Playing with Olivia and Amanda

I had been chatting with olivia for awhile and she loved telling me about her best friend amanda and how she really want to fuck her, they had kissed now and again when they had been drinking but nothing more.

Having seen pictures of amanda I was willing to help to see if olivia could have her way so we decided to all meet up at my place the following weekend and see if we could have some fun together.

Olivia told me that amanda was all set and she told me about all the naughty things we had been chatting about and how amanda was really turned on by all the naughty stories and pictures I had sent.

Olivia and amanda arrived and when I answered the door I could tell by the way they were both dressed the both wanted to get fucked hard, they both wore little dresses showing off their perfect bodies, olivia is a bit more curvy then amanda and the dress showed it, hugging ever sexy curve I doubt either one was wearing underwear.

We all went inside and I pasted out some drinks, the music was playing so we sat down and started small talk at first just relaxing into the evening, after we had a few more drinks the talk started getting a little more playful, amanda telling me she loved reading the stories I had sent to olivia, I smiled at her "so did you wank while reading them" I asked, she looked a little shocked at first then olivia said "of course she did she got as turned on as I did", amanda just smiled then laughed "well that was the point of them right to get us girls worked up" she said looking at me with a cheeky smile.

I decided to go for it "so the two of you ever fooled around" both girls looked at each other "maybe" they both said looking so sweet and innocent, "well lets see it then" I said with a grin, olivia looked at ananda and they slowly move toward each other and started to softly kiss.

I knew that olivia really wanted to fuck amanda and that was the hole point of the evening, she was hoping that with me there to it wouldn't be weird, so as they kept kissing I took all my clothes of, the both looked over at me at the sound of clothes coming off.

My cock was rock hard at seeing these two making out, they both looked me up and down loving what they were seeing, olivia started kissing amanda again with more passion their tongues going deep into each others mouths, I moved behind amanda and started lifting her dress over her head I was right she was totally naked underneath, olivia went right back to kissing her and I start to rub her pert tits from behind as I kiss her neck sending soft little moans from her.

Olivia had pulled her dress of to and had moved amanda hands to her tits begging for her to squeeze them, amanda gently squeezed them making olivia moan out and then she started to lick her nipples driving olivia wild, olivia had her hand running throw amandas hair as she continued to lick and suck her nipples.

I was loving these two hot sexy friends going at each other and decided to help them go further, I told olivia to lay down and got amanda to kneel infront with her face between olivia legs, I could see olivia wanted amanda to taste her pussy, I got behind amanda and eased my throbbing cock into her sweet wet pussy pushing it in nice and deep making her moan out with pleasure, I started slow and as I was slipping in and out of her olivia pulled her closer and watch as amanda starting licking her pussy, I started going fasted pounding away at amandas tight little pussy and each thrust was pushing her face deeper into olivias.

There were both loving every moment of what was happening both their breathing was getting faster and faster and I knew they were both close to cumming, so I fucked amanda as hard as fast as I could till they both screamed out in pleasure olivias pussy juices covering amanda face.

They were both trembling loving what had happened I told them to switch, now amanda was laying down and olivia was start to lick her pussy as I thrust my cock deep into olivias hot wet pussy, both moving with pleasuring as I fucked olivia hard amanda was grinding her pussy into her face wanting olivia tongue deep inside her, I new by the way they were both moaning they would be cumming hard this time, so I pounded olivia pussy as hard and fast as I could, my cock slamming in and out of her, each thrust making her face go deep into amanda pussy.

They moaned out and fell onto each other as the both came, their pussy juices all over each other, my cock was throbbing and I knew what I wanted next so I told them to kiss again, so olivia moved up and started making out with amanda I knelt down and with a few final strokes of my cock I explode all over their facing as they kept kissing, my hot spunk coving their beautiful faces as they kiss and lick it off each other.

We all lay naked together breathless, olivia cuddling amanda and me with my arms around them both, all thinking what a great start to the weekend.
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Really hot and horny story
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Very nice story, well constructed and short
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very nice
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nice short story