Somewhere between the coastal towns of Sherringham and Cromer there is a small caravan site. Set on the side of a grassy slope are around half a dozen pitches with fine views around the organic farm on which its a part of. Normally this would be a delightful place to be but today..............................
The wind howled around the caravan, rain beat on the windows but the sound it was making on the roof threatened to drown out the cries of our lovemaking. Rachel's small cock was tucked inside the leather panty front of the strapon that was working it's way in and out of my ass. I was lost in a world of ecstasy as I looked beyond Rachels pretty face to the skylight in the roof above. Twisting and turning her body between my splayed legs Rachel reeked revenge upon my ass for the years of taking her body this way. She was using the toy that she had secretley bought and smuggled with her on this quick break to the north Norfolk coast. My limp but turned on cock flailed around with our movements until Rachel reached out and steadied it in her grip, stroking it in her leather gloved hand it began to grow. Seeing my lover dressed in black leather was having an effect on me. Her small breasts looked twice their size being pushed up by the basque and the tigh boots rubbing against my stockinged legs felt deliciously wicked. I looked at my cock and the long gloves which reached past her elbow, Rachel was squeezing the tip of my cockhead.
I felt so empty but at the same time so warm inside when Rachel pulled out of me. Unclipping the the buckles she stepped out of the the harness and squatted over my now throbbing cock. Lowering herself down impaling her body on mine she sank lower and lower calling out something which could not be heard over the rain. Lip reading I'm sure she said "Fuck me Emm". I did my best but was feeling washed out after Rachel had withdrawn that silicon cock from me. Rachel's cock bobbed around in mid air describing circles as I pushed up further into her. I reached up and squeezed her tit flesh, her hands covered mine and squeezed them even harder, enough to signal to me what she wanted. She had changed in a matter of minutes from dominant to submissive. My nails bit into the exposed breast flesh. Her eyes bore into mine - taking the pain - and probably wanting more. Rachel's pupils had grown twice their normal size and I knew she was on that other level where love has no boundaries, this was all about sex, sex, sex now. Shuffling to the edge of the bed I took her wieght while still joined and lay her back down boring into her, using her, igniting her further. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yes ahhhhh fuck Emm YESSSssss" she shouted at me our mouths barely inches apart "Fuck me you bitch, fuck me". Semi amused at the many faces of my lover - my sweet polite little Rachel - I fucked her harder, her feet resting on my shoulders, her buttocks off the bed and she was taking all I could give. Holding her behind her knees our bodies barely made contact, my sex was pumping in and out of her ass. Rachel reached out for the strap on and began to suck and slurp around the realistic cockhead. I lowered her legs and laid fully on top of her, the strap on now getting the attention from both our lips and tongues fuelling our desires further. We looked into each others eyes as we shared this cock. Just every now and then she gives me such a look that breaks my resisstance down. This was one such moment. This look is so damn horny that I cannot help myself and I began to cum. "Deeper, yes, in my ass Emm" she cried out in throes of passion. I let loose with a moan that I felt in the back of my throat rather than heard. Somewhere deep inside my lover my cock twitched and pulsed out jet after jet of cum. Unusually my cock started to soften quickly, perhaps it was the thought of not being in private surroundings or that our friends who owned the caravan may return early because of the weather - I don't know - but I did know that as I shrunk and was expelled out I lay down next to Rachel who then climbed over me and sat her cummy ass on my mouth. f***ed to clean her, I went to work kissing, licking and cleaning my lover, who unknown to me was stroking her cock to the point of cumming. I only knew what she was doing as when satisfied with my tongueing her ass was replaced with her cock. After just getting my breath back I was then swallowing her delicious creamy load. I saw her mouth move above forming the words "I love you Emm"
"I love you too Rach" I tried to reply - but not wanting to try that hard as I cleaned her cock.
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You see it is love thanks