Wife shares her boy toy

I was texting my wife all day of how horny I was. I went through the entire day with a hard cock while my wife continuously sent me pictures of her massive tits and wet pussy. She even sent me a quick video of her eating her own cum. I told her I had enough and wanted something extremely hot when I walk through the door that will make me cum hard. As always my wife never disappoints.

Apparently my wife made some calls because when I walked through the door my wife was sitting in the center of our couch completely naked. Sitting next to her, on both sides, were naked men completely hard as my wife was stroking them both. The man to her left was huge and could easily be seen even if my wife was using two hands to jack him off. The other was a bit small, smaller than mine, and a little chubby. As if ordered the two men didn't say a thing except for the occasional moan that my wife can deliver so well. I stood their motionless as my wife was stroking them both while looking at me.

"Baby I know you're horny and hard. So why don't you hurry up and strip and join us?" She slaps the chubby one in the stomach, "I got this one just for you. I know how you like them." She gets on her knees in front of the huge cock man and tells me to hurry up. I strip down and begin to walk over to her. "What are you doing baby? Your boy is over their, just follow my lead." With those words she started licking her boys cock. I followed suit and started licking my boys cock. Before I knew it my wife and I were both swallowing our boys cocks. My boy toy had a small cock so I had no problem taking him completely in my mouth. My wife though was choking and gagging on her boys cock. I can tell by the way she continuously choked herself on his cock that she loved it.

She then moved up and mounted her boy. I stood their as I saw his huge cock vanish in my wife's pussy. She was enjoying herself, then got mad that I was not following along. I slowly climbed on top of my man and started to lower my ass on his cock. Painfully he entered but the more I rode him the quicker the pain went away and the pleasure begun. My hard cock would bounce off his chest as I would slowly move up and down on his cock. Soon afterwards I was riding hard and fast on his cock trying to match my wife's movements. Her ass was slapping against her boys thighs and her boobs were bouncing up and down. I could tell she was about to cum as she grabbed the back of the couch and slammed her pussy down on his cock. She moaned thunderously and had to take a few seconds to catch her breath.

She then turned around so she was facing away from her man but still riding him. I learned my lesson and quickly followed her lead. This time my ass quickly swallowed my boy toys cock and I begun to ride him fast almost instantly. My wife leaned back on her boy and begun to ride him. His hands went up to grab my wife's huge tits. He was playing with her nipples and begun to massage her breast as she rode him hard. My boy started giving me a reach around and I almost lost it. My body was not one fluent motion now but a shiver moving up and down. My wife saw this and came again on her boys cock.

She then moved all of us to the bedroom where she told me to lie down. She climbed on top of me in a 69 and told her boys to get in position. I felt my legs being lifted by my boy and he slowly slid his cock into my ass again. The same with my wife's boy toy came up behind her and started fucking her pussy right in front of me. My wife did not seem to like that so with one hand she spread her ass and the other one took her boys cock out of her pussy and slid it into her ass. As he begun to enter my wife she took my cock into her mouth and screamed in pain through my cock. After he got a few strokes in her screams of pain turned into screams of pleasure.

I couldn't last long seeing my wife's ass getting fucked a few inches away from my face. I told my wife I was about to cum and she told the other boys to cum as well. As if on cue my boy grabbed my hips and slammed his cock deep into my ass to unleash his load. I felt a gush of warmness fill me up, his is what it must feel like when I unload in my wife's ass. I heard her boy toy start moaning as well and slapped my wife's ass as he came hard. He however did not slam his cock in but left it almost completely out. This led to his cum going all over my wife's ass and down her pussy, onto my face. This made me instantly cum in my wife's mouth as she swallowed my entire load, as usual.

She ordered the men to leave and we stayed laying their, both of our asses leaking cum from our boys. I knew my wife would find something hot for us to do. She never lets me down.
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1 month ago
Has she ever shared her boy-toy with other women wield strap on in his ass.
1 month ago
Such a hot woman can only make the sex feel like a command performance that results in hard core orgasms.
5 months ago
Fucking hot loved to have been there!
6 months ago
great story.. reminds me of my old gf.. mmmmm
6 months ago
We love it
6 months ago
hot story