The naughty s****rs

Laura and debbie are s****rs both married but love to have fun together, laura is 26 and debbie 24 both with hot bodies and nice big tits, laura likes debbie to lick her cunt every chance she gets and uses her as her own little whore taking her to clubs and watching guys abuse here and I normally go with them or we just get people round this is one of those times.

We make debbie dress up in a school uniform, tight blouse to show of her tits, short skirt and knee high socks, no knickers and all but her hair up into pig tails, I like to grab her pig tales and face fuck her making her take my cock as deep as she can sucking and licking down it over and over, laura then takes are little whore and pushes her face deep into her cunt making her push her tongue deep inside, while laura rides debbie face I go answer the door to let some of the guys in theres five in total, laura pushes debbie away and says 'there you go guys use her any way you like' they waste no time and start making the little slut suck them off one after the other, passing her round like the little fuck toy she is as me and laura watch and I tease laura cunt with my fingers making her softly moan and debbie gets fucked, the guys are soon naked and one lays on the floor and gets debbie on his big cock, the next guy thrust deep into her mouth and starts fucking her deep and fast, the next guy rams his cock into her ass making her give out a muffled scream, the other two make her wank them of as the all thrust and pound into her, laura is loving watching her little whore of a s****r getting used as a fuck toy, I bend laura over so we can both watch and thrust my cock into her dripping wet cunt making her moan out as my cock fills here, the guys take turns using debbie any way they want moving round to fuck each of her holes seeing who can make her scream out the most, I start to pound laura harder and faster as we both watch debbie making her moan louder and louder, the guys are thrusting into debbie as hard and fast as the can pounding the sluts tight little holes making her scream and moan, laura is loving every moment and starts pushing back on my cock I grab her hips and thrust as hard and deep as I can making her moan out as she cums, her body trembling as she watches the guys get debbie to knee in front of them and the start to cum over the little slut, load after load of hot spunk hits debbie dripping down her face and over her tits she rubs it all over her loving the feel of it, 'come of her slut your not done yet' laura say to debbie and makes her bend over and I thrust my cock deep into her cunt, I fuck her sweet wet cunt as hard and fast as I can till debbie screams out and cums, I thrust a few more times as shes cumming then buried my cock deep into her cunt and explode filling her with my hot spunk, laura smile and comes over pushing debbie to the floor and licks her cunt, tasting her s****r sweet juices and my spunk, the guys leave and the three of us go take and shower and have some more fun....
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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
good story!