Mum and daughter shopping

Me and mum go shopping alot she more like a older s****r and friend really, she had me when she was in her teens, so now that im in my late teens shes only in her late thirties and looks very hot we sometimes go to the gym together and yes all the guys check us out and some of the woman to, well I have to say I have watched my mum a few times walking around the house in her underwear getting ready for work, and it always makes my pussy tingle and yes then I normally go upto my room and finger my pussy till I cum, sometimes I have to do it a few times a day, its only me and mum together in the house so its not to bad, but I was doing it more and more and I wanted more so one day I decided to see what would happen, so like I said me and mum went shopping and I said lets stop and pick up some underwear, so we went and got a few different ones and then headed home, we had tried them on in the shop but when we got home I asked mum could we try them on and see what we both thought, mum said of course so we picked them up and went to the bedroom, my heart was pounding I knew what I was planning I thought right no going back know, so we both stripped down and started trying them on, I could feel my pussy getting wetter everytime I looked at my mum, watching her slip the underwear on and off, we both chatted saying which ones we liked and looked good in, I had a pair of french knickers on which my mum said made my bum look really cute, saying she would love to squeeze it laughing as she said it, my heart was going so fast and I said go on then, mum laughed and said naughty girl and gave me a little squeeze, it felt so good I wanted more and just blerted out "mum I love how hot and sexy you are and I masturbate thinking about you all the time" she just looked at me for a moment and then said "I know I have watched you" she smiled and walked over to me and kissed me deeply, I was shocked and first then moved into the kiss, are tongues exploring each others mouths, finally I was kissing and touching my mum and she was touching me back, she pulled away and started taking her underwear of smiling as she did, I wasted no time and did the same, she kissed me again are hands going all over each others bodies, each of us making soft moan noises as we moved closer to the bed, she laid me down and kissed down my body, licking and teasing my tits going lower, I loved the site of my mum kissing down my body getting closer and closer to my pussy, when her tongue licked over my clit I gasped out and through my head back moaning as her tongue and fingers exploded me, she stopped and climbed on the bed and got over in the 69 position, my mum sweet wet pussy was right above me for the taking, she started to lick me again sending shivers of pleasure though me, my hands started to caress her bum before I thrust my tongue deep inside her sweet wet pussy, she moan out at the feel of me inside and started licking and fingering me faster, I eased my fingers into her pussy to and we both started pounding away at each other, faster and faster we both went, are breath and moaning getting louder and faster, it felt so amazing me and mum pleasuring each other I didnt want it to stop, I could feel my body start to tighten as I was getting closer, I fingered my mums pussy as deep and fast as I could as she did the same to me, she thrust as deep as she could and I screamed out as I cum squirting my pussy juices all over my mums face, my fingers teased her a few moments more then she let out a moan and exploded, her sweet pussy cum going over my face and tits, we lay there for a moment trembling then she moved closer and kissed me, we could taste each other sweet juices, she smiled and said I think we need a shower, I smiled back that would be nice and winked, well looks like know we dont just have to masturbate and think about each other, I kissed her thats true mum but we can still do that as long as were watching each other, mum kissed my deeply thats my girl now lets have that shower.
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4 years ago
Hot story
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
good story any more like this one?
4 years ago
hot! made me blow my load.....