My First Call Girl/e****t

I was at home and just messing around looking over some porn sites getting more and more horny when I came to one for call girls, I flicked through the models till I came across this cute little asian, she had sort black hair and a tite little body perfect firm tits and the cutest bum.

Because I was getting even more horny by now I decided I would go for it, I had never order a woman for sex before shore I had met woman online and we would meet up for a fuck but this felt so much naughtier as I was ordering a woman to come and fuck me.

I rang the number and got through pretty fast, a woman answered and I told her I had seen a woman on the site I was interested in booking, the asain woman was named rebecca and I booked her for two hours, the woman on the phone telling me the prices and that if I wanted to keep her longer we could work that out when rebecca arrived.

About 20 minutes later the door bell rang and I opened the door to rebecca, seeing how hot she was in her pictures was nothing to seeing her standing infront of me, she was truly breath taking, wearing a tight little black dress that hugged her cute little figure, I could tell she was wearing nothing under it.

I invited her in and said it was my first time with a e****t and wanted to now should I pay now, she smiled saying she would take the money then we can get started, I handed the money over and we sat down, now I was paying for her I didn't take it slow and started kissing her deeply, my tongue exploring her mouth as my hand started to tease her perk tits.

I was loving it and rebecca was moaning to as my hand moved down to her legs, she moved them apart letting me slide my hand up her thigh, I was right no underwear just her sweet wet pussy, I push two fingers deep inside her making her moan out, I pulled her dress down so I could suck her tits as I kept pounding her tight pussy hard and deep with my fingers.

I wanted to taste her so I moved down and started to lick her pussy, it was so sweet and hot as my tongue licked over her, flicking over her clit as she grind against my face wanting me deeper, my cock was throbbing as I kept licking and fingering her sending her over the edge and she exploded, moaning out and she came her pussy juices covering my face.

She lay there breathless her body trembling, I took my cock out and slipped it in her mouth, making her deep throat it and getting it nice and wet, I teased her pussy as she sucked my cock licking the tip before taking the hole lengh down her throat.

I eased out and then moved down her body and rammed my cock into her dripping wet pussy, making her breath catch as I started to pound her hard and fast, loving how here pussy was pulling me in we each thrust, squeezing her hard nipples as I kept fucking her, I was getting close to cumming so I eased out and turn her over.

She knelt infront of me her perfect bum in the air, I rubbed my cock against her ass and then slipped inside her, she moaned out as I pushed my cock deep into her ass, she was so tight I knew I wasn't going to last so I fucked her as hard and fast as I could, my cock burried deep in her ass and my fingers in her pussy, she moaned out and squirted just as I pushed my cock as deep and I could and exploded filling her ass with my hot spunk.

We both lay there for a moment breathing heavy, I thought to myself oh I think im going to have to book you for a few more hours the night is still young.
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1 year ago
so where can i find this girl? i want to fuck her
3 years ago
mmmmm naughty
3 years ago
sounds great!
3 years ago
Sounds like my kind of woman.
3 years ago
Did you have to pay extra for the ass fuck?