Wife's Bukkake

(If you want to know about my wife and I look at our profile and read previous story)

I new my wife's birthday was coming up and I wanted to give her a gift she would never forget. My wife loves getting treated like a slut and loves giving me head. The way her hands play around my balls or her tongue licking up and down my cock would let you think she's have had multiple partners. She has only sucked my cock and tasted my cum, but her birthday will change all that.

I got us a nice hotel room for her birthday where we stayed a couple of nights. We went out and had dinner and went to the casino where we enjoyed her birthday weekend. I had put up a post on craigslist asking for gentlemen from all sizes join my wife and I in our hotel this Saturday. I got quite a few responses and about 10 e-mails later I had enough for a surprising night. I told them all to be here around 8PM and be ready and clean. The night had arrived and I told my wife my stomach wasn't feeling so well and had her run to the store which was about 20 mins away to get me some medicine. A few minutes after she left I hear a knock on the door where this middle ages white man walks in. I invite him through the entrance to our room and past the corner near the bed where I put on a porn and tell him to get comfortable. Over the course of the next 20 minutes all but one shows up. They are all standing around stroking their cocks to the Bukkake porn that I found. Their cocks range from 5 inches to 9 inches. The two black guys had huge cocks that I was excited for my wife to take.

I wait in the common area in our room for our wife. She comes in and ask me if I'm feeling better since I'm not in bed anymore. I told her I was feeling great and had a surprise for her. She can hear the movie from our room and smiles. We start kissing and I guide her to the bedroom. I tell her to close her eyes and I stand behind her as she walks through the door. I stat rubbing her clit from the outside of her pants while her eyes are so closed. When I felt how wet she was I told her to open her eyes. She gasp and turns towards me and asked what was going on. I told her that this was my surprise for her and all these men needed pleasing. She thought for a few moments then told me she would only do it if she could ride me at the same time. I hurriedly said yes and laid on the ground with all the cocks around me. My wife's pussy was so wet it easily swallowed my cock and she looked at me for a few seconds before she stared jacking off the first two guys.

Both her hands were jacking off these two white cocks. They were normal in size and one was hairy. She slowly jacked them off until she put one in her mouth and start sucking. She swallowed it all and he didn't last long. She swallowed all of his cum while her hands were gripping his balls. This must of made the other one burst as well cause he came all over my wife's hand and on her Triple D Breast size. Two guys quickly replaced them as they put on their pants and left. My wife again swallowed one and start jacking off another one. This time she quickly alternated swallowing both cocks. Another man stepped over me and started fucking my wife's breast. I went up to push my wife's breast together so he could fuck her breast better. My wife had the two guys beside her cumming fast and she told them to cum on her breast where the middle man was fucking her. They both came between her tits right onto the third cock. My wife saw all that cum on his cock and couldn't resist, she put it in her mouth and deepthroated his cock. He came instantly and my wife tasted all three of them together. This made my wife cum instantly and I could feel her pussy get wetter and wetter. While she was riding me the sound of her wet pussy pounding me got me harder then ever before.

Two more guys took their place though. She told them to get completely in front of her and she took both their cocks together in her mouth at the the same time. She swallowed and started gagging on their cocks. She would take a moment to rest her mouth as she pleased both of them with her hands. She took them back into her mouth and told them to tell her when they were going to cum. It didn't take long until I could hear them moan deeply and my wife started givin them a fast hand job as she leaned back a little with an open mouth. Both came on her face and a little in her mouth. My wife was covered in cum from her mouth, face and breast. A little bit of the cum dripped down on my face. When I felt their cum land on my face I told my wife I'm going to lose it. She got off of me and sat on my stomach. She told me to wait to cum and motioned for the two black guys to come over.

She waited for the biggest ones for last as she started rubbing both their cocks. She put them together head to head as she licked from the bottom of one guys shaft up to his head, down the other guys head to the bottom of his shaft. She grabbed he dudes hand and put it at the back of her head and swallowed his cock. The man gripped my wife's hair and started fucking my wife's mouth. He then tossed her over to the other man where he took his turn in fucking my wife's mouth. She tried swallowing all of it but she began to choke and gag on it. I could feel her pussy get wet again on my stomach and I knew she came. She loved gagging on cocks and trying to please every man. After a few minutes of treating my wife as a slut they both pulled her hair back and came on her face. She again came, loving the face that she was getting treated like a slut. The two men left and and looked down at me covered in cum.

She told me she wanted to safe the best for last and started giving me a blowjob. It didn't take long for me t o cum down her throat. She swallowed it all and came up to lay on top of me. Her cum filled tits and face laid on top of me and I began to clean her up.
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4 months ago
Licking the cum from my wife's face after a group of strangers covered her with blast after blast just might be the sexiest thing ever..!
6 months ago
Nice surprise!
6 months ago
Next time creampies for hubby!
7 months ago
awesome story looking at her pics it would be a dream to cum over her hot body
7 months ago
great story
7 months ago
Great story! Sounds like a woman we would all like to meet! ; )
7 months ago
Awesome story. Just wish if had the chance to cover her