[This account is purely fictional. It describes a fantasy. Contains scenes of a sexual nature, coarse language and some scenes of v******e. You were warned].

I had prepared some pasta and shrimp. My wife Andrea had bought many bottles of red Italian wine and some cognac. We didn’t think dessert was necessary since Andrea and I with our guests usually provided a type of dessert I hope you will find ..let us say …original.
Roger and his wife Lucy arrived on time. Roger, like me, was in his usual white shirt, tie and black cotton trousers. Lucy wore a simple thin cotton dress. It was somehow held up by thin straps and fell in front of her like a dr**e hanging from her large tits. One could see the narrow outline of a thong already bunched up in her asscrack. She wore her black hair up in a bun. Andrea wore a pink blouse and a black mini skirt barely covering her wide asscheeks. I had grabbed her ass a few minutes before in the kitchen and noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her blonde hair had been trimmed recently but it still touched the top of her shoulders.
“Evening Richard..always so handsome”, shrieked Lucy as she arrived with Roger in tow.
“Watch it..whore”, cried Andrea, “I’ll rip your eyes out if you make a pass at Richard.
“Suck my cock Andrea”, Roger interjected.
“Oh …Roger…get Richard to suck your cock”, shrieked Lucy once again.
Richard and I already showed bulges in the front of our trousers. I unzipped and pulled out my cock. Roger did the same. Both of us wrapped our fingers around our hard cock and moved towards each other stroking slowly. Andrea quickly stepped between us.
“Boys…boys…come on…put them back”, cried Andrea
“Oh Andrea…you’re such a bore”, said Lucy, pushing her husband towards me, “Let them tangle”.
“Come on Roger…suck my wood”, I said.
“You suck mine…you’ve been dying for it”, replied Roger waving his hard cock.
“Hey…guys…let’s have dinner..come on…break it up”, said Andrea firmly as she pushed me towards the kitchen.
Lucy grabbed Andrea’s hair and slapped her. Andrea slapped Lucy back. Roger and I stepped in the middle and calmed both women down. It looked like a promising dinner party.


We ate our meal slowly and drank heavily. Three bottles of wine later, we were still chatting about work, travel, food and such topics. The dinner table was out in our large living room.
Suddenly Lucy, who was sitting across from Andrea, cried out:
“’re dressed like a whore”.
“And you’re dressed like a bull dyke”, sneered Andrea.
“She is a bull dyke, isn’t she ?”, I calmly asked Roger.
“The only thing I know is that she prefers it in the ass”, answered Roger.
“You want to be my bitch, don’t you”, Lucy said to Andrea
“She deserves a good spanking for suggesting that ”, replied Andrea, “doesn’t she honey ?”.
“Are you woman enough to give her a spanking ?”, I answered, watching Roger’s bulge getting larger.
“What do you think Roger ?”, I asked, “ Andrea and Lucy…who would win ?”.
“I don’t know Richard, I really don’t know …if push came to shove…”, Roger’s voice trailed.
Andrea got up, put her hand in Lucy’s hair and pushed her face in her plate. Lucy raised her head slowly, wet pasta dripping from her mouth and nose, and gave Andrea a killer look. She took a handful of pasta from the serving dish and threw it as Andrea. The pasta splattered all over her my wife’s face and the front of her dress, dripping unto her lap.
Roger and I retreated to the other end of the table and quickly took off our tie, shoes and shirt. We were about to strip off our trousers when Andrea, who had walked around the table, reached Lucy. We suspended our strip and watched the women engage in a hair-pulling stand-up confrontation. They were half-covered in pasta but they didn’t seem to mind. We managed to get stark naked by the time they both fell to the floor, shrieking and cursing at each other. We walked over to the catfight. Roger managed to reach under his wife’s dress and pull off her thong. Andrea took advantage of the move to lift Lucy’s dress from behind and push it over her waist. Lucy’s rather large ass was staring Roger and I in the face. Andrea turned to face us and put one arm around Lucy’s large waist and started to spank her ass. SLAP…SLAP…SLAP…resounded in our living room. Lucy was in trouble allright but she was in perfect position to apply the same medicine to Andrea. She raked her nails over Andrea’s ass and began to smack her with all her strength. The two women spanked each other that way for minutes, the large asscheeks bouncing at every slap and getting redder and redder.
Roger and I circled the women and our hard cocks moved up and down with every step.
“Rip the butch’s cunt off”, I screamed at Andrea.
“Bite the whore’s tits off “, Roger shouted at Lucy.
The two women stopped their smacking and began a hairpulling rolling-on-the-floor brawl like you see in westerns. Andrea grabbed the front of Lucy’s dress and pulled hard. Lucy’s dress split in two and she was naked.
“Oh you fucking dyke”, cried Lucy, in turn pulling the top of Andrea’s blouse and tearing it off, white buttons flying all over the floor.
Roger intervened and slipped off my wife’s black miniskirt from behind.
Our wives were naked and resumed their fight. They kicked and punched each other. Andrea pulled on a strand of Lucy’s hair off. Lucy shrieked.
Roger tackled me and we both fell on the floor throwing punches and cursing at each other.
The wives stopped for a minute and watched us fighting. Roger squeezed my left tit hard but I moved towards his legs and sank my teeth into his asscheek. Lucy and Andrea fell in a furry ball next to us, fighting like two cats. I managed to get on top of Roger’s back and wrapped my arms around him.
“Fuck him”, cried my wife.
Lucy took advantage of my wife’s distraction and got on top of her.
“You butch..get off me”, cried Andrea.
Lucy mounted Andrea muff to muff. Roger and I looked at the two women fucking. Roger opened his legs and moved his ass up. I easily slipped my hard cock inside him. I began to fuck Roger.
Roger inched his way towards the women and I followed him without breaking contact. Lucy was in control and the two women were moving their hips in unison. They were sucking their bigs tits as they were fucking. Roger made a motion with his chin towards his wife.
“Ok..” , I said, “Go for it”.
I pulled out of him long enough to let him move behind Lucy and put his cock in her ass. When I saw they were connected, I slipped my rod again inside Roger. We managed to have this communal fuck for about 5 minutes.
I think Roger was the first to come or maybe it was Andrea. In any case, I came last filling up Roger as I had often done. The two women were wimpering and kept rubbing their wet cunts together slowly. I think Andrea peed a bit or maybe it was Lucy. Roger and I disengaged. Both our cocks were dripping. We walked together to the bathroom to clean up and relieve our bladder.
Lucy and Andrea rolled off each other. They were a mess.
“That went well”, whispered Lucy. “ did”, replied Andrea catching her breath.
“Let’s go in and surprise them”, said Lucy with a sheepish grin. “Yeah..I wanna watch”, replied my wife.

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