Standing at the door was a young blonde, probably my age, in a short summer dress. Her hair was drawn in a pony-tail like mine. I couldn’t see her face much as both her hands covered it.
« Angela…I told you…ohhhhhh », Charlene said , her voice fading.
My aunt put her hand on her mouth and fell on the bed in an uncontrollable fit of laughter.
« Go ahead…laugh », Charlene replied, looking rather cross.
« I’m sooooo sorry, I just forgot », the girl managed to say.
« Well…it’s not like she didn’t know », Melissa said having overcome her laughing spell.
The girl suddenly looked at me as if she had just noticed me.
« Who are you ? », she asked rather quietly.
« Angie…this is my niece Susan… Angie, Charlene’s assistant », Melissa said in a rather formal way.
« You’re Charlene’s …assistant ? », I answered looking at the girl with a big smile.
« Yes I am…and you’re really Melissa’s…niece ? », replied the girl with a smirk.
« Girls…girls…. », cried the two mature women as they got off the bed and moved towards us.
We both motioned them to stay where they were. They had time to get off the bed but remained a few feet away, and I could feel their eyes on us. They didn’t want a catfight.
I realized that I was naked under my skirt and that my blouse was open revealing my small breasts. My hand was still wet from my masturbation session. The whole room smelled of pussy.
I felt Melissa’s hands on my shoulders and felt her naked stomach brush against my ass. Charlene snuck up behind Angie and was massaging her shoulders.
« Be nice », Melissa whispered in my ear, « Angie is one of us ».
Angie and I faced each other. I was quite taken with her round face and her perky nose. She had pointy breasts which made little tents out of the front of her dress.
« I’ll be allright », I said to Melissa turning my head slowly.
« Let them be », Melissa said to Charlene over my shoulder and both women stood a few feet away from us.
« So…you lez ? », Angie asked.
I finished undoing the buttons of my blouse and threw it on the bed and unzipped my skirt which fell in a heap on the floor. I kicked it away. I stood naked.
« Ok… », whispered Angie, as she bent over, took the hem of her dress with both hands, and took it off over her head with one gracious movement. She handed it to Charlene. I stared at Angie’s curly pussy hair which the small triangle of her thong couldn’t cover completely. She took off the thong without breaking eye contact with me.
I don’t know why but I suddenly got onto the carpeted floor on all fours. Angie imitated me without hesitation. I undid my ponytail, and shook my head. My mid-length black hair dropped over my shoulders barely touching them. Angie slipped off her hairband and her blonde hair fell on her back. We began to circle each other. Melissa and Charlene stood over us and watched intently. They were like two women watching their dogs meeting on a sidewalk for the first time. Angie and I brushed against each other. My cheek touched the side of her buttock as I felt her tongue lick mine. I opened my legs as I could feel Angie’s warm breath moving behind me and blowing on my pubic patch. I could hear her sniffing me. I shuddered as I felt the tip of her tongue touching the base of my asscrack and her nose pushing against my engorged pussy lips. I fell on my stomach when she mounted me from behind and felt her hairy mound rubbing against my asscheeks. I heard a muffled cry from the women. I got up and pushed Angie off me with my back. The rest of it remains a bit of a blurr. I heard the women shouting and then laughing. Angie and I tangled on the floor. I remember having her breast in my mouth and feeling her hand cover my bush. Our lips met for a second and I drove my tongue in her mouth. Then I found myself on my back with Angie asscrack against my face and I poked it my tongue smelling her at the same time. Angie’s tongue was already in my cunt hole acting like a piston. Her hips moved so that her hairy little cunt was over my mouth and I held her there with both hands grabbing her asscheeks. We were sucking each other. I heard the women clapping their hands. We rolled and I was suddenly on top. I felt Angie’s tongue on my asshole. I stretched my neck and began to lick hers. Then we both went back to licking cunt. I licked her pisshole and then moved to her clit which I had no trouble finding. I took it between my lips and flicked my tongue over the tip. Angie gave a muffled cry and did the same to me. Neither of us had any intention of breaking off our 69. My loins were on fire as the little blonde sucked on my clit. I felt her cunt lips open against my mouth and juices inundated my face. I had her liquid on my cheeks, my nose, my chin, even in my eyes. The little tart had come in my face. I lapped it all up. Then something broke « down there » and I felt myself squirting – something I never remembered doing. It was like pissing. I squirted all over her face which was pinned between my thighs. When it was over, I rolled off her and we sat up side by side facing each other. Angie’s blonde hair was wet and plastered to her forehead and face. My juices were still dripping from her chin down to her tits. My hair was also somewhat wet but mainly from sweat and I could feel her sticky liquid drying up on my skin. Both our pubic patches were dark wet and dispersed in strands over our mound. Even though we both had a resounding orgasm, we were set to go again. I could feel it in her look.
« You wanna fuck ? », asked Angie.
« Yeah…let’s rub cunts », I answered
Then we began to shout at each other. We were both very excited.
« Come on… », I urged, « show me your clit ».
« Here’s mine », answered Angie, spreading her cunt lips, « Get yours out of its hood ».
I pinched my clit and pushed my pubic hair out of the way. We opened our legs and slid into each other in the scissoring position, holding our clit in place as long as it was possible.
We made contact and I could feel her little knob touching mine. That’s when I saw Melissa hovering over Angie’s body and Charlene’s shadow over mine. I felt my shoulders pinned to the ground by Charlene’s knees as my cunt began to rub against Angie’s. I can’t say what happened next as my face was suddenly covered by Charlene’s blonde muff. It was wet, smelly and tasty. I suspected my aunt was face-sitting my new lover in the same fashion. Charlene squeezed my tits as she moved her cunt against my face. I held out my tongue and it seemed to be enough to make her happy. I coordinated the tongue-lashing of her cunt with the movements of my hips. I could feel Charlene’s upper body bending forward. I was quite sure Melissa and Charlene were kissing over us. I stopped licking Charlene muff for a few seconds as I felt another orgasm building up and concentrated on rubbing my clit against Angie’s. We banged cunts once, twice maybe three times and came hard. Soon after I felt small squirts from Charlene’s cunt crack on my lips and nose and opened my mouth to receive her offering. Then I probably passed out because I woke up with Melissa’s face inches from mine.
« You scared me, you little wench », she said with a worried look.
« I’m ok…I’m ok », I managed to say.
I sat up and saw Charlene cuddling with Angie. Melissa took me in her arms. Our tits mashed together. She kissed me smack on the lips.
« See…that’s what you get for hanging out with your favorite aunt », she said.
« Cool », I answered with a big smile.


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1 year ago
Sensual and well-written. Thanks for sharing
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sensual & erotic
3 years ago
That series was great. Shame it is the last one. Well posted