3 Some with cuz and GF

So it starts off like this...

My cousin (whom from previous stories ive had sexual relations) needs a place to stay for the night and ive asked my gf if she can stay. Now my gf is wary as she is well aware of went on before due to my cousin phoning me one night demanding sex and talking filthy to me. After persuading my gf to allow her to stay the night we agree we would meet her half way at a sporting event i was participating in. I look over and i see my cousin and my gf standing side by side chatting away getting to know one another. The event finishes i get changed and ask them if they are both ok before we set off back home. We get back to our place and agree to crack open some beers, after a quite a few and watching some f****y guy my gf becomes sick and rushes to the toilet to be sick. My cousin immediately starts rubbing my cock making it solid whilst i play with her tits quickly before my gf comes back through.

So we continue watching tv for a little bit and my gf who notices I've a hard one reaches up my shorts and rubs my cock, whilst this happens my cousin notices and leaves it a couple seconds before joining her hand up there now one is rubbing my balls the other my cock. I kiss my gf passionately whilst my cousin wanks me off then i kiss my cousin as my gf wanks me off. then before i know if they both lean over me and kiss each other, wow, what a moment. Tv off!

We go to the bedroom all get naked and i lie back, they take turns at sucking me off before i tell my cousin to get on her back any my gf to kiss her. As they do this both pussys are available so i dip in one then dip in the other deciding which to blow my load in. They begin to finger one another, lick each other out then i begin doing my gf anal as she sucks my cousins tits. I then do my cousin anally, my gf snogs her sucks her tits rubs her pussy etc. So my gf places me on my back and climbs on my cock, upon doing so i blow my load in her, hard and lots.

The next morning the three of us wake up in bed together i notice they are both still sl**ping so i fuck my cousins ass before my gf takes a hissy fit as she wants to know why she didn't get first refusal on the cock. So i pinned her down in the living room and started fucking her before she put me on my back started bouncing on my cock and making me cum in her. Needless to say a womans jealousy of one another has meant that was our one and only adventure!!
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