Karolina takes me shopping.

Karolina decided, shopping would be a good way to spend the day, not my idea of a great day, but with the beautiful Karolina, I just knew it wasn't going to be any old shopping trip.
I had promised that I would like to take her shopping whilst visiting,after all, she is stunning & has the mind of a dirty cum whore,this girl needs spoiling.
I was up early in the morning,I'd had my shower, eaten breakfast & was just having a browse through xhamster, when I heard Karolina moving about.
"You up & about already" ? she shouts down to me
"Yeah, do you want any breakfast, or coffee"? I shout back
"Make me a coffee in 15 minutes, just having a shower"
Fifteen minutes went by, I made the coffee, another 10 went by. I didn't mind, all this time on xhamster had given me a throbbing hard on. I was about to whip it out & have a good wank,( well I couldn't have gone shopping with a boner like that) when Karolina began her decent down the stairs,very slowly,teasing with every step.
Wow what a sight, I saw the feet first,snugly hugged in stocking's that clung to statuesque toned leg's. My eye's followed,I saw a very short black mini dress. As I was downstairs & Karolina was descending them, I could see up the dress,I could see the band around her thigh where the stocking's finish. I could also make out there were no knickers,her perfect butt cheeks,puffed the dress out at the back to perfection. Her slim waist came into veiw next,my eye's we're glued on her, the dress was figure hugging & held to her breast beautifully. Karolina's lovely long dark hair surrounding her beautiful eye's & gorgeous smile,it was all too much. my cock felt like it was going to explode, It felt like a stroke up the length of my shaft,then I felt the wet run down it,running over my ball's. Although embarrassed,what a feeling, it was the first time I had cum without it even being touched.
"How do I look" ? She asked
I laughed, walked towards her & said
"Well I'm just off to change my pants, cause I have just cum in them watching you"
Karolina found this hilarious,as I was going up stairs I heard her shout to me.
"Oh I am so going to enjoy today"
This just made me giggle, as I knew she had things planned.

We got to the mall around 10 am,as we walked into the mall, I let Karolina walk in front for a few seconds. My god she looked so good, no really dressed for day time shopping, more for a slutty night out.ha ha.
we had only been shopping for 10 minutes & we were in a sex shop, like homing pigeons. We found an amazing device, (vibrating knickers) only on remote control ?
It basically, a pair of knickers, with about 4 inch dildo in them, with lubricant & a small key ring remote control with a 20yrd range. We had to buy it, we were like a couple of c***dren on Christmas Day in that shop. As soon as we left, with two bags of goodies, Karolina went straight to the ladies to try her new knickers on. She emerged from the laddies, walked straight up to me,kissed my cheek, placed the remote in my hand & said.
"Let's have some fun"
"How does it work" I said just pressing buttons.
Karolina grabbed my arm,it's as if she had stumbled, I looked down at her as she began to rise again.
"To much too soon that babe's" she laughed
"Build me up slowly, oh & be careful when & where" she smiled.

over the next hour, we played with the remote,learning what got her off on it,what didn't. We became really good on it, (takes team work to get the best out of it) Karolina wanted to get some new sports wear, so are next stop was an enormous spots retailer. We walked round for a while, then came to sports shoes. Karolina was asking one of the young girl's for her size,felt like a good time to have a play. I pressed the fastest button for a couple of seconds. Karolina let a yelp out & dropped to the seat behind her instantly.
"Are you ok miss,do you need a doctor"? Asked the assistant.
"No,just have a bit of stomach ache,I'll be ok" said Karolina,looking at me & shaking her head.
This made me laugh as other assistants came to her aid. By now there were two female & three male assistants around her. I took the remote & started on vibrate,middle speed. I could see she was sitting back,holding her leg's tight together. I hit the pump button, this causes a ripple effect along the shaft. She lets another yell out, the assistants begin to panic a little,so I turn it back down to slow. She had quite a crowd around her by the time she had composed herself.
"I'm ok, honestly I am fine,just need some fresh air" she said getting to her feet
"Oh there you are babe's, are you ok,what's happened"? I ask running to her with concern.
"I'm going to kill you" she mumbled to me as I put my arm around her.

Next stop was a men's wear shop for me, I needed new shirts & trousers. I picked a few of each which I liked & headed off to the changing rooms. When we got there a the security guard checked what I was taking in,as I walked through Karolina asked if she could come with me as we are partners. The security guard said he's not supposed too, but said she could. As I got to the cubicle Karolina was right behind me,I pulled the curtain across, pushed Karolina to her knee's, got my dick out & shoved it into her mouth. Pulling her head hard against me, feeling her trying to push away from me,fighting for breath. I pulled out,bent down & kissed her,my hand pulling her head back by her hair.
"Do you like that,choking on a cock" I asked her angrily, before spitting in her face.
I stand up again, slap her face a couple of times with my cock, then ram it down her throat again. This time lifting her head so as to see her eye's tearing up,fluids being coughed up & falling from her nose.
"You don't look quite as beautiful like that babe's" I torment
I love her slutty side, how someone so beautiful becomes so slutty is a massive turn on. I have watched as we walked round, all the guy's staring at her, thinking in there mind's what they want to do with her. The girl's giving her dirty looks, only because their guy's are looking too. Must say though quite a few girl's smiled at her & had a twinkle in there eye's.
I pulled my cock out & shot my load all over her face, it was on her forehead,nose,cheek in her hair &around her mouth. Some had dripped onto her cleavage.
"Undo your dress a bit, I will run to the gent's & get some tissue to clean you up" I said.
I walked out of the cubicle,upto the security gaurd & said.
"What sort of a place is this ? I have just had a prostitute accost me in cubicle 5. It's a disgrace" then off I marched waiting for her to be thrown out like a cheap whore. I sat across from the store on a bench, phone in hand ready to film her disgrace.
20 minutes later she emerges, the security gaurd laughing & joking with her. She looks at me & laughs, starts pointing at me as she walks over. I get the remote out & hold it in the air, as if to say, don't start or I will do it. She laughs.
"What are you going to do, get my bag excited"?
"Have you took them off"? I ask upset
"Well, they kind of got in the way when that security gaurd wanted to put his cock in me" she said sarcastically
"You fucked him"
"Well the deal was a blow job, but then he changed his mind, he wanted to fuck a dirty bitch I think is how he put it. Soon as though you didn't come back, I thought a cocks a cock" she laughed back at me.

we finished our shopping& was head back to the car, it was evening by now. Street light's had come on & not too many people about. As we left the mall a homeless guy,grey beard & hair all matted, sports shoe's falling off his feet, dirty & smelt like the sewerage works approached & asked for some change.
"If you cum to the car & let this young lady jerk you off I will give you $30" I told him
He just walked off, I don't think he heard what I had said. Karolina just looked at me & said
"Why" with a puzzled look
"I want some photo's of you doing it, for my use & xhamster members to enjoy.
we shout the homeless guy back, give him $50 & got some great photo's. I even got her to suck him. Ha ha she hated the smell. She still has the photo's & won't let me put them on here. So come on members, try & persuade her with me how much enjoyment she would bring us all if she did.

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