The Crickets (gay male)


Adrian rather enjoyed those parties, the ones his father threw on occasion, at their summer home. Adrian’s father was Lord Atherton and he knew just about everyone or, shall we say, everyone wanted to know him. Adrian enjoyed the parties because they were somewhat decadent, at least to him and his father, most of the guests ignoring the best of what went on during the party. But I shall try to give you a glimpse of the action without revealing everything right away.
Adrian and his father were very close. The Lord’s wife had passed away many years ago and the two men had much in common, especially since Adrian had graduated from university and had joined a firm of barristers, the same one his father had worked for in his youth. Actually they had much more in common than most people thought. Lord A, as he was called, had a large social circle made up mostly of men ranging from Adrian’s age to his own- he was in his early 50s- and even older. The country home was surrounded by large gardens and an even larger forest, enclosed by high stone walls which kept stray a****ls and strangers away. Since both men liked walking in the forest at night, they had devised a way to communicate, even in the dark. During his many trips abroad, Lord A had bought some small metal gadgets which had been used during the war by spies or other soldiers. They could fit in one’s pocket and produced a “cricket” noise when squeezed a certain way. The men simply called them “crickets”. Both Lord A and Adrian had given some to special friends.
This particular party was mainly attended by London barristers, lawyers and notaries. There was much to drink and conversations were getting quite loud. An hour into the party, Adrian had noticed a young man he didn’t know. He found him quite handsome. After asking his father, Adrian found out the young man’s name was Charles Hunter and that he was an understudy at a notarial firm. Charles was well-dressed, tall and wore his hair to the side which gave him an intellectual look. Adrian himself was quite attractive and rather on the slim side. He favoured older clothes, silk and canes. He thought of himself as a bit of a dandy. Adrian and Charles observed each other from a distance. Charles seemed shy since he didn’t know very many people. Adrian joined one conversation then another while keeping an eye on Charles’s whereabouts. Since his son’s inquiry, Lord A had watched the little dance between Adrian and Charles. Adrian caught his father’s eye. Lord A used the excuse of filling up his glass to accost Charles in a friendly fashion. Adrian watched as his father gave Charles a small object which he placed in his pocket after instructions were whispered by Lord A in the young man’s ear. Charles was blushing but he took a sip of port and licked his lips while staring at Adrian. Adrian licked his own lips and smiled. They had connected and Adrian felt his cock stiffen.
“Father, I am going for a short walk”, Adrian announced, “It’s getting quite stuffy and smoky in here”.
“Of course, Adrian, you are quite right”, replied Lord A, “I may do just that myself later”, he added with a wink.
Adrian took his cane and walked out the door leading into the gardens. He strolled past the edges and the Venetian marble statue of Poseidon. He reached the edge of the garden without turning around and entered the small forest through a path. Even though it was pitch black, the path was obvious to those who knew the lay of the land. Adrian walked for a few minutes then stepped into the forest itself, pushing a few branches out of the way and rested against a large tree. He reached in his pocket and pressed his noise-maker. “Crickettttttt…Crickettttt….”. He waited in silence and tried it again. ““Crickettttttt…Crickettttt….”. Nothing. The forest was silent except for the cry of an owl. Then he thought he heard something. He listened more carefully. “Crickettttttt…Crickettttt….”. Yes…the sound was very close but muffled. He made his sound again. Someone close by responded. He saw a shadow. He moved in front of the tree and deliberately stepped on some twigs. “Crickettttttt…Crickettttt….” he sounded off again. The shadow in the path turned and walked towards the tree. Adrian dropped his cane. He could hardly make out the dark figure but as soon as the man kissed him, he knew it was Charles. The two young men tongue-kissed for a few minutes, Adrian groping Charles’s ass with both hands through his fine trousers, and Charles putting his hand against Adrian’s crotch feeling the young barrister’s hard rod. The young men broke their kiss and began to unbutton the front of their trousers. Adrian’s cock came out first through his fly, then Charles slipped his out, his trousers falling around his ankles. The men kissed again but this time they also stroked each other’s erect cock . Both cocks had precum beginning to ooze from their slit. Charles dropped to his knees and took Adrian’s cock in his mouth. Adrian closed his eyes as he felt Charles’s hot mouth engulf his manhood. He certainly had done this before. He sucked on the knob, licked the slit and then took it full in until it nearly choked him. Adrian didn’t want to come just yet. He took his cock out of Charles’s mouth and joined the young man on the ground. The two men fumbled for a few minutes pulling off their trousers and taking off their shoes and shirt. The two nearly naked bodies rolled about on the leaves and twigs. Adrian managed to twist around so that he could take Charles’s cock in his mouth while Charles was massaging his lover’s asscheeks. Then they heard the noise. It must have been loud since they were themselves making quite a racket. “Crickettttttt…Crickettttt….” It was fairly close, then from somewhere else…“Crickettttttt…Crickettttt….”. Adrian let Charles’s cock slip out of his mouth and it slapped against his lover’s tummy. He slid next to his lover on his elbows. They stood still for a minute. Adrian looked at the path and saw a figure walking by.
