Karolina, dirty anal whore pt1

As I browsed through the profiles on xhamster, I cam across a lady from the states, well I say lady, as the story continues, she was far from a lady, she became my dirty anal slut for 3 weeks. We chatted for a few week's, then she invited me over to the states so we could meet in person.
A week later I was on a plane & off to meet this beautiful woman in person.
Karolina met me at the airport, she was as gorgeous as her photo's suggested,lovely long dark hair, beautiful smile,slim with an amazing body. We left the airport & drove the few miles to her home. We sat & chatted,had something to eat, then decided to get an early night as there were places she wanted to show me next day. So I was shown a room where I would be staying for the next couple of weeks. With this I kissed her cheek & said goodnight, shut my door & thought that I wouldn't see her again till morning.
At 1.30am I awoke with an amazing hard on, needing to go for a pee I opened the bedroom door & walked the few feet to the bathroom. On my way back I noticed Karolina's door was a little ajar, being the pervert that I am, I had to have a peep in. As I approached, I could hear mumbling, I slowly pushed the door a little wider, so to see what was happening.
Wow, Karolina was on the bed with her back to me, she was straddled on top of a large black dildo, bouncing up & down on it. One hand holding the dildo straight, the other hand fondling her nipple. I stood there with my cock in hand just watching her fuck the dildo like her life depended on it. I pulled my cock until it exploded, shooting my cum into my left hand. Well I didn't want to ruin her carpet on my 1st night. As I shot my load, Karolina had heard me, but instead of jumping off the dildo,she just spun round so I could see the enjoyment in her face as she excitedly thrust the big black toy in & out of her soaking wet pussy lips.
This of course, just made my cock incredibly hard again, I walk over to her, her beautiful smile was now bigger, with the thought of flesh entering her soon. I I knelt behind her on the bed & put my left hand, still full of warm,sticky cum over her mouth. I whispered into her ear, "lick all the cum off my hand, you dirty little whore" without delay her tongue began greedily licking my cum off my hand. My right hand was groping her tits, twisting & squeezing her nipple hard, making her squirm with light enjoyable pain.
After a few minutes I put my hands around her neck & slowly pulled her head back, I began taunting her about her toy... " Do you like fucking big black toys" or is it big black cocks you really want" telling her how she was really the local gangbang slut, how she has been fuck by all the local guys on a regular basis. This had her banging the dildo even harder, she began telling me about how she loves to be used & abused by anyone who wants too abuse her. I pulled her over onto her back, I removed the toy & began shoving my fingers into her, 3 then 4, my thumb pushing against her clit, my other hand still pinching & twisting her hard erect nipples. My cock was throbbing by this time, I just wanted to fuck her brains out now & cum all over her face. She reached across & passed me a tube of jel, "here, use this to finger fuck my butt hole" I didn't need asking twice, I lubed it 1st with my tongue,all around her hole, licking, then pushing my tongue inside her butt. The used my index finger slowly pushing in deeper & deeper, then added another finger & another until I had three fingers stuffed deep in her arse. I pulled them out & positioned her on all fours, with her butt stuck up in the air, so I can penetrate her arse as deep as possible. I stood up behind her & slowly began to tease her butt with my cock, rubbing it around her hole, then pushing the tip in, then back out, rubning my hard cock against her pussy lips & butt hole, not going inside her more than an inch. She began to get frustrated, "come on, fuck me" she pleads. I hust laugh & say " I will fuck you when I am ready too.
I take the cord from her dressing gown & grab her arms behind her back, tie her hands & arms together behind her back & use a silk scarf around her mouth as a gag. I then get behind her again & ram my cock deep in her arse straight away, pushing it as deep as it will go, I then pull it all the way out & back in again. Watching as her hole stretches & goes back to normal size, then stretch then contract. I begin fucking her arse furiously, slapping her ass cheeks, pulling her head back by her hair, shoving my fingers in & out of her soaked pussy, all the time telling her what a dirty, slutty cum bucket she was. Telling her how her, farther,uncles,b*****rs & cousins all used to share her on f****y occasions. When my time to cum was here, I pulled out of her arse & shot my load onto her forehead & watched as it trickled down her face, over her eye's, down her nose, then dripping onto her lap. I took the gag off & I began to lick up my own cum, as I did I spat it into Karolina's mouth, where she would swallow it down with a smile.
I spent three weeks with this anal slut whore, so plenty more stories to come about the wonderfully talented Karolina & how me & few other destroyed her over time.
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8 months ago
lucky girl :) i'm very jealous!
8 months ago
I will be doing, re-doing pt2, after all it is you. X
8 months ago
Thank you and I love this. Please degrade me some more