Stephanie-my first bisexual encounter part 2

I sat up running my hands along her soft damp inner thighs. Stephanie kissed me again and grabbed a fistful of my hair yanking my head backwards exposing my throat. She stroked her tongue down my neck to my hard nipples and sucked hard and fast.
"Let me do you now", she said similing lustfully. "Now lay on your back and open your legs wide." I did as I was told. She knelt between my legs and slowly kissed my inner thighs. Finally after teasing me she slid her tongue over my clit causing me to shudder. She dug her fingers into my hips and delved her tongue deeper into my pussy. I held her hair back with one hand and stroked my tits with the other. I could only take a few minutes of this before I came, throwing my head back and moaning. She sat up and pecked me on the mouth.
"You are shaking so much," She said teasingly. I was, I couldn't stop. I couldn't believe how wet she had made juices were running past my thighs all the way down to my knees. My phone started ringing suddenly making me jump. I knew it was my husband, so i quickly yanked my clothes on and said goodbye.
"when can we next see eachother?" Stephanie asked. "I can't wait to do this again!"
"Me either," I smiled. "I'll call you tonight..." I jumped in my car and sped back to my house.
"You were gone a while shopping," My husband said trying to kiss me as I came in the door. I tried to get past him to take a shower, but he grabbed me and kissed my neck. He kept smelling my hair and skin. "Oh no! He knows..." I thought. He didn't say anything, but he let me go. I showered for a while to remove any foreign female scent from my body. I went to bed, crazy images of what I had been doing a few hours earlier, still running through my mind. I couldn't wait to see her again.

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3 years ago
thats a hot story
3 years ago
My belle, that´s a sexy story with a wide open end!

Did your hubby smell you out? Did you see Stephy agian? How hot did you got, remembering her?

Big hug for your sexy stories: X - Peter Pan