“It’s my father”, Adrian whispered to Charles.
“What is he doing here ?”, asked Charles, “Is he looking for you ?”.
“No he isn’t”, replied Adrian. “He’s meeting someone”.
The boys then saw another figure walking on the path. “Crickettttttt…Crickettttt….”. This last figure walked by them and stepped into the forest about 20 yards past them. The two boys crawled on their hands and knees until they could see both figures meeting in a clearing.
“My father and one of his guests”, whispered Adrian.
The two men were both portly and seemed of the same age. They stood a few feet from each other and began to undress. The boys could see their white flesh in the darkness. They were both naked and began kissing. The two boys looked at each other and grinned. The two older men seemed to be stroking each other’s cock then they kissed again. The taller of the two fell to his knees and began to suck the other man’s cock. The man standing had a larger belly.
“My father is getting his cock sucked”, said Adrian, his voice cracking with excitement.
“Do you think they’ll fuck ?”, asked Charles
Adrian didn’t answer but instead kissed Charles. Both boys were rock hard.
“He’s a top..that I know”, finally answered Adrian. “And so am I”, he added, looking at Charles.
Charles smiled and put Adrian’s fingers on his nipples. Adrian squeezed them lightly and was about to suck on them.
“Let’s watch…we’ll mate later”, said Charles
They continued watching the two older men. Both men were on all fours, their medium-size bellies hanging and their rather large ass in full view. Lord A moved behind his lover and buried his face between the man’s asscheeks. The boys smiled at each other.
“Let’s get closer”, suggested Charles.
“Let’s get next to them”, replied Adrian, “You want to ? “
“Yes…please…I want you inside me…soon”, replied Charles, kissing Adrian on the lips.
The two young lovers finished undressing completely, got on their feet and walked towards the older couple. Adrian’s father stopped his asslicking when he heard someone approaching and the other man looked frightened.
“It’s’s my son”, said Lord A to his lover.
Lord A’s partner’s smiled broadly.
“Adrian is with MY son”, he replied, visibly excited.
“It’s MY father”, cried Charles when the two young men got close enough to see the faces.
“Did you … know “, asked Adrian as they interrupted their naked stroll.
“Of course…he’ll be so happy”, replied Charles with a laugh.
All four men were a few feet from each other. There was an awkward moment. Fathers and sons looked at each other. All had very stiff rods. Charles’s father, another barrister, was tall and had a handsome face. He was taller and thinner than Lord A and Adrian admired his full ass. Roger Hunter, Charles’s father, even made an erotic gesture at Adrian. It was obvious that the Athertons and the Hunters were going to mate, somehow…After a moment of hesitation, the two older men resumed their lovemaking while the two young men began theirs. Lord A resumed his asslicking. Adrian imitated his father and began to lick Charles’s ass. Charles closed his eyes and opened his mouth in pleasure. Lord A and his lover were now getting into position. Lord A held his hard cock in his hand and pushed it into his lover’s ass. The man groaned. Lord A groaned also. The two fathers began to fuck. Adrian wasted no time in preparing Charles’s ass for his rod. His whole body was shaking with excitement as he pushed it all the way in. They also began to chirp and moan as they began their fuck. The two fathers were exchanging dirty talk concerning their sons and that excited them. Lord A suggested the two Hunters had sucked cock. Roger asked which of the Athertons was the bitch. Lord A was pounding his lover whose hard long cock was flapping against his belly. In his excitement Charles knees gave out and Adrian fell on top of him. Adrian slipped out of him as Charles turned around and lay on his back. He lifted his legs up and wrapped them around Adrian’s waist. The two sons began to missionary fuck. This gave them the opportunity to kiss and suck on each other’s erect nipples.
The sons came first. Their mutual scream was muffled by the fact they kissed at the same time. Even Charles came all over his stomach. Instead of resting, the two sons got up, Charles’s load slowly dripping from both bodies, and stood next to their fathers. Charles approached Lord A and waved his cock in front of his face while Adrian did the same with Charles’s father. The two fathers sucked the rods for a few seconds, then Lord A screamed as he filled Roger’s ass with his cum. Roger spurted and Adrian fell on his knees to lap up his seed.
As the four men lay on the damp ground recuperating, they heard a sound..then another one.
“The night is young”, said Lord A, “The night is young”.


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2 years ago
That was an awesome story! Had me hard the entire time!!!
3 years ago
Wonderful story!
3 years ago
This is the first of your stories I have read. If you write like this, I will enjoy reading the rest.
3 years ago
great story, thanks!