Meeting Linsey Dawn Mckenzie

This happened quite a few years back before linsey had her boobs reduced, anyway I was down in london visiting some friends when I saw a poster for a adult entertainers show where you could meet some of britains porn stars, cathy berry alica rhodes, delta white, victoria brown and of course linsey dawn mckenzie.

It started at the weekend so I didn't have long to wait I said goodbye to the friends I had visited and headed home knowing I would be stopping at the show on my way back home.

I got to the event around 11am and there were booths everywhere with the porn stars posing for pictures or signing dvds, I made my way around the woman chatting and flirting they all looked so hot, then I got to linseys table she was wearing a tite top and jeans, her tits were just bursting to get out and by the time I got to her my cock was throbbing and quite visable in my pants.

I smiled at her loving the cheeky smile she gave me as she looked me up and down seeing the bulge in my pants, "I see you like what you see" she said smiling, "that I do" I said smiling back, "what can I say your just a sexy goddess", she leaned closer "im about to take a little break want to join me" she said with a flirty smile, I couldn't belive my look I just smiled and knodded back.

She took me to one of the dressing rooms they had been using and sat down patting the space next to her for me to join, I sat down feeling my pants tighten around my already hard cock, she saw this and just smiled saying "im really hoping you can help me relax before I go back out" and with that pulled her top off.

Those big beautiful tits were out just inches from me and I wasted no time and took them in my hands feeling how soft they were, my tongue flicking over her nipples making her softly moan with pleasure, her hand on the back of my head pushing me deeper into her perfect tits I was loving every moment.

I move my hand down and undid her jeans and I kept sucking on her nipples, slipping my hand feeling her smooth wet pussy I slide my fingers deep inside her making her moan out ever louder.

I was kissing her lips are tongue slipping in and out of each other mouths as my hands played with her tits as the other pounded away at her now dripping wet pussy.

My cock was throbbing now which made me pound her pussy as hard as fast as I could, my finger sliding in and out of her over and over till she moaned out her pussy tightening around my fingers as she came.

She lay there breathing heavy, I slipped my jeans off and put my cock between those amazing tits and started thrusting away, she but her hands on the and pushed the together covering my cock as it slid between them.

She was loving it and had recovered from her orgasim so I slid my cock from her tits and bent her over the chair, her perfect bum was facing me and I could she he tits hanging down as I looked through her legs, I stood behind her and thrust me cock in as deep as I could, pushing her forward as I did making her tits swing, I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her deep and hard loving how she moaned with every thrust.

Moving my hands to grab and squeeze her tits as we continued to fuck, pounding away at her I knew I was getting close to blowing my load, I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she exploded cumming again, I gave her a few more deep thrust then pulled out and turned her around just in time as I erupted shooting my hot spunk all over her big tits and face.

We lay there for a moment catching are breath, "well that was very relaxing" she said with a cheeky smile "its a four day event want to help me relax everday" she said, I just smiled back feeling my cock getting hard again, well its not like I had to rush back home for work and she really did need my help to relax who was I to say no I thought to myself.
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2 years ago
she was my all time big tit girl , and if this is true you are indeed a very very lucy guy.
2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Linsey is my all time favourite girl!!!!!
3 years ago
Very nice serendipitous story.