Crossroads Part 3 (fiction)

Something clicked into place in my mind as I looked at the reflection of myself and the approaching Rachel and Alice. I felt their warmth as their arms embraced me. We looked at each other in the mirror and knew this was just the beginning, there was no going back for me now, Pandora's box had been opened. I was steered towards the bed and as I walked I could feel the tightness in my calf muscles caused by wearing the high heels. I was certainly steadier on them than I thought I would be. I knew it and they knew it but were to polite to say anything, looking down at my shoes I said, "I am going to have to practice walking in these!". I sat down on the side of the bed and looked up and all I saw was Alice's black pantied backside a few inches from my face. I was just debating whether to lean forward and kiss it or to reach out and stroke it when she moved aside and I saw the back of Rachel who had looked in the fridge and had found the vodka and coke in there, "might as well make a night of it!" she said, looking for three glasses. I watched her pale buttocks move under the black pantyhose. Alice sat on my left and making herself more comfortable put an arm around me dr****g a hand on my shoulder then in a feminine way she touched my neck as we watched Rachel pour out three drinks. I was looking at Rachel's nylon encased cock pressing against the thin material as she busied herself. Alice made a comment about Rachel being our maid to which Rachel curtsied. When Rachel came over with the drinks she stood between my legs her maleness just inches from my mouth. Was she testing or teasing me? I could feel her heat, I could breath her scent. I watched her cock grow as she stood there with a glass in each hand. I reached out and pulled the waistband down at the front exposing her sex. With each heartbeat her cock filled a bit more. The cockhead began to colour and flare, no longer was it flaccid, but pointing at me. I could feel Alice pushing me forward. I was mesmerised. I opened my mouth for my first taste, I wasn't nervous, I wasn't anything, I just wanted this to be perfect. I held Rachel's cock with my right hand to steady it as I moved forward. How strange to feel another cock and how hard it felt, I wonder if my cock felt like that in somebody else's hands? I gave a couple of strokes to urge some precum to the tip to help lubricate and dampen her cockhead. A small teardrop appeared as Rachel passed Alice her drink and then mine above me. I thought to myself I am not going to waste this opportunity and bent forward and savoured the small droplet on my tongue. The flavour was hard to discern and I wanted (needed) more. Rachel pushed her cockhead into my mouth and my tongue seemed to know what to do as did my hand stroking from the base of her cock to my lips. I sucked and stroked while my tongue worked around the tip it was so natural. It felt so natural. Alice whispered in my ear to move over and as Rachel's sex left my mouth I felt not cheated, but incomplete. I moved away and knelt between Alice's legs. She parted her stockinged thighs as I stroked higher up her legs to her knickers. I felt around and pulled the satin material to one side exposing her smooth hairless sex. The time for niceties had long passed so I just went down and started sucking on her thumb sized sex. Alice shifted and lifted her left leg up resting a foot on the bed splaying her thighs wider still. One of the girls was pushing the top of my head encouraging me to either suck harder or travel around to her balls or lower. I gave this a bit more thought as I was working on Alice when my tongue felt something hot and tasty. Precum. Alice's cock had oozed out a large amount of precum. The heady taste was so beautiful. The sensation went straight to every nerve, to every fibre of my being. I played with the fluid on my tongue until I could feel it no more. Again I felt the hand on my head. My thumb moved the knickers further aside as my mouth left her cock to kiss her balls then moved further down and around until I was at her entrance. I used one hand to push her buttocks apart and with my other hand I toyed with her cock. I knew what I wanted to do and hopefully now it was the same as what my lovers wanted. My tongue licked the valley between her buttocks and each time I passed over her sensitive skin I pressed a little harder making it wetter and more relaxed until I centred on her opening with the saliva wet tip. Pushing and probing until finally I entered her. One of the other two moaned and I guess it was Alice. I could feel Alice's body move faster giving Rachel oral pleasure. I looked up to see that Rachel's cock had grown even harder. Alice scooted up the bed and Rachel followed lying between her raised thighs. Like well practiced lovers there was slight shifting of bodies then I could see from where I was still kneeling Alice's hand grasping Rachel's maleness and guiding it to her entrance. I felt like a voyeur as I watched Rachel's cockhead push and push against Alice before finally penetrating into her body, it seemed to take a long time but I'm sure it was only a split second as two became one before my eyes. "Oooooohhhh yeSSss" Alice