Mum and daughter at home

It had been so much fun since are shopping trip, me and mum would kiss and play with each other all the time, she would sometimes walk around in her underwear which always got my pussy dripping wet, we would now sl**p together to always naked so we could play with each other is was just so amazing a dream come true, we decided we were going to have some more fun and mum asked me to invite one of my girl friends round for tea, I had a big smile on my face thinking about what mum was going to do, my friend came round and we had are tea just chatting away her asking how mums work was going and talking about what films we were going to see, we finished and mum said she was going to get desert so we should go sit and watch T.V.we went and sat down and waited for my mum, she came in and she was naked and smiling, my friend just looked at her shocked wondering what was happening, I smiled at mum and said "wow mum you remembered my favourite desert" and I knelt down and started to lick her pussy, mum let out a soft moan as she kept looking at my friend, I turned and said "want to taste shes very sweet" my friend looked from me to my mum, then a smile went over here face "yes I do" she said and came closer, her tongue flicking over my mum pussy making her moan out and push my friends head deeper into her dripping pussy, I quickly stripped off feeling how wet I already was, loving the site of my mum and best friend having fun, I started to tease myself sliding a finger into my pussy, softly moaning at the feel of it going deep inside me, mum came over and put her face in my pussy and liked deep making me moan out with pleasure, she smiled at my friend and passed her a strap-on, my friend wasted no time in putting it on and sliding it into my mums waiting pussy, she thrust in deep making her scream out into my pussy, I just pushed my mums face deeper and maid her like and tease me as I watch my friend fuck her from behind, everytime she thrust into my mum it would push her deeper into my pussy, we were all moaning so loud the smell of all our sweet pussy juices was in the air driving us on, it was my mum who went first screaming out as she cum, my friend just kept fucking her hard and fast I knew she was close to, mum was moaning and had stopped licking me so I started to finger myself as my friend kept pounding away getting closer and closer, I went faster thrusting my fingers as deep as I could as I watched, till I couldn't take anymore and scream out as I squirted all over my mums face, this sent my friend over the edge thrusting into mum one last time as she cum, trembling she slid forward onto the floor breathing heavy and loving what we had just done, mum smiled at us both and kissed us deeply, I could taste my pussy on mums lips and loved it, we sat together kissing and caressing each other for the rest of the night, me and mum decided that we were going to start having alot more friends over for tea, and this was only just the start of what fun we could have together.
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3 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
good story cant wait for part 2
4 years ago
a fantasy of mine :)
4 years ago
very hot story!