I always thought my aunt Melissa was so cool. Since I was little, she always brought me gifts, nothing expensive but always something thoughtful, whenever she visited me and my mother. My mother always called her a “spinster” with a short nervous laugh whenever I asked her if aunt Melissa had once been married. She rarely mentioned her. When it was time for me to go to college, I chose a college which was located a short drive from my aunt. She had told me: “Susan, I will always be there for you. College can be rough and, if you want, we can hang out together whenever you like”. It never struck my mother that closeness to my aunt was what motivated my choice of schools. I didn’t remind her. I’m not stunning by any means, but my full body and high cheekbones make me what the guys call “cute”. I have dark hair like my aunt usually in a poney tail. I had had a few teenage flings and breakups and my aunt was always willing to listen. My mother dismissed everything as “puppy love” and “silly”. Melissa was just over 50 and still very attractive although she had put on a few extra pounds recently. She took care of her skin and had her hair done often but I didn’t quite know if the striking jet-black was all that natural. We had a mutual passion: nice clothes. I settled into residence and waited a few weeks before I phoned her. I came over by train on a Friday and was looking forward to spending the weekend with her. That Friday evening she took me out to dinner at a nice French restaurant and we talked, or at least I did, about college, my career plans, Obama’s chances at winning the election, etc.. When we came back to her appartment, I had had a bit to drink and began to confide in her. I’m not going to bore you with the details. In short, I explained that I felt more and more attracted to girls. I gave her examples such as walking into the bathroom as my roommate was showering, spying on a few well-known lesbian couples in my class, and generally keeping my eyes open when female students in skirts were sitting on the grass with their knees up. Melissa listened intently and without interrupting me. When I was finished she asked one question “Did you tell you mother ?”. “Of course not”, I replied. “Good”, was her answer. She didn’t make any comments or suggestions but she assured me we would continue to talk about it over the weekend.
The next morning, I was looking forward to our visit to the many clothing stores which lined the streets of her mid-size and quite wealthy neighborhood. Melissa worked out of her appartment as a French to English translator and copy editor. Even though she had lived there for years, she didn’t know many people in her town. She kept to herself. We went into a few stores and came out empty: too expensive, too large or too small or just too funky.
“Let’s get back to basics and get our teeth into something real”, Melissa said as she pointed to a lingerie store.
“Great”, I replied, “Would love something…sexy”.
We toured the small store under the watchful eye of a lady who appeared to be the owner and seemed to know my aunt. They had nodded and smiled at each other as we entered. We stopped at the thong section.
“ Do you wear these ?”, I whispered to Melissa, a bit embarassed.
“What do you think ? That I wear floppy white undies ? “ , she replied with a laugh.
“Now that’s what I like”, she added, grabbing one which looked more like it was made of dental floss than cotton.
“No way”, I replied, giving her a gentle push with my elbow.
I noticed that the owner was looking at my aunt with a faint smile. Melissa must have noticed it also because she suddenly took me by the arm and walked me over to her.
“Hello Charlene, how are you ?”, Melissa said in a cheerful voice.
“I’m fine … Melissa”, she replied, obviously a little uneasy about the familiarity.
“Charlene, may I introduce my niece Susan”, my aunt said, looking at the lady straight in the eye.
“Oh..your niece ? I didn’t know you had a …niece”, replied the store owner.
“Yes I do. She is attending college nearby and is visiting for the weekend”, Melissa answered separating each word in the sentence.
“Of course…how nice…I just thought…we had plans …during lunch…”, the lady blithered on, her face growing crimson.
I could see the moment was quite uncomfortable except for my aunt who smiled at the lady.
“Nothing is changed Charlene….nothing is changed”, Melissa replied barely touching Charlene’s cheek with her fingers. “We’ll continue our rounds and we can meet at the usual place”, continued my aunt.
I was baffled but tried to keep cool about the whole thing. Melissa put her arm around my waist and led me to the door. As soon as we were on the sidewalk, I couldn’t help turning to my aunt and nearly shouting “What was that all about ?”.
“Walk with me”, answered Melissa calmly. She led me back to the car and we sat inside for a few minutes in silence.
“Listen up”, my aunt began, “You’re a big girl, and, from what you told me last night, getting more…more …aware”, she stuttered. I kept quiet for once and waited for her to continue.
“Charlene…well..Charlene and I have been having…we have…. a thing going “, she managed to spit out. She waited for me to say something but I didn’t.
“It quite secret…she’s married…to a bum but that’s irrelevant …sometimes…once in awhile…on Saturday at noon after she closes up the shop for lunch…we meet in the room over the shop …and …you know…we …WE DO IT ”, she finally spurted out.
“And you are planning to do it…today ?”, I replied…my voice breaking.
“Yes…her husband was home for a few weeks but now he’s off to Europe and …well…we’re both horny”, she replied with a nervous laugh.
“But you have a choice…ok ?….I can drive you back to the appartment or …or you can tag along”, she said blushing but looking at me with a develish smile.
“But what about Charlene ? Will she mind ?”, I asked, barely able to control my voice.
“Don’t worry about Charlene”, Melissa replied, “I’ll handle her. And…this is important…you stay out of it…Promise”, she added.
“I’d like to be there and I promise to just….be there”, I said regaining my composure.
I couldn’t help it. I threw my arms around her neck and kissed her cheek. “I’m so happy for you”, I shrieked.
“Ok..ok…settle down”, Melissa nearly shouted, grabbing my arms and placing them back on my lap.
I looked at my watch. We still had one hour to kill. We decided to go to the wine store and buy a bottle which Melissa put in her bag. We strolled around, both anxious and excited, unable to pay attention to what we had come over here to do which was buy clothes.
When the church bells rang at noon, we were already in the lingerie shop. Charlene locked the door behind us. She led us to the empty room on the second floor. I walked up the stairs behind my aunt and couldn’t help noticing that she had a nice ass.


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