moaned in sheer pleasure as Rachel's buttocks descended on a downward stroke. Strobing orange lights blasted through the curtains and curious to see what was going on outside I peered through the curtains to see that it was now snowing, I followed the tracks in the road to a passing gritting lorry. Returning my attention to the bed Alice had raised her legs, pointing her feet to the ceiling and Rachel had built a steady rhythm pumping her sex back and forth. Alice was rolling her head side to side her hair was a mess, thankfully it was her own hair and not a wig. I took a long drink from the glass that Rachel had left uncollected on the side and moved closer. Alice opened her eyes and motioned for me to come closer to her. Bending, I kissed her deeply our tongues entwined, my mouth filled with her breath and her moans. Breaking the kiss she whispered to me "Oh God Emm it's beautiful, fucking wonderful!". Her hand searched and found my cock which for the past while had grown and shrunk a few times, this time though it was growing again. Worming her hand inside of my pantyhose she closed her hand around my maleness (first thing tomorrow I must buy some stockings and suspenders). She gripped tightly as she was driven on to heights of ecstasy. I noticed a large damp frothy white patch forming on the outside of her knicks where her cock was struggling for release. Rachel was pulling hard on one of Alice's nipples stretching the skin to a paleness between her painted fingernails. Alice had breasts! I hadn't noticed before, but there was a lot more something there than ought to be. I bent down and sucked on the breast nearest to me, squeezing, caressing and forming it in my hand as I did so, the looseness of tissue and flesh moving in time with Rachel's thrusts. My other hand moved down between there bodies, my wrist catching and feeling the coolness of Alice's dampened knicks. I must have sent Rachel over the edge by doing this "No! In me, in me" Alice cried, "Cum in me!" Rachel and Alice kissed a thrust or two later and Rachel threw her head back in that final moment of release, a long long moan escaped her lips as she came deep within Alice. Pulse after pulse of hot creamy cum jetted onto Alice who had wrapped her arms and legs around her. Rachel and Alice lay in the afterglow of their sexual fervour and I could only admire how tender it looked as they gave each other small kisses while stroking each others faces. After a while Rachel withdrew and Alice held her arms open in an invitation for me to cuddle her where she lay. I knelt in the same place that Rachel had just left and lowered my body on top of her my semi erect cock pressing against hers. We kissed and as we did I felt her breasts, her face, her body; as my hands went lower her legs went higher. She worked my cock back and forth and then I realised that she had now positioned the head of my cock at the cummy entrance left by Rachel. I must have given those blue eyes a puzzled look as Alice replied with "Shhh, it's okay Emm, just push" and push I did. The tip of my cock entered and I felt the heat of her guts surround me with fluid warmth. My cock just kept going in and in, Alice's eyes widened in surprise and pleasure as she felt just how far I had penetrated her. There was a coolness around the base of my cock where Rachel's cum had been f***ed out to a creamy froth. Having accepted my cock we were ready to be more active and I gave her a few long deep strokes. I couldn't help myself I just looked into her eyes, her pupils had grown much larger than I had seen them before. Her legs came up raising her buttocks off of the bed. I grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her, we both knew she was going to get a good, long and hard fucking. Holding on to her calves I pushed her legs further over giving my cock better access to her ass and I sped up so that at times our skin fairly slapped together. Alice brought her legs down and I moved the pillow out from under her, "Just hold me a moment Emm" she whispered. I did my best to hold her and we rolled to the side, Alice now on top. "fuck Emm that was good" Alice breathed into my neck, and then really quietly so Rachel could not have possibly have heard " think I love you". I kissed her earlobe and replied, "Ali, oh Ali, I think I love you too". My softening cock still buried within her a reminder that we were one. I think we got as much pleasure from lying there holding each other, touching, looking into each others eyes when from the other side of the room Rachel screeched "JEEESUS!!". It broke the spell between us which I'm sure would have gone on for hours. Rachel had looked outside, "Emm, you never said it was snowing!" Alice got up, "SNOWING!!" she cried, I love watching the snow fall" I picked up the glasses of vodka and coke from the floor and passed one to the now c***dlike Alice who joined Rachel by the window. The snow was doing it's best to settle and there was no sign that any vehicle had passed down this road only a couple of hours before. TWO HOURS!! "Where had the time gone?" I thought smirking! I finished my drink in a couple of gulps and headed off to the bathroom. I quickly washed my cock and prepared