking to each other on the other side of the room from me, and I noticed that my wife was rubbing his crotch with the back of her hand every once in a while when she thought nobody was looking. He turned and said something to her and walked down the hallway and into a room. After a few minutes my wife followed him.I waited for a little while and went to the door and found it wasn't locked so I opened it and went in. Ther the were him sitting on the bed and her on his lap. I closed the door and said you should have locked it, my wife giggled and said she forgot to.This poor guy didn't know what to do, I just smiled and walked over to them and started rubbing my wife tits, I unbuttoned her blose and pulled the front aside so they were fully exposed and told her new friend don't be shy, and he reached up and startid feeling her boobs and she groaned in delight. my cock was hard by now so I opened my pants and took it out and rubbed it on her lips which instanly parted and she took me in her mouth and slowly sucked my now hard as a rock cock.I asked her friend want to trade places? Bfore he could answer she got up and pushed him down on the bed pulled his pants off and started sucking him as fast as she could wasn't long and she was swallowing his cum and loving it. My wife insisted he come home with us, and he eagerly agreed, I drove alone and she rode with him, mostly with her head in his lap, we were'nt at uor place more tha five miniytes when she was riding him for the first of many times we fucked her that night, He still comes over at least once a month for a threesome. My wife loves it because he's on of the few guys she lets do her in the ass so she gets to be DP'd when hes there
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6 months ago
Thanks, it was hot
6 months ago
hot story!
1 year ago
luv it.. tell more
1 year ago
Your stories are ultra HOT....I love them...want to be one of the members of them.
1 year ago
What a great scenario, sounds like my kind of plan.