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ok....so if u don't know, a t-gurl is what is commonly called a shemale.....but tgurl is preferred by us gurls. anyway, my true story revolves around a singles club in a city in ohio that gets together at the end of every month and they have about 300 people that show up, hang out, dance and socialize. well, three of us t-gurls decided we'd go and see what it was like. since we look pretty good nobody guessed who we were and so we just set about enjoying ourselves by having some drinks and doing some dancing. as the night went on men began coming over to our table and asking us to dance......which was nice and quite fun. after a while we realized that nobody knew what was going on.......and while that was good we also knew we had to be cautious. later, as the last few dances(slow ones of course) were underway, a nice and good looking guy i had danced with twice came back to our table and asked if i would dance a couple of slow-dances with him.......i accepted. while we were dancing he proceeded to ask me about one of my gurlfriends.......he said "is that one friend of yours a little "different"? i asked him what he meant and he replied "well, is she a 'he' as well"? i kind of giggled and asked him what he really believed......to which he said "well, i don't know......but i'm kind of wondering". at that point, he froze and stopped instantly. he looked at me and said "what about you.........are you"?? again, i giggled a bit and asked him what his guess was. he said "you're definitely a woman.............yea, definitely". i said "ok.......then i am". he stopped again and said "i'm right........right"? to which i said......."honey, if it matters to you i'll tell you the truth.......if you really want to know that is". he snuggled back up to me and we kept dancing to the slow music. this was really getting interesting now.......because he has a suspicion but it was clearly turning him on......i could totally feel him bulging through his pants against me as we slow-danced. finally, the intense tension was too much for me and i leaned back and said "do u want to know"? and he smiled and said "yes.......is that ok"? i said "sure".......i then leanded in and encouraged him to put his hands on my hips and i pulled in close to him and whispered in his ear......."i'm a tgurl.....what some men call a shemale". right then his breathing picked up and he began running his hands around on my hips and his bulge was really throbbing........i was very turned on by him and i think he knew it. because the dance floor was full and it was fairly dark in the hall we were in i decided to take another chance......i asked him if he wanted to kiss me. he leaned back from me just a bit, put a hand on my cheek and leaned forward and kissed me open mouth very, very tenderly for about a minute while taking the other hand off of my hips and rubbing it over my breasts. it was driving me wild. for me it was a success. i had told the truth and he accepted the situation and his involvement in it for what it was......a genuine erotic moment not to be forgotten. after the dancing, he walked back over to where his friends were.....and they walked over to him immediately because they had seen what the two of us had done. i have to surmise that he then told them about my status because suddenly their mouths all dropped to the floor and they looked in my direction...........i loved it and used the opportunity to have a little more fun as i waved to them, kissed the open palm of my hand and blew them a kiss as i walked away shaking my sexy ass as i went. i know where to find these guys if i ever want round two to happen. which makes me wonder.....do they look around the room every time they go wondering if that will be the nite i reappear and they can take turns dancing with me........or maybe take me out to the car and really make a memory to enjoy.......mmmmmm. wanna try a t-gurl now fellas????
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8 months ago
wish i could get that lucky.
3 years ago
wish tgurls were around this area... id love to have one...so hard to find
4 years ago
nice story.
4 years ago
Wow now ylou got with a hard on I going to have to take care of it thanks Wish I was there nothing would stop me from having a tgurl. thanks
4 years ago
luvly story...do u think he would have made a move if he didnt have any friends with him?..maybe more happier ending next time...ty darling for posting ur story
4 years ago
another hot one
4 years ago
wish i was him
4 years ago
Lucky guys. :)
4 years ago
Wish I could live that kind of moment... Hot story