When Moms Away Dad & Rachel Play Pt 2

I left Rachel to go to bed for a few hour's, she had been a busy girl for the last 14 hour's or so. I did what most step-dads do whilst mom's away, put the washing on, cleaned the house, took the trash out. Then sat back on the couch watching sport on the t v, after a couple of hour's I got to thinking that may be I have been a little hard on Rachel. Yeah, she is a little slut, she had tormented me for a few years, she was becoming my little slut now, but do I really have to treat her so bad ?

Well I must have dosed off while thinking about these thing's, the next thing I knew I heard
"Daddy, I have made you a drink, it's past seven o'clock"
I opened my eye's to see this beautiful young girl, sweetest smile & amazing eye's staring at me.
"I love you daddy" she says as she leans in & kissed me on my lip's. I put my arm around her & told her I love her too.
"I'm sorry about this afternoon baby, it's just that you make me so horny when I know what you have been up to.
"It's ok daddy, I know I had been naughty & needed punishing, that's why your my daddy, you do it because you love me"
As I sat up of the couch, Rachel walked over too the tv & turned it off.
"No t v tonight, mom's home tomorrow, I want a quality farther daughter night in together ?
I knew what the night was leading too, she was dressed in a black baby doll nighty, her large pert breast making it look shorter than it should be, I could see the top of her black stockings. My eye's followed back up her body, she was swinging side to side slightly, I looked up at her face, her beautiful smile was exaggerated with one finger in her mouth, her gorgeous big eye's looking at me with excitement, her long dark hair in two pig tails, hanging over her shoulders. Wow my cock was hard instantly.
"Do you like daddy" she asked
"I love it Rachel, you look like an angel" I replied
"Well let me treat you tonight daddy, you always treat me ?" she smirked
How could a man resist ?
"Of course you can sweetheart" trying not to dribble as I said it. She moved over to the cd player & put an album on called making love, a collection of song's to make love too. She walks back over & stands two feet in front of me & begins dancing.
"Get naked daddy, I want to watch you play whilst I dance for you"
I didn't need telling twice, was sat back on the couch, cock in hand in seconds. Her dancing became more dirty as if she was getting turned on watching me stroke my cock, she leaned forwards & said.
"Here, take this daddy, it will keep you hard all night"
She kissed me passing a pill into my mouth, she the began lap dancing me, rubbing her butt against my cock, straddling me from time to time rubbing herself against me.
"Lie down daddy, let me play ?" she asked
I lay down on the couch, waiting for what was about to happen.
"Close your eye's daddy & just play along"
Next I felt her knees at the side of my head, her elbows against my knees. Then the sweet taste of her already wet pussy came down slowly onto my face. Next I felt her warm tongue run across the top of my shaft, she began gently teasing it with her teeth, just as I was doing with her pussy lips & clit. She pushed down hard on my face, rubbing faster backwards & forwards shouting
"Eat me daddy, come on stick your tongue inside me please"
I was finding it hard to breath at times but loving it, every now & then she would go that far forwards, my tongue would lick her little tight anus hole.
She began deep throating me hard, making herself gag. In between she was shouting.
"Do you like licking my butt hole daddy ? Yes go on stick your tongue up there, Taste me daddy"
She then turned around & straddled me, sitting on my hard cock, but not inside her.
"I'm going to fuck the life out of you daddy, I love your cock inside me"
She then starts rubbing her wet pussy against my cock as she takes her baby doll off, now I can see & feel those gorgeous breast of hers.
"Do you want to get inside me daddy" she says as she holds her breast, licking her own nipples.
She raises herself, takes my cock in her hand & slowly lowers herself down onto it. I feel the warm wet juices slowly devour my cock, she moves back & forth, side to side slowly, both of our hands playing with her breast & nipples. She starts moving fast & saying
"Fuck me daddy, come fuck me harder daddy"
My cock just wants to explode inside her, I fight hard not to cum, I tell her I'm going to cum
"No daddy, no! I want to eat your cum, please daddy don't cum"
"I have to princess, can't hold it"
She jumps off quickly takes my cock in her mouth, her big beautiful eye's looking at me just made my hot, sticky sperm shoot straight down her throat. Her eye's lit up as it disappears down, her tongue starts licking the bell end getting every last drop out of me.
"Well daddy, that's why I gave you that pill, your cock will be solid again in minutes, & I want a real fun night with you"

Have to tell you the rest in pt 3. Hope you enjoyed

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