Bank Holiday

Standing naked holding a morning cup of coffee I looked across at her pale lithe body on the crumpled sheets. She was wearing nothing but tan lacey topped hold up stockings. She lay where I left her when I quietly slipped out of our bed a few minutes ago. Admiringly I took in her form as Rachel stirred slightly drawing one of her legs up closer to her body as she lay on her side. My eyes looked at my lover recalling the passion we had shared during the previous night’s lovemaking. Rachel stirred again and my reverie was broken as I found myself staring at the curve of her boyish buttocks. Now lying on her back I looked at Rachel's small breasts topped with kissable, suckable nipples, her flat stomach, and the small tuft of hair above her maleness. My cock stirred as I looked at her sex coiled above the discernable orbs nestling in the fleshy sac between her legs. Placing my cup down I knelt to kiss her sex, the aroma of last nights passion emanated from her - she smelt good - I kissed her sex and the remnants of her last orgasm. It had been just three short hours since I pulled out of her for the second time during our night of passion. I needed to wake up some more, walking to the bathroom it was time for me to get cleaned up. The water felt good on my face as I prepared to shave. Looking up at my reflection in the mirror I saw Rachel heading my way. Her slender arms went around me as her bed warm body formed against my back. "Hello sl**pyhead" I smiled to her. She kissed my back and padded over to the toilet and sat down, stood and lifted the seat and then repositioned herself back down again to pee. Finding it difficult to concentrate I continued with my shave. After flushing the loo she came back and held me, the height difference between us meant that as she held me her head was between my shoulder blades where she was planting little kisses. Rinsing my face I turned and our eyes met, we kissed as I held her small body close to me. What had started as a sweet tender morning kiss lingered and turned more passionate. There was fire in her eyes as well as a hint of mischief. My sl**ping sex stirred pushing into her stomach, encouraging it further Rachel wrapped her fingers around the shaft and gave it a few pumps. Looking intently at me we both knew what those silent words that passed between us meant.
Rachel bent to take her stockings off and I could not resist teasing her by grabbing her waist and pushing my semi hard erection into the groove between her buttocks. This brought a satisfied moan from between her lips, "You make me feel so good Emm", she purred.
Stepping into the shower we soaped and pampered each other and teasingly played with each other's sex. It was a great way to start what was otherwise a cold and miserable day. I left Rachel to finish off in the bathroom knowing she would be at least another half an hour getting herself ready. I always left her in peace to do what ever she had to do in there; we both liked it that way.
Rain rattled on the windows of our top floor apartment that looked out over the sea. Another gloomy Bank Holiday! Rain had cut the visibility down to just a mile or so as I pondered what the day had in store. Rachel and I had a table booked at a good restaurant but not being convincing in the slightest I never "dressed" in public. On the other hand Rachel was convincing even in just a thong. I was just finishing getting dressed into my "male drag" as Rachel breezed into our bedroom. She looked across at me and assessed my mood before dipping a delicate hand into her underwear drawer and drew out a pair of black satin full cut panties. As she pulled them on she turned this way and that getting them comfortable. The light caught the fabric as it molded to her shape and emphasised her pale skin. A matching bra went on next which covered her 32A breasts, they might be small in this age of silicone but on her small frame they suited her just fine. Turning and bending to begin rolling on the first lacey topped black stocking I admired the view of her satin covered bottom. From the wardrobe Rachel chose a beige pleated knee length skirt and pink twin set jumper and cardigan. It didn't take her long before she was choosing jewellery, I reached out and stroked her bum through the material feeling the skirt material shift and slide over the satin encased curves beneath. "You look good hon" I said, always one for stating the obvious. "Thanks Emm she replied swishing her hair into place after putting in earrings. Rachel always dressed to blend in and not to attract attention though this did not stop male admirers casting a look in her direction. I loved to show my little honey off and would feel so complete with her at my side. The restaurant was based at a local yacht marina, although we were not what you would term regulars there we were known. We would go there now and then as a treat to ourselves and after the night we had just experienced we both needed a treat!
