N.C,I,S the abby and ziva story

It had been a long week at work and abby and ziva both had the weekend off so decided they would hangout together and just relax, abby had booked for them to spend the weekend at a hotel and spa so they could just unwind.

They arrived at the hotel and dropped their bags in their room and headed down for a quick bite to eat before heading off to get their massage that had been booked, they were soon both getting a gentle soothing massage and were both just enjoying themselves.

Afterwards they decide to order room service and just hang out and watch some movies, the food arrived and they flicked though the channels watching a action flick and then a comedy, it was getting late and they were both feeling a little tipsy from the wine and ziva flicked onto the porn channel.

"WOW" said addy as she saw two women doing a 69 on the t.v. "god im so sorry abby" said ziva and flicked over "I didn't know they had those channels" feeling a little flushed, "ziva its ok dont worry about it were both adults" said abby, ziva smiled back, "want it back on" abby said with with cheeky smile, "really" ziva asked, "well I didn't really get a chance to see what was going on before you flicked over know we have seen it mite aswel have a proper look" abby said and took the remote and flicked over.

When it came back on the women were still doing the 69 and moaning away, abby and ziva watched "you think their faking some off that" abby asked "well they could be I mean who knows they seem to be enjoying themselves" said ziva, they watched some more and then the scene ended, "so have you ever been with a women" ziva said, abby looked a little shocked at the bluntness of ziva but just smiled back "no, well some kissing at parties and that but nothing like that" pointing at the tv "how about you", "the same stuff at parties nothing more", they both sat there in silence for a few moments and then ziva said "would you like to try more?".

Abby throw back the last bit of wine in her glass and looked straight at ziva "yes" she said, ziva put down her wine glass and moved closer to abby and took her hand and start to gentle kiss it, abby touched zivas face and then learned in and started to softly kiss her, going slowly at first and then getting more passionate their hands starting to move over each others bodies as their tongues started flicking in and out of each others mouths.

They stopped both breathless but wanting move ziva stood up and started to take her clothes off as abby watched, she loved ziva tight toned body and her natural tanned skin, soon she was standing before abby total naked then she sat on the bed, "you turn I think" abby started taking her clothes off as ziva lay on the bed abbys pale skin a dark hair made ziva softly moan out which made abby smile back at her, now both naked they lay on the bed together and started kissing again, their bodies pressing together and their hands started to tease and fondle each other, the contrast of their bodies looking amazing together.

Abby moved down zivas body kissing as she went they licking up and down her thighs sending ripples of pleasure over zivas body, zivas hand was on the back of abby head pushing her towards her pussy wanting her to send her over the edge, abbys tongue flicked over zivas clit and then started to suck on it deeply as her fingers slipped inside and moved in and out, ziva started to grind against abbys face loving what she was doing, abby started to go faster and faster zivas pussy making squishy noises and her breathing getting faster, "oh god abby your going to make me cum" ziva moan which just made abby go faster, "OH ABBY IM CUMMING IM CUMMING" ziva cried out and exploded spraying abby faces with her jucies, she lay there trembling as abby moved up beside her and softly kissed her.

Ziva opened her eyes and saw how wet abbys face was "WOW I covered you" she said "yep you sure did" abby said smiling back, ziva licked abbys face and then started licking her tits and sucking her nipples, abbys hands were in ziva hair holding her close making her suck her nipples deeply, ziva then licked down abbys stomach and pushed her legs apart, abbys pussy was already dripping wet and ziva gentle kissed it making abby moan out, ziva pushed her fingers in deep and fast making abby cry out and the she started to pound away at her, abbys hole body was pushing back on zivas fingers wanting more, ziva pushed her hole hand inside abby pussy as start to fist her, "god ziva that feels amazing dont fucking stop" hearing this ziva started to fuck abby as hard deep and fast as she could, abby was moaning louder and louder and ziva just kept fisting her faster and faster, "FUCK FUCK IM GOING TO CUM" abby cried out as her body spasmed and the orgasim washed over her, ziva slipped her fist out wish gave abby another small orgasim.

They lay there bodies trebling was pleasure and held each other softly kissing both thinking that this was going to be a very fun and exciting weekend together.
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10 months ago
Isure enjoy watching these two hotties...as wel as dreaming about them.
1 year ago
Who HASN'T fantasized about these two? :)
1 year ago
Who HASN'T fantasized about these two? :)
1 year ago
I'll never look at NCIS the same ever agian...:)
1 year ago
Great story. Two of the hottest ladies on TV:)
1 year ago
love it! Two hot ladies for sure