to take aim when Alice stood behind me her arms going around my body I meant what I said Emm" she breathed into my ear before playfully biting it, smacking my bum and then walking back out to watch the snow once more. Rachel had poured us all another drink, I took my glass from her and sat back on the bed taking time to look at my two new found lovers. Both lived as their feminine selves, Alice walked to the bathroom which left me to admire Rachel, blonde wig, small, petite, great legs, lovely little firm bum and utterly convincing, but married. "Alice, oh Alice", I thought turning my eyes to her on her return; yes I was falling for Alice. Alice a very pretty blue eyed brunette, taller than Rachel, as tall as me, her body a tiny tiny bit more masculine across the shoulders and like most of us could have lost a few pounds in weight, fantastically long legs, shapely bottom, narrow waist giving her a good female shape and natural boobs and she was also utterly convincing. She could probably read minds too as she turned and smiled at me! Rachel and Alice were talking to each other, "can I stay over for a day or two?" Alice asked turning to me once more. Her tongue ran around her painted lips and the look she gave was one of pure and utter lust. "Of course Ali" I replied "are both of you worried about getting back?". They left the window and Rachel said that because Alice's car had been left at a quiet country pub it was unlikely that that road would be clear in the morning which either means that she would have a very long detour or that Alice would have to go home by train and taxi. Rachel came over to me and lazily stroked my thighs, I put my empty glass down as Alice knelt behind me with her knees either side of my hips. I leant back and Alice bent to kiss me, Rachel then sat astride me our sex pressed together. My hands stroked and glided over the taut nylon that covered Rachel's buttocks causing her to slide further down my thighs so that my cock was now under her. Above my head Rachel and Alice were now kissing. I felt a thrill go through me as Rachel started to rise and fall on my lap, while she was doing this she was also squeezing Alice's breast flesh and pulling first on one nipple then the other. It was almost brutal to look at but going by the moans of pleasure and lust Alice was getting turned on. My cock was now getting uncomfortable in its confines and I was getting fidgety to release it. Rachel stood and took off the pantyhose and climbed back on me this gave me the chance to free myself. Something was said and Alice passed Rachel her handbag, a tube of lubricant was taken out and she squirted a dollop onto her hand, this hand went around to her backside, another dollop, and this she used when she grasped and stroked my hard sex. Still holding me around the base she looked into my eyes and said, "I said I wanted you.." and now as she circled the head of my cock against her ring of muscle, "I'm going to have youuuuuuuu" now lowering herself. My cockhead popped past the muscle and flared once the other side. It was a very tight fit even with the lubricant, gently, very gently she lowered herself taking around half my length before holding herself in position above me while she grew accustomed to the feel. Feeling more comfortable a moment later she moved up and down never taking more than half my manhood. My hands left her waist and went to her sex. Strong veins stood out which made her cock look powerful and throbbing. Precum seeped from the tip. I pumped her cock coaxing more precum to form, alternating strokes, gripping her tight then lightly brushing the tip. I looked up and saw Rachel and Alice break a kiss; Alice then kissed me breathing words into my mouth, "fuck her Emm, fuck her". Rachel became fidgety, her cock jerked, "Ohhhhh Emmmmm" she cried, "I'mmm cummmming". I felt a glorious sense of power as her cock pulsed and small hot splashes spilt onto my stomach. She quickly got off and lay next to Alice; I got up and knelt with a knee pressing onto the bed either side of their faces as I pulled on my cock. I knew I was not going to last much longer. With my other hand I wiped my stomach feeling Rachel's cum, this tipped me over the edge. My vision blurred. A feeling in the pit of my stomach grew and grew then travelled to my groin. I closed my eyes and breathed in. I looked down as the first of my cum caught Alice on her nose and mouth another pulse jetted more cum this time catching Rachel. I closed my eyes, I could not keep them open any longer. I worked my cock a few more times, with each heartbeat I seemed to drain myself a little more until I was utterly spent. On opening my eyes to the world again (and wondering if I would ever see again) Rachel and Alice were in a deep cummy kiss. I didn't know whether I should fall forward onto the bed or wobble backwards, either way I had to move. I went for the safe option, a wobble to the side then fall forwards onto an empty bit of bed. As luck would have it I was now face to face (?) with Alice's backside. I put an arm over her waist and drew her closer. "Yes", I thought almost giving in to sl**p, "I think I do love her".
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