Gang Banging my Ex

So it had been a few months since my ex and I had broken up it had been more really but she had a habit of wanting sex every now and then, hay not that I minded I been she has an amazing body and shes very naughty.

Shes quite tall at 5'10 and has a killer body all tight and toned with a nice round and pert bum, anyway one night I had some of the lads over at my place just four of them and me, we all play rugby and were just relaxing after we had play a game that afternoon.

So were just chilling out drinking a few beers watching the t.v. when theres a knock at the door, I get up wondering if its the food we ordered, its my ex with that look in her eyes that I know she wants to fuck, I smiled at her "rachel nows not really a good time I have friends over" she looked at me for a moment then smiled "the more the merrier" she said.

We went back to the living room and my friends looked up hoping it was the pizza we ordered instead seeing rachel, "well theres been a change of plan boys" I said "it seems rachel here wants us to gang bang her" they looked at each other then at rachel who just smiled and let her dress slip to the floor.

She was totally naked and the guys just staired for a moment, "come on then whos getting their cock out first" she said with a naughty smile, thats all the need and soon had her on her knees sucking their cocks, she did always love being threat like a naughty slut and now she was getting the full threatment, five guys naked and hard feeding their cocks to this horny bitch and loving it.

Rachel was going from cock to cock taking each one down deep, mind was only 7 iches but some of the guys were closer to 10 and she was doing them with ease and loving it, one of the guys layed on the floor and told rachel to get on his cock, she wasted no time and slid down onto it her pussy already dripping wet, one more cock went in her mouth and she wanked the other two with her hands, I decided to give her a really treat and slid my cock into her ass.

She moaned out around the cock in her mouth and I pushed deeper into her ass, she was loving being taken and use by all these guys, a cock in every hole filling her up with each thrust, we took turns going from mouth to pussy to ass using rachel like are little fuck toy and she was loving every moment begging for more.

We told rachel to lay on the floor and took turns pounding her pussy as hard and fast as we could only stopping when we made her cum, and then the next guy would start thrusting in hard and deep till her made her cum to, by the time she had the fifth guy fucking her her hole body was trembling with pleasure.

We then turned her over and did the same to her tite little bum, she was moaning so loud loving getting pounded over and over, she just kept cumming her pussy juices running down her tights and we kept fucking her.

We bent her over the chair and said it was our turn know, we were all close to cumming, we gave her pussy a quick fuck fast and deep and then move to her face and shoot are load, covering her pretty face in load after load off hot spunk.

We all just lay there totally spent rachel with a smile on her cum cover face loving what we had just done, I thought to myself she may want this again which was just fine with me, I wondered if she would do the hole team next time, cant hurt to ask right.
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2 years ago
Shagging your Ex's mates - love it ! x
3 years ago
lovely....good story
3 years ago
nothing better than a good gangbang!
3 years ago
really hot story! loved it!
3 years ago
Great post. Thanks
3 years ago
great story