Fun with my neighbours wife and daughter

My neighbours are very nice well about from the husband how to but this hes a prick I think is the best way, hes one of those guys who has lots of money and treats his wife and daughter like crap, only cares about them when they can make him look better, like I said total prick.

Well one day he was out at work and his wife came round, I answered the door and could tell right away she had been crying, "whats wrong donna" I asked, she told me she had had a fight with her husband before he had went to work, I told her to come in and made her a cup of tea and we talked.

Now donna is 39 with an amazing figure nice big tits sexy curves perfect bum blond hair and green eyes, her daughter steph is 20 and has a swimmers body I guess you would call it all tight and toned with her short dark red hair she look stunning.

Donna was telling me how her and her husband had been fighting him telling her he wanted to show her of at a party for his business partners and how much she hated being just a prop for him, I was sitting next to her and said "I dont want to upset you more donna but hes just a total prick I would rather spend a night in kissing and cuddling you" she smiled at me "its ok he is a prick" she laughed and then learned in and kissed me, I kissed her back softly at first and then with more passion I could tell she had been missing this for a long time, she stopped a little breathless and I smiled at her "do you want to stop" I asked, "no I want some pleasure in my life" she said, I started kissing her again and we were soon stripping each other off, my hand cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples making her moan out with pleasure.

Just then there was a knock at my door lucky I still had my pant on so I said not to move I would be right back, so leaving donna topless I went to the door and opened it steph her daughter was there saying she had forgotten he key and could she come and wait till her mum came back, I decided to go for it and told her to come in, as we went back in the room steph saw here mum topless and could clearly see what we had been doing and before she could say anything I said "look your dads a total prick and your mum needs some fun" steph just looked at me then here mum and said "well its about time mum you need and good hard fuck I keep hearing you wanking at night naughty girl" with a naughty smile donna looked at her daughter "well I think then we will both have to have fun so its are secret together" at this steph just smiled and started to strip.

We were soon all naked and caressing each other my hands and lips were all over the both of them, sucking there tits spanking them driving them both wild, I got them to lay next to each other on the floor and started to lick and finger their pussies, my fingers were deep and both of them and I would lick one then the other teasing them both making them moan out, "how about a kiss" I said watching as I fingered them faster then donna learned over and started to kiss her daughter, my cock was now throbbing at these two goddesses I went for donna first tell her to bend over and start eating out stephs pussy, they both smile at each other and donna was soon licking and fingering steph as steph ground her pussy into her mums face I rammed me cock deep into donna pussy making her scream out, I fucked her hard and fast pounded away as she licked her daughters pussy till they both screamed out as they came together, they were both trembling and I told them to switch new that I was close myself to cumming and wanting to have fun with steph before that happened.

They switch and soon steph was eating her mums pussy and my cock was buried deep in stephs, donna was grinding against her daughters face as I fucked steph hard and fast, their breathing was getting harder and faster and I knew the were both going to cum again, I fucked as hard and fast as I could my cock pounding away at stephs sweet little pussy as donna buried her daughter face deep into her pussy and they both screamed out again as them came, I pulled my cock out and told them to kiss again and just as their lips met I explored, blowing my load spunk over both of them watching it hit their faces as they kissed.

We all just sat there for a moment and then start to laugh at what an amazing time we just had and all knew this was only the start.
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5 months ago
Holy fuck- reading my fucking mind!!! This bitch I'm fucking thought my birthday was this last Sunday and we had an encounter more or less just like this... fortunately, she still doesn't know I already boffed her girl but on the other hand, maybe it would be hotter if she did know- hell- it's all in what makes your dick feel good! Great post!

9 months ago
always be nice to your neighbors family if he is a jerk?
ok got it.
1 year ago
Nice story
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
3 years ago
Nice story and to have them kissing and you explode on them together, nice touch
3 years ago
Great story... a bit unbelievable as I could never see a wife and daughter doing that (outside of fictional porn) but if it is real then OMG you are one lucky fucker. Hope you have many more adventures with either of them, or both of them!
3 years ago
Very hot
3 years ago
Great story....
3 years ago
very good