Dawn and Faith part 2

Dawn and faith couldn't keep their hands off each other, and with the house full of slayers in training that was hard to do. They loved to tease each other, sometimes it was a little leg caress under the table others it was a quick squeeze of the bum when taking the dishes out.

Dawn was doing it as much as faith which was getting them both turned on, as soon as they were along their hands would be all over each other, dawn loved the feel of faiths tongue in her mouth exploring as her hands did the same to her body. Both dawn and faith were in each others pants their fingers slipping inside their moist pussies, dawn pushed her fingers deep inside faith making her push deeper inside dawn, they finger fucked each other hard and fast till they both moaned out into each others mouths as they came together.

Both breathless they held each other wanting more but knowing they would have to wait as the rest off the house was getting ready to get up and start training.

Dawn went out with the others and started their exercises while faith decided to take a quick shower, she could see dawn from the bathroom window, loving watching her tight teen body bend and flex, faith soon hand her fingers deep inside her pussy as she watched her lover, the warm water on her body as she fucked herself harder as she watched dawn move, she watched as here clothes would tighten over her pert young body as she kicked and moved, faith could take anymore and moaned out her body trembling as she cum.

Dawn had seen her watching from the bathroom window and had made sure she flexed and bent more then she needed to, when she looked up she could see that faith was no longer watching and decided to take a quick break and goto the bathroom, when she entered she could she her lover trembling with the hot water cascading over her perfect body, she pulled off her shorts and top and jumped in, "so did you enjoy wanking while you watched me exercise" she said to faith, faith gave her that naughty grin "what do you think".

Dawns hands slid over her soapy skin and squeezed her tight little bum making faith softly moan out, their hands were all over each other, their bodies grinding against each other, their breathing getting faster as they were getting closer and closer to cumming.

Faith started licking dawns tits sucking and teasing her nipples driving her wild, dawn pulled away and started doing the same to faith flicking her tongue back and fourth over and over, they were both so hot and horny loving how they could drive each other wild.

Dawn smiled and said she wanted to fuck faith hard, faith and dawn got out the shower and faith put some towels down and layed down, looking up at dawn she could see she had put a strap-on on she had hidden in the bathroom, "whos a naughty girl" faith said giving dawn a naughty grin as she spread her legs, dawn wasting no time trust into faith hard and deep making her moan out, faith grabbed dawns bum and pulled her in as dawn pounded faiths pussy hard and fast, their bodies were slapping together over and over getting closer and closer, faith gave dawn a little spank making dawn just fuck her harder.

They were both moaning and breathing hard, fucking on the bathroom floor dawn thrust in and out off faith as hard and fast as she could, till she pushed one last time as deep as she could making them both scream out as their bodies exploded and the both came.

They lay there trembling loving the feeling until they looked over to the door and saw the dawn had forgot to lock it again, willow and buffy were standing there, dawn and faith just smiled "enjoy the show" they both said laughing that they didn't have to keep it a secret anymore, and thinking about what mite happen next.
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4 months ago
will there ever be a parts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9?
3 years ago
i wanna fuck hard that slut with bananas
3 years ago
very good for being that short part 3, 4....