There was at least a couple of hours to go before our table was ready and I was debating whether it was worth doing anything beforehand bearing in mind the weather. It was not worth going to any other place in this rain, "I might book a taxi instead of driving" I thought out aloud, that way I could have a few drinks. The phone rang and Rachel grabbed the phone looking at me as if she had won the Olympic Phone Grabbing competition. Covering the mouthpiece she said it was Tara and that she and Alice were on their way over and not too far out of town, no doubt doing their bit to add to the holiday chaos on the road! Going by the one ended conversation it sounded as if they were stuck for something and somewhere to go. It was always a pleasure to be in their company and the four of us made a formidable team. Rachel gave me one of those looks only a woman can give "Could you be a darling and book another two seats for lunch?” I exhaled planning my forthcoming conversation with the restaurant, "Okay hon, leave it with me". Now taking one good looking lovely out for a meal was one thing but having three beauties would cause a stir in more ways than one! It turned out to be no problem so Rachel phoned back Tara and told them that we were all going out for lunch.
I walked out into the kitchen to make us a drink before they arrived and heard the unmistakable sound of Rachel’s heels click clacking across the hard surface of the kitchen floor. Stroking my bum as I fiddled with the cups and saucers she went down on her knees and unzipped me. With a sense of urgency her hand quickly fished out my sex looking up at me with her big eyes glazed with horniness she whispered almost to her self "I need this". Her hot breath brushed over my growing cock head. Savouring every millisecond it was like watching her in slow motion as her lips parted as she steered my sex between them. I felt myself growing immediately before she bent to our combined pleasure, Rachel was making small appreciative noises as she sucked and worked her little bit of magic with her tongue. Rolling and swirling my cockhead around the inside of her mouth combined with the sucking and stroking soon brought the familiar feelings of an impending orgasm. Looking down I cupped her bobbing head and our eyes met, I saw in them a love, a devotion and a primal need. My vision blurred as I gripped her head more tightly, her hand still stroked my exposed shaft. my orgasm built and built, my very core tightened, I gasped knowing there was now no turning back and I was going to shoot my cum into Rachel's mouth. "Rach......" I growled through clenched teeth as I lost the fight and gave in to the intense feeling. The first jet of semen was followed by more smaller pulsing spurts. I could feel Rachel swallowing and making small contented "mmmm" sounds. Hugging my legs she said "God, I needed that!". Standing we kissed and I could taste the tangy saltiness of my cum in her mouth. "You’re a very naughty little thing Rach" I smiled down at her. "It's your fault Emm", she retorted, "You just turn me on so much". Some how I knew it was going to be my fault!
I finally got to click the kettle back on to boil when the intercom buzzed to let us know that our two friends had arrived. Impeccable timing!
Kisses, hugs and the odd crafty fondle and the greetings were over. Tara could pass easily for Rachel's younger s****r I thought as I saw them standing beside each other. Alice is a large girl bordering on a BBW but has the sweetest feminine face and so can pass easily when out. We made for the lounge and I noticed the rain must be clearing as the view was improving - not just outside either! Tara sat across from me and I got an eyefull of leg and a dig in the ribs from Rachel who had noticed where my attention was now focused.
I finally got around to making that drink without interruptions except that Tara came in to chat with me. She was acting as if she wanted to tell me something but was holding back - well whatever it was it would either come out in her own time or not - maybe later I would ask her if everything was okay. I put the tray of drinks down in the lounge and headed for the bathroom, apart from the "call of nature" I wanted to clean up after Rachel's attentions. I was about to release my stream into the loo when Tara walked in "Ooops sorry" she said unconvincingly. "That’s alright Tara" I replied, “I guess we just get used to leaving the door open when it’s just the two of us, habit I suppose". Her eyes never left my maleness as I begun to pee, "Oh God can I?" she left the question hanging as she approached hand outstretched, "I've always wanted to.........." her hand replaced mine and directed my stream "Oh God" she repeated. I slowed to a stop and she gave me a couple of shakes "That was soooo damn kinky" she breathed in a low sultry voice, "Can we do this again sometime Emm?". "I'm sure we will" I replied with a smirk walking over to the wash basin, "Emm?" she queried, "Can I?" holding the shaft of my cock Tara ducked down engulfing my pee wet cockhead in her mouth bathing it with her tongue, "Mmmmm" Tara moaned, "Oh God YES!" she said coming up for air. "Tara" I said trying to get her attention, "It's clean now!" pulling my cock out with a pop she sweetly laughed. I flushed the loo and washed my hands and we held each other in a warm friendly embrace, Thanks Emm" she whispered, "That was something I have always wanted to do with you". Thankfully the four of us share what is a unique relationship separated only by location. We had our life partners but when we were together we lived life to the full.
