Being a single mum my adventures continue

I knew that it was wrong being with my 16 year old fun and his friend but I think that made me just want it more, it had been a few days since we all had are fun together and my son was being more confident and out going, yes I know what your thinking having sex is not the best way to get your son to open up but hay everyone has their own parenting style.

My son would sometimes bump into me as I was coming out of the shower giving me a quick squeeze and making my body tingle which lead to me having him just fuck me, loved the feel out him slipping inside me and pounding away till he blows his load inside me it was just so naughty, lucky I was on the pill so I didn't mind at all and it just felt so much more naughty.

The weekend was coming up and my son asked if he could have his friend come and stay as he had just got some new computer games and they all wanted to play, I said ok thinking I could have a play myself, so they came in the afternoon the neighbour who had played with us and two other boys I had never seen, they all smiled at me as they came in and then all went to my sons room.

It was around six o'clock and I ordered some pizza for myself and the boys I took it up to them when it came, they were all playing and joking as I went in the room having fun with the games, they said thanks for the pizza and I could see the new boys checking me out as I left, I wondered what my son or the neighbour boy mite had been telling them I mean I didn't want everyone knowing what we had been doing I decided I would have to talk to my son about it.

I decided to have a early night and went to bed and watched some t.v. it was about 9.30 when my bedroom door opened and my son and his friends peeked in, "hay mum got a minute" my son said "sure what up" I asked "we were just telling these two what happened last week" he said smiling and pointing at the two new boys, I looked shocked that they had told them and a little mad too, "look I can see why you told them but you cant go around telling everyone I could get into alot of trouble, not only are you 16 but my son as well", he looked upset at what he had done they all did but I could still see some of that cheeky smile which just made me smile back, "ok so what did you want as if I didn't know" I said with a naughty laugh.

I just sl**p in a t-shirt and some pj bottoms so I pulled the bed covers back and slipped out of them and knelt on the bed naked, "this what you had in mind" I said with a sexy smile, my son and his friend wasted no time and were taking their clothes off and getting on the bed while the other two were standing there a bit shocked not believing what was happening, but when I started sucking on my sons cock and his friend they seem to snap out of it and join us on the bed.

I had four 16 year olds with rock hard cocks around me and I was deep throating each of them in turn, loving the feeling as their pushed into me their hands on the back of my head and the others touching me all over, the thing about these young boys is they do get excited fast and it wasn't long before they started to cum, their hot spunk exploding into my mouth and over my face it got me so turned on, and I just loved how them seemed to get hard right away and with four of them I was in heaven.

One of them knelt behind me I didn't know which one and didn't care just the feel of that hard cock against my dripping pussy made my body tremble and then he just trust it into me going balls deep, they took turns pounding away at my pussy and fucking my face, thrusting into me over and over at both ends sometimes they would pull out and I would feel their hot cum spray over me other times they just came inside me, it felt like there was more then four of them and my body trembled as orgasim after orgasim went over my body.

It seemed to go on forever then it stopped I had my bum in the air and my face on the bed dripping in cum and feeling amazing, I turned my had and saw three of them breathless and smiling and I just slowly moaned and smiled back, "hay weres the other one gone" I said wondering what was happening and then I felt heavy breathing on my pussy and looked back one of the boys had brought his german shepherd, before I could ask what was up the dog mounted me his cock slipping into my pussy with ease, then he started to fuck me deeper and fasted then I have ever been fucked before, "FUCKING HELL" was all I could moan out as this dog had his way with me, it only lasted about 30 seconds and then I felt him start to cum inside me, I was breathless shocked and very turned on I never thought about a****l sex but now I was, the dogs cock was still pumping his cum into me "hes just knotted here hes going to be cumming for awhile" one of the boys said "we will come back in a bit".

So there I was covered in the cum of four 16 year olds one of which was my son, and a dogs cock buried deep inside me as his cum pumped out of my pussy, I think this is a good place we moved to I thought as a gentle orgasim when though me as the dog moved.
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5 months ago
1 year ago
Great story, Loved it
1 year ago
Good story - if you are going to brake one taboo why not crash down a few more
1 year ago
Love this
1 year ago
wow, amazing, red hot x
1 year ago
Very hot. X
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
A great story and a surprising end,,,
1 year ago
I sure didn't see that ending coming....Excellent series I hope it continues.