Fun Day With British Porn Star Delta White

It all started when I was driving back to London on the motorway and saw a car pulled over on the hard shoulder with a woman standing by it, not liking to see a lady in trouble I pulled up behind her to see if there was anything I could do.

As I got out my car and started to walk over she turned around and I just smiled seeing delta white I asked what was up, "the engine just gave up" she said telling me she had rang for the services to come out to look.

"Mind if I take a look" I said she just smiled "be my guest" so I went over to her car and took a look under the hood seeing some of the cables lose I gave them a quick tighten and ask her to start the car.

The car start and she smiled at me I said I would follow her home incase she ran into trouble if that was ok with her, "if you dont mind that would be great" so she headed off and I followed her back to her house.

We got inside and she thanked me for the help and asked if I fancied a drink "sounds good to me", she headed off to the kitchen coming back a moment later with our drinks. "So were you going anywhere special" I asked "just off to do a shoot" I justed smiled at her letting her know I knew who she was, "I was really in the mood to its been a few weeks since my last one and im really horny" she said.

"Well im not one of your male stars but im shaw I could help you with that if your like" I said with a cheeky smile, "wait right there" she said smiling back and headed off to her room. A few minutes later she came out, she was wearing silk bra and matching french knickers and knee high boots, "this was for the shoot" smiling as she gave me a slow twirl showing me ever amazing tight toned part of her body.

I moved over to her slowly gently pulling her close as I start to kiss her, my hands moving down her body squeezing her pert little bum making her softly moan out, her hand starting to rub my already hard cock through my jeans.

I pulled away smiling as I started to pull my top off as she pulled my jeans down smiling as my hard cock was free for her to tease, dropping to her knees she started to flick the tip of my cock with her tongue, looking down to see delta white sucking my cock was such a turn on, those big brown eyes looking up at me as my throbbing cock slid in and out of her mouth.

I was moaning and loving how she was teasing my cock and now I wanted to tease her, I pulled her to her feet and removed her bra sucking on her hard nipples as I squeezed her perfect tits, loving the sound of her moaning as my tongue flicked from one nipple to the other driving her wild.

I pulled her french knickers down feeling how wet they had gotten from are teasing, my fingers rubbing over her clit getting nice and wet before easing them into her tight little pussy, it was so tight and gripped the two fingers I had slipped inside, I started to pound her pussy faster as I licked and sucked on her clit, here hands on the back of my head grinding be deeper into her as her breath got faster and faster, her moaning louder as my fingers thrust in and out of her dripping wet pussy hard and deep till she could take any moan and screamed out exploding as she came squirting her juices all over my face.

She was laying there breathless her pussy juice all over my face, I was so turned on my cock was throbbing I turned her over and rammed my cock as deep as I could into her trebling pussy, she moan out as another orgasim started to build in her, I fucked her as hard and fast as I could my cock slamming into her over and over, her moaning "im cuming im cuming, pushed me over the edge as her pussy tighten around my cock as she came again, I pulled out and turn her around just in time as I exploded my hot thick cum covering her tits and face.

We both lay there breathless and smiling loving what just happened, "will have to have car trouble more often" she said smiling, I could feel my cock start to harden and just smiled knowing it was going to be a fun day with delta.
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2 years ago
very good but that was only 45-60 min's of the day at best
3 years ago
Very nice short story. and well written.
3 years ago
ehh too short