Returning to the lounge Rachel was straddling the seated Alice while the pair of them passionately French kissed, both of them squeezing and kneading each others breasts. It seemed a strange thing to do but Tara passed me a cup of coffee commenting on the scene before us saying "Jeez, that’s H O T!". Rachel was grinding and alternately lifting herself from Alice's lap. Tara gave my cock a squeeze and then got down between Alice's legs one hand up Rachel's skirt searching for her small puckered entrance. Tara lifted Rachel's skirt high enough for me to see the rising and falling, tensing and relaxing of Rachel's pale buttocks. Tara looked at me as she licked her right index finger which then found its way worming into Rachel's ass. That brought gasps of ecstasy from Rachel who now ground herself down harder impaling herself onto Tara's finger. Rachel and Alice hardly broke their kiss, each was moaning into the other's mouth. This was fast turning into one of our lust filled impromptu orgies!
I lay down on my back between Tara's pantyhosed thighs and looked up at her now bulging crotch as her cock grew. I raised my head up and mouthed the nylon encased shape while rubbing a finger up and down the valley between her buttocks searching for and finding her secret place. She must have let go of Rachel's skirt as her hand now came down to me to release her hardening sex from the nylon confines. Her long uncircumcised cock similar to my own plopped its warm weight onto my cheek, a slight turn of my head and it was soon in my mouth its perfumed heat going to the back of my throat. My tongue traced the outline of the ridge around the expanding cockhead. I pulled her cock skin back and slowly stroked that which I could not fit in my greedily sucking mouth while at the same time I wormed my hand inside her knicks and searched for and found her rosebud like entrance. I had no idea of what was happening outside of my little world above Tara’s thighs and maleness except that now there seemed to be a shifting of positions. I continued my efforts as Tara moved forwards a little bit – so I shuffled with her not wanting to loose this delicious piece of girly cock that I was working on. The light seemed to change and I felt hands move my legs apart. I caught a glimpse of Rachel’s pink top and felt what I thought to be a tongue on my finger that was working knuckle deep inside of Tara’s ass. As my finger was rotating around the soft walls I felt it being pulled out by Rachel, I held Tara’s buttocks apart in readiness for what I hoped would be Rachel’s cock replacing my finger. Tara’s cock gave a jerk and a flood of precum run across the roof of my mouth and my tongue. For a split second I thought she had cum but this was more fluid than her sweet seed. Rachel pressed into Tara’s body causing her cock to once again quiver and shoot another precum load which was slightly thicker and more salty and tangy than the last. Rachel’s thrusting was pushing Tara’s cock further down my throat, in my darkened little world under her I could discern her upper body movements and guessed she was giving Alice a blow job. Reaching out, arms at full stretch I stroked Alice’s legs stroking from ankles to knees. I felt Alice tense up as she lifted slightly from her seat, which combined with the satisfied noises, I guessed she had just cum and Tara now had a belly full of Alice’s seed. Rachel quickened her pace which in turn quickened Tara’s, the next thing I knew I was the recipient of a hot slippery load which I could not swallow. Tara’s cock pulsed along the length of my tongue spewing cum which I allowed to accumulate and slide down my throat. Rachel must have also cum inside Tara’s guts which caused Tara to pulse out another smaller load into my already full mouth. I had to move her quick or I was going to drown in her cum (what a way to go). Pushing the still impaled Tara up was difficult but it had to be done, semen run out of my mouth as her cock left me. Tara got up and turned and lay down and kissed me as I was doing my best to swallow all the precious fluid she had given me. My stomach seemed so full, she had produced so much before her double cum, she tasted so lovely and her cum was so thick. She held my held and f***ed her tongue into my mouth not so much a French kiss more like a cleaning up though I was sure I could still taste Alice’s cum on her, “That was beautiful Emm” she whispered.
After a while we collected our thoughts, straightened ourselves up, changed clothes where necessary, cleaned up and applied fresh makeup where needed.
Then we were ready to go out………….. with Tara and Alice staying the night who cares what the weather is like – we are not going to see much outside!
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3 years ago
very sexy story. loved it
3 years ago
Could i get invited to your parties thanks Candi