Mother in Law photos

This is to save me keep explaining those photos of her that I have posted.

She is fun and does let my touch her tits but thats about it.
She's just about to have her 70th on the 4th Feb 2012 and when she gets back from her holiday she wants me to take some "Calendar Girl" photos of her. So we'll see what happens.
She doesn't know I have these photos of her. The phone ones that came from her mobile phone when she asked me to look at it as it was playing up. Loose sim card. When I saw what was on there with shaking and trembling fingers I quickly blu-toothed them to my phone!!
The others came from her camera. Bit naughty really as we have identical memory cards in our camera.... I just swapped them over one day and quickly downloaded them then replaced the memory card back into her camera ASAP...... what a fking find though!

She has been messing about with a vicar behind his wife who is unwell with M.S.
Going by what I saw on there I can only assume that he took those photos of her.
I have cropped them to save any trouble.

Since this happened I have checked back when given the chance but there has been nothing else.

As far as I am aware the affair with the vicar is no longer on. Though he does keep pestering her for some more sex.

80% (10/2)
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1 year ago
Oops I meant 72 in Feb '14
Although we are not having intercourse (she says she is past that) I have cum over those lovely titties a few times now.
1 year ago
I have now made my page on here more private and I will add some more photos of her. It has gone a lot further now.... oh heck! She will be 70 in February '14.
2 years ago
I have the hots for my mother in law too. I've spied on her when me & the wife were first going out together & i would stay over at the inlaws. They had ducted air heating then, so i could see into her room :)
2 years ago
Nicely done!
2 years ago
great bod xx
2 years ago
great story
3 years ago
I want lick, suck and fuk yor mother bb.. please your mother add my email now.. I wait your mother on camera now.. please come bb..