More of me and amanda

Its been a week since me and amanda first had sex and we cant keep our hands off each other, my pussy is always wet just thinking about her.

We now sl**p in the same bed naked most of the time, we love laying close to each other and finger fucking ourselves, love to her and feel amandas breath as she fingers herself getting closer to cuming, hearing her moaning my name drives me wild and we always cum together, both trembling and then holding each other close and falling asl**p in her arms feels so good.

Well its the start of a new day and we had no classes so we had a sl**p in, waking up and having a bit of a tease getting each other worked up, then its time for a shower and for the past week we have been doing it together which always ends up in a naughty play, we had to start getting up early so we could play and still get to class.

We got into the shower I loved how amanda starts to softly caress my body, her hands sliding over my tits then down my stomach turning me round so she can kiss me as her hands cup my bum and squeeze as her tongue explores my mouth.

My hands are all over her to caressing and teasing her body as the hot water beats down on us, I feel her fingers ease into my pussy pushing deep making me moan out, one hand still on my bum as she thrusts in and out of my pussy pounding hard and fast.

She smiles at me and tells me she has a surprise for me, im a little breathless as her fingers are still inside me, amanda just smiles and takes my hand and leads me to the bed, our bodies still wet from the shower we sit and kiss caressing each other our fingers slipping in and out of each others pussies.

Amanda pulls away "I picked something up for us" she says with a cheeky smile, my hole body if on fire just thinking about what it could be, she walks over to her bed, I love watching her naked body slick with water and start to rub my pussy as she bends over and gets a bag from under her bed.

She turns around loving the sight of me watching her and touching myself, standing there she opens the bag and pull out a double headed dildo smiling as she does, its pink and must be 20 inchs long, she comes back to the bed and reaches for some baby oil rubbing it all over.

We sit facing each other and she slips it in her pussy softly moaning as she does, I move closer and slip it into mine, we both thrust down onto in together holding hands as we pull towards each other and deeper onto the dildo, are pussies taking ever inch of it as we pound against each other faster and faster moaning louder as we do.

"lets change positions" says amanda so we slip off the dildo making us both moan out, we both bend over facing away from each other so are bums are touching, then we slide the dildo back into are dripping wet pussies and start to pound away, are bum slamming against each other as we thrust harder and deeper against each other, are breathing getting faster as we get closer and closer, I her amanda sream out as she slams down hard are she can and cums, the f***e of her body against mine pushes me over the edge and I explode to, we lay there trembling the dildo still deep inside us both as the orgasim washes over us both.

We both slip off the dildo and I pull amanda close "love the gift" I say, amanda softly moans and smiles, its going to be a fun day I think wondering what else she has in the bag as I hold her close and gentle kiss her.
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3 years ago
This story made me hard
3 years ago
Nice hot story.
3 years ago
very good & hot