Her thigh was rubbing my pussy as she was pressing her pussy hard on my thigh. I obediently co-operated and reciprocated each of rub by rubbing her pussy with my thigh. Her arms cuddled me and she kissed me all over my face and licked wherever possible. I could sense her breath was hot and steamy.

Our breasts were pressed hard against each other and I could feel our nipples were already hardened. In a moment she lowered her head and started sucking one of my nipples. It was too sensual that I groaned and moaned in ecstasy.

Without releasing me from her embrace, she rolled me to my back and my automatically rested on the pillow. Her mouth was still holding my nipple and was biting little harder. I moaned louder with that pleasureful pain of her bite.
She raised her head and starred into my eyes. She gently ran her fingers through my hair and pushed them back. She kissed my forehead and laid straight on my body and slowly moved downwards, kissing and licking my belly and naval before going down further to my pubic. She gently massaged my thighs from the sides with both her hands and slowly moved her hands inside my thighs.

That was truly electrifying and I started breathing faster. I tried to hold her head and gently massage her cheeks. She ran her index finger along my vaginal crease and felt its wetness. She licked that finger to have a taste of my juice and again moved middle finger in the reverse direction to make it wet. She pushed that finger into my mouth to suck. I held it inside my mouth for sometime and licked it thoroughly before releasing it.

She used her left thumb to rub my clit moving it sideways while licking the lower part of my pussy. she moved her in all directions so that my pussy is totally dampened with both my juices and saliva. She spit her saliva into my hole and inserted her index and middle fingers together and moved them back and forth. I screamed in utter delight and it threw me into a state of trance.
After pistoning her fingers for some more time, she removed and licked the wet fingers. She lifted both my thighs pushed them backwards. She put her legs on both my sides cuddling my whole lower part covering my thighs and hip and exactly lowering her pussy to my face for a 69.

Now she was freely moving her tongue all over my thighs and butt cheeks and painted them with her saliva before sending her tongue into my pubic cavity.
I was wondering from where she learn this art of lesbian sex. She moved her tongue into my pussy in a circular motion desperately searching for my G-spot. As she was doing it both of us were moaning in pleasure since I was also simultaneously tasting her pussy. The very moment she located my G-spot, her tongue stated moving back and forth causing much more delightful pleasure. We were oumphing and huughing together in pain & pleasure. My face was fully covered with her cumming and she was moving her head over my wet and cumming pussy without releasing from her cuddling. I screamed in delight and tried to close my thighs but she didn't want to stop. I too put my arms around her despite struggling to breath, pushed my tongue deep inside to rub her G-spot.
Finally, unable to resist any further we ejaculated all over each others' face, reaching a great orgasm.

She raised herself slowly and came to my side. I could still sense her breathing as hard as I was. She again gave me a hug and asked, 'Did you enjoy it, sweetie?

I simply nodded, 'hmmmmmm....'

'Won't you say something? she insisted

'Life would be woderful with you', I said

'Shall we marry? she asked gingerly.

'That may not be possible, but for sure, we can live together' I said

'Hmm...may be, you are right, but I swear, you are everything to me'

'Darling, no need to say that. I love you' I said.

'I love you, too, where shall we go for honey moon? she giggled.

'TO A PLACE THAT IS LESBIAN FRIENDLY' I said and kissed her.


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1 year ago
I would give u a long wet lovely kiss when saying "life would be wonderful with u". And then would reply "and miserable without you".
1 year ago
Beautiful story.
1 year ago
The story itself is very erotic. Could have been condensed into two parts. But a very good attempt of narrating a very sexy themed story. Congrats!!