Massaging my Stepdaughter when she was 14...

Sara used to love coming into the living room and putting her feet in my lap to rub. This became quite a tradition and it wasn't long before it aroused me with her cute feet in my lap. As I massaged her feet I would feel them rubbing my soft cock and sometimes it would grow hard. She never said anything about it, but would sometimes move them off my cock, but still want them rubbed.

She would then want her legs rubbed, thighs rubbed, both her arms and hands, and then her back laying on the floor. After she turned 15, I was massaging her back on the floor and reaching down both sides toward her well-developed breasts and when she turned over and sat up her nipples were rock hard which she covered and smiled. One day coming home for lunch she was laying in the backyard tanning in her skimpy bikini and came inside to ask me something. Being a little droggy after falling asl**p outside her top slipped off one of your breasts and her gorgeous red nipple stood out. I was getting hard, but had to leave back to work. Starting at an early age of 11 until she was 15 she loved to play a game with me we called chase. I would be a werewolf and she was a vampire and I'd chase her around the house trying to catch her. One day she ran into my bedroom and across the bed where I caught her on her back. Her breasts were exposed for a brief moment, but she just covered it up and never said anything about it.

During these developing years I had the opportunity to peek on her in the bathroom and her bedroom through door cracks and would watch her rubbing her breasts looking in the mirror and her tiny slitted pussy lips when she had her legs together in the front of the mirror. One day I was watching her sitting on the toilet stool and she picked up each tit and sucked on her own nipples I though I would explode with cum. Seeing her do that to herself told me she had started masterbating so I looked for her vibrator when she wasn't home and found two. The first one was a vibrating egg which she would insert into her pussy and turn it on and the other was a dildo with two tips. One for her pussy and the other to rub her clit. Read my other story to see when I had the chance to touch her and finger her pussy. I always wondered if she loved being turned on by me massaging her and if she loved teasing me leaving dirty wet panties and thongs on her floor for me to find and if she knew I played with her while she was passed out....What's your thoughts girls and Dad's?
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10 months ago
I was glad I had the chance to be both of my step daughter's teacher.
2 years ago
I've been spying on my step since she was 18. She is 25 now. I want to make love to het sooooo bad.
2 years ago
I love dads and there stepdaughter sex. I love reading your stores. It gets my cock hard and I stroke my cock as I read it. You are very lucky...MMMMMMM..5/5
2 years ago
Nice, will look for your other stories
2 years ago
more & take it all the way
2 years ago
Excellent story
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very hot
2 years ago
Great story. :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
Not bad. What else??????