Dawn and Faith

Dawn loved to watch the slayers training, they were all so hot but what she really loved was watching faith, a vampire slayer just like her s****r buffy, but unlike buffy faith had this exotic side to her that made dawn tingle all over. She loved that faith always wore those leather pants which seem to cling to her body, dawn could tell that faith either didn't wear any panties or if she did they would be so tiny, dawn let out a little moan at the thought of this, she was pretty sure that faith was not wearing a bra as the tank top she was wearing you could clearly see faiths hard nipples. The training was over and buffy said they were just heading out to pick up some items, dawn said no problem as she had homework to do, as soon as they had all left dawn raced to here room and stripped off, she loved having all those girls living there but she missed having her own space and loved to be naked and take here time pleasuring herself instead of having to have a quick play in the shower or in bed at night. Dawn was soon naked and caressing her body thinking about faith and how much she wanted her, her fingers were slipping in and out of her pussy fast and deep wishing it was faith doing it to her, she pushed her fingers in as deep as she could moaning out "faith" as the orgasim washed over her and she came. She was trembling and breathless and as she opened her eyes faith was standing at her door way with a big smile on her face, "sorry I just came back for something and didn't want to disterbe you" the smile never leaving her face as she said it, dawn was a little shocked at what was happening but couldn't really say anything so just asked "how long have you been standing there". Faith gave her that hot sexy smile and said "just before you started to moan my name and cum", dawn was loving that smile and then remembered she was totally naked, "like what you saw then" she said with a cheeky smile of her own. Faith just walked over and kissed her deeply, her tongue exploring dawn mouth making her moan softly, "oh yes I did" said faith "now lets try the real thing" before dawn could say anything faith was licking her sweet little pussy. Dawn just moaned out and ran her fingers though faiths her grinding the slayers tongue deeply into her pussy, faith loved the taste of dawns pussy and how with ever flick of her tongue was driving her wild, she slid her fingers inside pushing dawn over the edge and making her cum again, faith kept licking the sweet pussy juice until dawns breathing started to slow then she moved back and started to strip. Dawn watched as faith slowly took off those leather pants, dawn was right no panties and no bra, faith was now naked infront of her and she looked amazing, she moved back on the bed and started kissing dawn again, dawn explored faiths body her hands moving over her pert breasts then down her back stopping to squeeze her tight little bum, faith gave a little moan as dawn did this. Faith moved over dawn so her pussy was right over her face, dawn could smell the sweet sent of the slayers pussy and couldn't wait anymore pushing her face in and licking deep, faith let out a moan and burried her face back into dawns pussy. They were going at each other now loving every moment as the fingers and tongues exploring each others bodies, dawn couldn't believe how lucky she was after all the fantasies about doing just this is was finnally happening. They were both breathing faster now and they new they were both close, faith fingered dawns pussy as hard and fast as she could, dawn slapped faith on the ass and drove her fingers deep into her pussy loving how it was making her moan. Both dawn and faith screamed out as they both exploded and came, both their faces covered in the other pussy juice. They both lay there for a moment their bodies trembling, then faith moved up to cuddle dawn, both smiling at each other knowing that this was only the start.
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3 years ago
dawn is michelle trachtenberg, i liked it.
3 years ago
will there be a part 2?
3 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
very good