sweet memory: fucking that ass as she came over & over
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I love how my very old dear mother holds my bottom, patting it tenderly as I stand naked in front of her chair -- my dick erect for her as it so often is, as she sucks purposefully until the spurts begin and she swallows my cum. She is over 80 years old!

For my "friends": you can see the photo of my mother when she was a lovely young woman in my little video that shows me cumming all over my mother's face! (well, actually on the photo of her lovely face) Not a lot of people on here show their real mother's face and show their real feelings about their mothers, as I am proud to do.

I am also proud to show my shy prudish wife, cunt spread wide open, anus exposed, with her naked big ass, motherly belly and breasts all on view. Sorry I can't show her face. But I am proud of her too -- nobody who knows her would ever dream she would let herself be exposed like that on the Internet. I am so proud of her that just thinking about it makes me want to fuck her up the ass.

I do love looking at all the porn, but my current favorite ways to cum are 1) inside my voluptuous 56 year old cunt Ann (my wife) while I suck her breasts -- or 2) as my sweet little skinny very old mom Beth watches me when I am erect and as I pump it out for her and she hears me call out to her, my dear mommy. [Update/News Flash: after a few years of thinking she was too old to enjoy it, she has begun taking me in her mouth again and drinking me as I cum happily!]

* * * * *
The videos of my very prudish shy wife are for me. She let me film the video clips here because it made her happy to do it for me, but she knew that I would post them and that men have been jerking off looking at her exposed cunt, ass, breasts and belly.

The videos of me here are for my old mother. I am proud to show her and the world how I have always thought of her.

* * * * *

When I was in my teens, my short skinny girlish little mom Beth had the little tits, soft bottom and naturally hairy vagina that caused me to come. Mom coaxed me to bed and soothed me to sleep when I was staying up too long, and Mom comforted me lovingly. I would cum looking at her sweet face, her naked vagina, her cute little titties and her shapely little bottom. Eventually I became the man my mom could count on to make her happy too. I have thought of my mom Beth as my very own cunt ever since then. A diaphragm was her birth control of choice -- I wish I could count the number of times my cum pumped into her vagina when I was young and she was middle-aged! Yes, my own mother. Now she is over 80 and too old for me to fill her vagina with my cum or sodomize her, but I can still make her feel happy and wanted and satisfy her, and I still love to display my erect penis and pump my cum out for her. (But just to be clear: I love my wife and she too is my cunt!!!)

Summer 2014
August 8: I pumped out my cum to Mom's sweet voice while we talked on the phone. Aaahh!

Earlier in the summer -- I had over a week of visiting with Mom. She is really too old to fuck now, but I made sure to walk around in the evening a lot, completely naked and erect in our well lit room where she could easily see me through the glass doors from the room where she was staying. Then I would cum, spattering the floor with cum.

On a couple of mornings also, I made sure to be ready in the kitchen as she walked slowly toward the house from the garden. I spurted my cum as she approached. Cumming with Mom so close by is so great!

Sometimes she walked by, I patted her now-flat little bottom and we smiled at each other in memory of past-time pleasures when we would sit next to each other on the couch... In those days, when she was in her 70s and I was in my 40s, there were times when she visited and we were alone, and we would sit on the couch, perhaps watching TV, me in my underwear and her in her pajamas or nightgown.

I would insert my very well lubed finger up past her anus until it was firmly buried all the way inside her little wrinkled wriggling bottom as she played with herself in front. Of course I would be erect from start to finish, either tenting out my underwear or (after a few minutes) with my pants pulled down, dick bobbing up in the air in my excitement. She would take glances down at my dick sticking up while she diddled herself and whimpered, squirming her bottom on my finger.

I always loved how when she was almost ready to come she would look up at me sweetly, her lips open inviting a kiss from her son, and then as I kissed her she would moan deeply and reach out urgently (at the last minute) with her skinny little fingers, grabbing at my pulsating dick. And she would come -- her anus contracting around my finger while by this time I was moaning too and whimpering like a baby as I spurted into the air. Beautiful memories.

Spring 2014
Dream come true: I recently posted (again) a video with a photo of my sweet mother Beth's face. It's from over 50 years ago when she was about 30. The video shows me cumming on (the photo of) her face recently, while confessing: "THIS is what I think of you," and then my cum shoots out. "Yeah [spurt], Mom [spurt]," I say, spurting more out onto her lovely face as I moan softly for her, still my dear mommy!

* * * *

Cumulative views of my wife Ann's videos just on xHamster: over 1.5 million (1 million here plus 1/2 million views of a repost of her masturbating)

If only 1/1000 views results in a person masturbating, that still means 1500 people have cum looking at my wife naked.

She knows these videos are here but I think she forgets sometimes. She is really very prudish. So when I tell her this statistic, I think she will be very embarrassed! But impressed. I bet I will have to do a lot of ass-licking to make up for it... literally, licking that lovely big ass. Aw heck...

* * * *

I am just an average guy in most ways, but in one way I am unusual. Not in being into my mother -- lots of guys on here are. But I am very proud that I am just about the ONLY man on this site who has ever actually posted clips of myself jerking off with sound showing that it is for my mother. You can hear me calling out to her, "Mommy, here...oh mom, that's good... watch me cum for you... look mommy, look! look mommy, look ..." or "This... is what I think of you. Yeah, Mom, there, Mom, aaah." as my cum shoots out. I feel very happy about that and proud that I had the nerve to do it.


After Thanksgiving... dick is sticking up and throbbing; I've been thinking of my over-80 Mom Beth licking my ass and of fucking her sweet old face until she drinks down all my cum. Loved her since I was a baby, of course, sucking the milk from her little titties, but for decades now my thrill is to truly possess her. Here comes my semen...

