When mom's away, Dad & Rachel play. pt 1

As my wife was going to Ireland on Friday, to see her b*****r. I thought it would give myself & my lovely step daughter Rachel a chance too, well I suppose, have a bit of daddy, daughter time.
I told Rachel her mom was going away & to keep a night free for us. She agreed,so long as she can stay out Friday night, she was all mine on Saturday night. As I found out a few week's ago, Rachel is a little cock hungry whore, so I knew she was getting fucked silly all Friday night, I don't really care, so long as she is swallowing my cock on Saturday night.
Saturday afternoon I received a call from Rachel, this was the conversation.
"Hi dad,can you pick me up" ?
"Where are you ? It's 1.30 in the afternoon"
"I'm at the travel lodge" this was around 4 miles away.
"Can't you get a cab home"
"Fucking hell dad, just pick me up will you"
"Hey,careful how you speak to me you little slut,I will be about 20 minutes"
"Thanks dad,I will make it up to you" she said,with the sad little girl voice, the one where she no's she can get anything she wants when using it.
I get to the travel lodge & see her stood at the reception door, I can see a guy walking away as I pull up. The guy walks past & smiles at me as he passes.
"Who's that" I ask as Rachel gets into the passenger seat
"Just some guy I was with last night"
as she speaks, the guy passes in his car, in the car were another two guy's. Before I could say anything Rachel laughs
"Oh and a couple of his friends"
I didn't no if I was angry at her being a dirty slut, or excited that tonight she is my little slut. Anyway I had to ask her.
"So did you fuck all 3 of them" ?
"Dad" she shouts, laughing at the same time
"No I didn't" she said shyly
"Well,come on,I want details"? I ask her
"What so you can get off on your daughter getting fucked" she laughs
"Ok daddy dearest, I fucked the guy who was at the door with me. The other two wanted to fuck me, but I said no"
"So where were they while this was happening" I asked
"They we're erm, you no,err just watching" she laughed again.
"So they never touched you then"
"Well not down there they didn't,I just sucked them off while he fucked me"
I looked round at her,she was looking at me,one finger in her mouth,looking sweet & innocent. Other hand pushed tight between her leg's.
"I've been naughty haven't I daddy" ? She says
"I don't no what to say to you Rachel"
"I no I need to be punished daddy,I can't help it, I'm always thinking about cock,I just need it constantly"
We pull up in the garage at home,we sit in the car for a few seconds.
"Look Rachel, I imagine you are tierd & need to sl**p. Before you go, you can show me how you sucked them two guy's off. That can be your punishment for last night"
"Do I have to dad, I'm shattered" she whimpers
"Get out of the car" I ordered
I walked round & closed the garage door,as I turned back,Rachel was leaning against the car. Her hair was bedraggled,clothes looked like she had wore them for a week. Short skirt,low cut top,stocking's with a couple of rips in them,make up a mess. She looked like a cheap street walker, I walked over to her.
"I am going to bed dad, I will treat you when I get up. Night"
"I don't think so princess" I say as I get near her, she had her back to me walking towards the kitchen.
"Are you listening to me" I shout as I grab her hair from behind.
"You are sucking my cock until I shoot my load down your throat you filthy little cheap whore"
I drag her to her knee's,wrap her hair around my hand & tell her
"Take out daddy dick sweet heart, that's a good girl"
I look down & see Rachel's sad eye's looking back at me.
"Go on honey, that's it,pull the skin back for daddy,that's my big girl"
She was jerking me,my cock touching her face cheeks,her lips getting so close,but not quite touching it.
"Come on baby, suck cock for daddy"
Again she just teased, not saying a word she just kept jerking,if I said faster she slowed down, if I said slower she sped up.
"Take your fucking hand's away" I screamed
"Not doing as your told again,you just don't listen"
Her hand's let go
"Put them behind your back you little whore"
She does as she is told for a change.
"Now daddy is going to show you what he wants for now"
I pull her head back hard, It bangs against the car door. She raises her hand's to her head,I knock them down.
"Keep your hands behind your back"
I bend down on level with her face,I grab her face with my other hand.
"Are you going to do as daddy tells you" ? I shout
"Yes" came a whimper
"Yes what" ?
"Yes daddy" she had tears in her eyes now, I had a tight grip of her face.
"Do you want daddy to let go of your face" I ask
"Yes please daddy" she mumbled
As I let go, I pretended to kiss her, eye's closed she moved closer with her mouth open. I spit into her mouth, then slapped her across the face.
"Do you think I am kissing a dirty skank that's had three cocks in her mouth" I laugh.
I stand up & drag Rachel by her hair, to a height she could suck me off.
"Hands behind your back & mouth open bitch" she did this immediately.
I pushed my cock hard cock into her mouth,her lips closing around my shaft,her tongue flicking against it,warm saliva drenching it. I push it in a little more each time,feeling the back of her throat,her hands grab hold of my leg.
"Behind your back" I shout as I hit her hard across her head.
This just got me harder, watching her struggling, her eye's tearing up. I keep pushing deeper & deeper, she begins gagging & coughing. Spit & bile now drowning my cock, tears & eye make up running down her face. Wow, I just wanted to cum now, so I grabbed her hair either side,pushed her head tight up against the car door & face fucked her ferociously. Banging her head,slapping her head, calling her a dirty slut & so on. Then suddenly!
"Arrrrghhh,Daddies cumming baby, arrrghh swallow daddies cum sweetheart, that's a good girl"
I looked down at Rachel, her eye's were bl**d shot, her face covered in,snot,spit,sweat,saliva & cum what had come through her nose. As I pulled my cock from her mouth, she began coughing & heaving, she then began being sick.
"You dirty pig,clean that up before you go to bed" I laughed as I walked away.
"Oh, don't forget daddies treat tonight when you awake".
I left Rachel to clean up & catch up on a few hour's sl**p, well I have to make sure she has enough energy later, I have waited a while for this night.
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8 months ago
suitable treatment for a slag I guess.