The Hotel

The hotel room door clunked shut as we stood there embracing each other. The trip to the south coast had taken around three hours and I had plenty of opportunities to look across at Rachel's legs as I drove. Perhaps I should rephrase that - I had three very long hours of torment as I had just wanted to pull up into the nearest layby after leaving home and run my hands up those legs encased in black pantyhose, and up further under her mini skirt to caress her sex, but no, we both knew it was going to be worth the wait. So there we were, our pent up desires evident by our erections, holding each other close in a tight embrace. I was unsure if Rachel wanted me to change out of my male clothes first but feeling her aroused cock as my hand felt between her legs I thought otherwise. Stripping off my clothes I stood naked before her and resuming our embrace I steered her towards the bed. Her small body fell on top of me, we lay there kissing, and our tongues danced and flicked in each others mouths. Rachel's eyes looking all the while deep into mine as she slowly bit down on my tongue, her teeth released me only to have her suck on my tongue. We were both getting more and more excited. My erection pushed its damp weeping cockhead against her crotch as she wriggled down. Down and down she went trailing kisses on my shaved body; I felt her hot breath on my cock before she licked a tear of precum from the shining tip. We looked at each other, in her eyes I saw a****l pleasure building, and I saw the undying love she had for me too. She probably saw in my eyes that I wanted her to go easy as I was so turned on. I could actually feel my cock throb against her tongue. She must be feeling playful as taking half my length to the back of her throat she closed her teeth around me and slowly withdrew my shaft sending waves of sensations through me. So, I thought she wants to play does she? Rachel was kissing her way back up my body when I grabbed her and rolled on top of her. Our little game had just begun. She knew what happens next. Unable to move under me I heard the unmistakable sound of first one shoe dropping to the carpet followed by the other. Releasing her I rolled her onto her stomach, her skirt now nothing more than a band around her waist exposing her small buttocks straining under the taut barely black nylon of her pantyhose. I knew that when we got dressed this morning that she had put on a black thong which neatly cupped her sex. Slotting a finger down the groove between her buttocks I rubbed back and forth from behind her balls to her puckered entrance. Rachel was urging me on, lifting and falling in time with my movements. I changed the motion of my fingering and now swirled around her entrance, searching it out, teasing it and pushing it. Rachel pushed back on my exploring finger as now and then it threatened to enter her. Teasingly pushing and rotating my finger against the relaxing muscle I could make out the tiny ridges around her puckered hole. The tops of her pale buttocks had come into view as her pantyhose had worked its way down. I leant over to kiss the flesh, nibbling, biting, and licking my way around. I licked the tip of my exploring finger placing a good amount of saliva onto the tip to spread around her hole. Rachel raised herself up onto her hands and knees and I moved my face behind her so I could tongue fuck her. Hooking the thong to one side I spread her buttocks apart and placed my mouth around her entrance and lapped my tongue around before pointing it. A few tentative darts loosened her up enough to push my tongue into her and I began to tongue inside her ass. I was in heaven. Rachel was in ecstasy. With my nose wedged between her cheeks I was able to move one hand to her softened sex which drooled and dribbled precum into my hand. Taking my sticky wet hand away I moved this to my own cock to check out my hardness. Our juices mingled on my cockhead as I pulled my foreskin down the hard shaft. Rachel once said my cock was made to fit her - I think she's right - long and thin and once inside her we feel not only as one but much more than that - we feel complete.
With some reluctance I left Rachel's hole and stood to take her pantyhose off. First one leg, though it was tempting to just leave her like that I pulled the other leg off. Kneeling behind her small upturned ass my cock pushed against her. My large masculine body engulfing hers as I reached around to play with her small budding breasts. Rachel reached around and guided my cockhead to her and with a slight resistance I felt it pop past the ring of muscle. Neither of us moved. We both enjoyed the extreme intimacy of two people in love - joined in sex. I'm not sure who moved first but when I came out of my daydream my hands were around her waist and Rachel was going for broke pushing herself back and forth, one moment taking my length, the next just leaving enough of me inside so we stayed joined. Her ass cheeks bobbled and rippled as they slapped against me. Her pace was relentless and if I couldn't slow her down it was going to end too soon. Grasping her buttocks I tried to slow her pace but she cried "Spank me!” Trying to slow her with my left hand I raised my right gauging the right moment I brought it down. More noise than effect, it still brought a blush to her paleness, "Harder Emm!", I did as she wished and swatted her ass on both cheeks - it went something like this..........
"You" smack "Are" smack "A" smack "Dirty" smack "Sexy" smack "Little" smack "Bitch" smack.
All Rachel could answer was a satisfied "Gnnuuuhh".
I must have hurt her, towards the end I had been more heavy handed than playful and if the warmth in my hand was anything to go by then her ass must be really stinging her!
"Mmmmm", Rachel started rocking again, "MMmmm Emmmmm fuck me, fuck me". The pace was picking up once more. My cock if anything had grown and hardened inside the warmth of her canal. More precum from me had lubricated her insides and moving inside was warm, smooth and so damn sexy, I knew was building up a cum worthy of our sexy fucking. Rachel was stroking her sex into a spongy hardness, "Are you close Emm?" How could I say no, instead I opted for the male "cop out" - yes - the middle road "You know don't you Rach", I speeded up, "how can I resist you, you're so damn sexy!"
"Cum over my ass" she breathed, "I want to feel you cum over my spanked bum"
A few more strokes and the familiar feeling of a deep gut wrenching cum started to build deep inside. No turning back from this one, it had started before I truly realised. Another few strokes, my vision darkened and blurred from the outer edges, I began to focus on nothingness. Somewhere inside my numbed mind a tiny voice said if you don't pull out it'll be too late, pull out, PULL OUT, she wants you to cum over her ass! Grasping the base of my cock I withdrew. Hot cum seared and boiled on its way. Gasping for air I looked up at the ceiling as the first jet of cum pulsed, my cock grew and spat with regularity. Looking down I saw a pool of silver grey running down the valley between her buttocks. Rachel looked around at me and I noticed I'd got some in her hair and on her clothing. I spread my cum around her buttocks, but it was an effort! I crashed beside her and looked into her smiling contented face as she straddled me working her cock up and down in her small hand. I bent my head to taste her, "NO!" she said and continued lewdly wanking her girly cock, "EMM!" she cried. I felt her shudder then felt warm drops of her cum rain onto my face and run down the side of my neck. Collapsing on top of me we kissed, we lay embraced, her small body on mine swapping cummy kisses and resting in the afterglow of our passion
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3 years ago
thanks for sharing, would enjoy reading more
3 years ago
That was a fantastic storey wishi had someone todo the same with tanks Candi