A typical recent evening...
I am not interested usually in seeing videos of women getting their faces sprayed with cum, nor in doing that myself, but if the women look a bit like my mom Beth used to look, then I love it. Especially when these women are face fucked first (because that is how I love best to think of my sweet mother's face) or in the rare video where the guy is younger and she licks his asshole. I do remember showing my naked ass to my mother when I was A WHOLE LOT younger... and she had the vaseline ready and treated me lovingly. When I was in my teens, I loved to masturbate by rubbing against the bed with my butt up and thinking of mommy watching my bottom bounce as I fucked the bed. Best of all, though, is thinking of unloading in Mommy's soft warm mouth back then and her working hard to swallow all the cum, gulping it all down her throat for her boy. All these things make me think longingly of my sweet mom, now so old but still so sweet, remembering the past and looking forward to next time I see Beth and her very presence will make me hard like a boy for her.

I have been very hard for quite awhile tonight and now I will shoot a lot of cum thinking of my mommy! Look, Mommy! All for you!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
See my blog posts...
For example, here are edited excerpts from: My wife vs my mother"
Who I prefer thinking of:
[note: my wife Ann is in her mid 50s, my mother Beth is in her 80s]

I love to suck on my wife Ann's big motherly breasts!

As my mother sucks me, my cum spurts down her throat

My real mother Beth lies flat on her belly while I gently but thoroughly sodomize her in her skinny old bottom

My wife looks down at me lovingly as she rides me, her breasts swaying

I gently face-fuck my mother Beth and then cum on her face

I am a devoted husband -- and a shameless mama's boy (as you can see from many of my latest clips, my blog posts, etc.)...

More than any other woman, I most enjoy thinking of my wife Ann, whom I happily call my cunt. This is my dear Ann:
Of course there are several pictures and videos of her to the right!

Although many of my last posts have not been about Ann -- she is too busy for videos and photos -- she is my darling and my ideal. So please be sure to click "See All Videos" so you see my posts of her.

Whenever I wish I can lick my wife Ann's big soft sexy ass until she cums. Ann is such a good, easy to please cunt!

Maybe this is the best: hearing Ann moan while we are deep tongue kissing -- as I grunt and cum in her cunt.

real normal middle-aged women like my wife Ann -- with a natural body with hair (like a real mammal!); a middle-aged mother with a few stretch marks from having a baby, with large breasts that have given milk and now hang down onto her soft belly on which I sometimes lie and I suck as she looks down with her beautiful smile... with a cute butt that I can bury my tongue in deeply until she moans and comes. There is nothing as lovely as a woman having a real orgasm or orgasms.

I have been very pleased to expose to the whole wide world the motherly body of my 52 year old wife Ann, who is so very body-shy in normal life but but was surprisingly okay with my showing her naked body off to so many people.

I am here sharing only her body with you, so I will not praise her extraordinary goodness, integrity and kindness, nor write of our love, but will just say this: Ann's body is my delight, my playground and my comfort. Please share my pleasure in her pendulous breasts, soft belly, strong legs, shapely ass and sweet natural cunt. I'm only sorry I can't show you her face.

WONDERFUL TRUE MEMORIES (sort of in chronological order!):

* of watching my little mother naked as she dressed and bathed when I was in my early teens and she was in her 40s: her short slim small-breasted body inspired my young teen erections and decades of ejaculations since;

* the 1970s: most girls and young women I knew did not wear bras, so women's and girls' breasts were jiggling everywhere; swimming often as not meant skinny-dipping; and nobody had heard of the silly idea of shaving off your pubic hair.

* of young women I have loved who had cute little titties and big sweet bottoms;

* especially: my wonderful old girlfriend Nancy, who loved sex and would come a half dozen times crying out loudly as I fucked her up her big ass -- I loved feeling and hearing her orgasms while I was in her ass;

* of sucking sweet milk from the large sweet breasts of my wife when she was younger and lactating;

* of "the usual": my wife on her belly, her bottom pried open for my tongue to go deep in her ass until she comes, and then she sticks her bottom up and I fuck her in this her favorite position until I come in her cunt;

* of looking up at my wife adoringly as she rides me until I come up inside her with her sweet breasts dangling in my face;

* of sucking contendedly at my wife's breasts until we both fall asleep.

* My favorite fantasies by far are actually of my wife. Most of the times I come are either in her or thinking of her.

* Next favorite is mother-son sex (see my blog for more of that). I get hard thinking about my own mom every day or two and release my come in honor of her once or twice every week. There is nothing like the love of a mother; a mom should love her son enough to suck his dick and ingest his cum, to be penetrated by his erect penis and accept his urgent thrusts into her body and lovingly absorb his pumped cum in her vagina.

* And I do love to think of Ann's sexy close friend Sharee. For years I have liked to think of her watching me jerk off while I am watching porn -- she once suggested we watch some together. And I love to think of seeing her naked. She is really smart and unconventional, both impulsive and reticent, with (usually) a pageboy haircut, little breasts, rather thick legs, and a beautiful, big sexy ass. (a bit like this:
I would never fuck her, but I would love to lick her all over and that beautiful ass would end up really really clean when I was done and she had come.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my posts!
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About the password: there is just one gallery and one video that is password-protected. I'm really sorry, the gallery shows photos of our faces, so I only posted them to show my mom and maybe one or two real life personal friends. The protected clip also contains one of those photos of us superimposed on the video; but otherwise the video itself is not really us. It is 2:59-3:15 from http://xhamster.com/movies/3706551/orgasmustraeume.html and shows kinda how it was when we used to fuck her when she was younger.
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