One Fantastic Ride.

I was looking through my wallet, doing a bit of house cleaning and saw a business card of a woman I will always remember fondly with very happy emotions. It took me back to a day I was walking down the road. My car went on the fritz. Not concerned about a ride, as the weather was nice, I just enjoyed the fresh air and the exercise. I then heard a car pull up and it was a new SUV with a very attractive woman in her late forty's, early fifty's, Much along the lines of Raquel Welch or Angie Dickinson. She offered me a ride, I climbed in. My shirt was unbuttoned, from the heat of the hot sun, my chest was moist and glistening with the beads of sweat.
I guess something in scent of my pheromones set her off, because she smiled a sexy yearning and hungry smile as she handed me a towel from her gym bag to wipe off with. She said she was on her way home from a work out herself. Her sexy female scent, still in the towel also sent me into a trance, stirring up male emotions, I could feel down in my jeans which made my straining zipper, start to show a bulge from my erection. Her full and sexy lips, formed a smile on her face, that told me she was enjoying my company.
After a bit, rain clouds came in and the sudden down pour made her feel she needed to pull off the road because visibility was getting bad. Looking to the west, I could see it was going to be a lingering storm. We both retreated to the back onto an air mattress she had because of long overnight trips she said she would make. As I looked into her seductive eyes, and our mutual physical horny urges took control. Before I knew it, we were holding each other close, feeling our body's melting together. Her large full breasts, pressed against my chest. They had to be double D or E cup because as I held her close, they completely filled the front of my chest. As I reached between us, I began to squeeze and massage her chest through the thin damp shiny material of her Lyra leotard.
The moistness and scent of the lingering sweat between her breasts underneath her top and left in the towel, seem to reemerge as I began to rub my face all around her full breasts. My hand could only cover the sexy darkness of her aureoles and her nipples as they poked through the material. I had always had a bit of a cloths and material fetish so this helped stir the erotic feelings and urges in my jeans. As we kissed passionately, the feeling of our lips together and arms wrapped around each other made the rest of the afternoon was the most incredible sexual experience of my young life. Her full Plus size body was very soft and yet firm in all the right places. The sound of our body's slapping together, was similar to the jiggling of a water balloon as the air bubbles flow inside it. The wetter she got, the harder I got and the harder I got, the easier it was to plunge deeper into her welcoming pussy opening. I could feel her mature, sensual woman juices exploding and shooting all around my shaft as I buried myself deeper into her now soaking wet pussy. The matress pad and the mattress had become soaking wet as our from the juices our sexual passions had created. Still, her female juices flowed more and more as our fucking became stronger and more intense.
Finally, as both of our sexual peeks got nearer, our body's went into massive convulsions and cramping as our orgasms came together and exploded like a couple of male rams on a hillside.
I fell on top of her and she held me in her arms like a new mother would hold close, nursing her new born infant.
Her name was Sharon and when the rain cleared up she dropped me off at the next gas station. I called a cab and she gave me her business card which I held in my hand as the beads of sweat from my forehead fell on it, sealing the fact that hopefully we would meet again, but next time in a comfortable, king size bed, covered with silk sheets, where our passions and sexual energy, once again, can be realized and we will return together and again have one fantastic ride.
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