FIELDS OF DESIRE - PART 2 - Shirley vs Gladys

FIELDS OF DESIRE – PART 2 – Shirley vs Gladys
Although she had seen Joyce and Paulette in the field, Shirley had kept quiet about it and had not asked questions although she suspected something was up. Her mind was more on Gladys and Annika. It was pretty obvious the two lesbians had taken advantage of Shirley’s absence to have sex. Shirley had her eye on Annika since day one and, although she was not expecting Annika to be exclusive, she was hurt that the Dutch girl had not slept with her first. Shirley had made a pretty obvious pass the day they met but Annika had brushed her off. Now that runt of a Brit had her hand in the blonde’s panties and it made Shirley purple with rage.
Everyone in the group, even Ritsa, knew why Shirley was so quiet. They expected a blow-up. Both girls had to be very careful. Sex was not a problem but if they got into a fight, it could mean dismissal or court martial.
“So tell me…what it good ?”, Shirley finally asked Annika, after coffee, around the dinner table.
“What was good ?”, innocently answered the Dutch girl
“ Don’t think I’m stupid….fucking with Gladys, you slut”, said Shirley barely holding back from hitting Annika.
“We didn’t fuck….we just had a little sex”, interrupted Gladys from the other end of the table.
“I didn’t ask you”, calmly said the American
“We only used our hands and our mouth”, said Annika blushing slightly
“What else do you have ?”, said Ritsa in her usual manner
Some girls laughed. You never knew if Ritsa wanted to be funny or if she was serious.
“If you want to be clinical….”, began Annika
“I want a clinical answer”, stated Shirley staring at the blonde
“We didn’t rub clit on clit”, said Annika, “so….we didn’t fuck”.
“Gladys ..are you shaved ?”, asked Shirley, in the same tone of voice as if she had asked her if she used toothpaste.
“Yes….you ?”, answered the British girl, who seemed to know where this was going
“Yes”, stated Shirley, getting up and pushing her chair back
Paulette and Ritsa smiled and got up. Annika was biting her lower lip. Joyce didn’t know what was happening.
“What’s up ?”, Joyce whispered into Paulette’s hear.
“Fuck fight”, Paulette answered under her breath
Shirley didn’t want to bring sheets. “Rough and raw”, she called it, as the girls left the German workers in the barracks (they obviously didn’t suspect anything) and walked out of the house towards the barns where the equipment was kept. The sky was clear and the stars gave some good light in this mid-summer evening. Both Shirley and Gladys had left their jacket in the house. Shirley began to undress as soon as the group reached the area behind the barn. Nobody would see them there. She chose Joyce as a coat rack while Gladys handed her pieces of clothing to Annika who didn’t know if it was proper to sob or not in this circumstance.
The fighters were both dark in complexion and hair. They were both in their earlier 30s. The big difference was in height. Shirley was a good four inches taller. On the other hand Gladys seemed stronger in her legs and arms, and her ass was thicker than the American’s. A fuck fight on bare ground could be hard on the ass.
“Drop your drawers, bitch”, hissed Shirley, who was already naked
“My cunt making you wet ? dyke !”, hissed Gladys back
“Don’t get any ideas. You turn me on as much as our tractor. This is a competition”, spit out Shirley.
Gladys made an obscene gesture with her hand and Shirley did also. The other girls had never suspected their colleagues both wanted Annika so badly. Both women massaged their clit slowly to bring it out of its sheath. The fact they were both shaved helped prepare the “terrain”. Gladys rubbed her nipples to make her tits harder. They were much bigger than Shirley’s. The American had long nipples but small conical breasts.
“You’ll need a ladder”, laughed Shirley
“Fuck you”, simply answered Gladys who didn’t seem to be a novice at fuck fighting.
The women present screamed in surprise as Gladys, well aware of her size disadvantage, took a run at Shirley, like a tackling half-back, her head hitting the American’s stomach and bringing her down on her back. Instead of trying to keep the tall girl pinned to the ground, she chose to lift Shirley’s skinny legs and work her face between her opponent’s thighs. Surprised by the attack, Shirley found herself on her ass with Gladys’ mouth slurping with passion at her puffed-up cunt lips. The onlookers cheered for Gladys as Shirley, partially pinned to the ground, was being sucked hard by the British girl. At first Shirley tried to make Gladys let go by wrapping her legs around her neck and twisting her assailant sideways. That didn’t really work since Gladys’ very strong arms and legs maintained her horizontal body position and her contact with Shirley’s cunt. Shirley then reached out and grabbed Gladys by the hair and pulled. The other girls screamed foul and Gladys was f***ed to let go and stand up.
The two lesbians stood and faced each other snarling and yelling insults.
“If you want a catfight bitch, you’ll get one”, yelled Gladys
“I’ll wipe the floor with you, you ugly diesel dyke”, screamed Shirley
Joyce and Ritsa, the two most athletic girls present, quickly stepped between the lesbian rivals and warned them that a fight would get them both into deep trouble with the military.
“A fuck fight leaves no marks”, yelled Paulette, who seemed to have been mixed up in this stuff before.
Joyce suggested that Shirley could get back into the position she was before but that Gladys would get on top and assume the 69 position. The two rivals agreed.
“I’ll suck you dry, you fucker”, Shirley hissed, as she sat on the ground
“ I’ll eat you raw, you asslicker”, answered Gladys who lowered herself on Shirley, head to toe.
While they were getting into position, Paulette reminded both girls that asslicking was permitted but that pissing was not. The other girls laughed.
“You wouldn’t find it funny if someone pissed in YOUR mouth”, said Paulette to the crowd
“It all depends who it is”, said Ritsa, to everyone’s surprise.
“I’ll deal with you later”, said Joyce, snickering.
Shirley and Gladys clamped their mouth on each other’s shaved cunt and formed a naked ball which began to roll about the area behind the barn. Some of the girls got on their knees to watch what was happening. Both lesbians used similar techniques: lapping labia with a flat tongue, pocking the hole with a hard tongue and especially sucking on the clitoris. Both women had a large clitoris. Annika had played with Gladys’ but now she had had a peek at Shirley’s.
“If they both hold out on the suck, and they trib, it will be one hell of a clit fight”, whispered Annika to Paulette.
“Big ?”, asked the French girl
“Huge”, answered Annika with a broad smile.
A few days later, some of the onlookers would comment that, although the girls had taken away all the stops and their technique was impeccable, one could feel that there certainly wasn’t any love or even affection during their sexual frolics. The object was to make the other have an orgasm, and that was it.
Shirley and Gladys were indeed locked together mouth to cunt, heads moving up and down quickly against the other’s crack, hands firmly holding on to the other’s buttocks, pulling the fleshy globes towards them, flattening the labia against their own face. At the same time, fingers were busy between the asscheeks, stroking and even penetrating the hidden puckered hole. The girls were covered in sweat, their hair plastered to their forehead and neck, the smell of perspiration and sex mingling on this warm summer night. The onlookers followed the pair closely but there was no sign, even with all this action, of anyone coming close to an orgasm. One could hear the girls breathing hard, but it was more in effort than in excitement. The naked bodies were darkened by grass stains and dirt.
Suddenly Shirley tapped her opponent on the buttocks with both hands, Gladys did the same in response, and both women let go of the other and rolled away. They remained on their back, a few feet from the other, for 2 or 3 minutes. Their colleagues watched with interest. The 69 fight had given nothing. Everyone knew there was only one solution left.
The girls were a mess. Shirley wiped her nose with her forearm. Their faces glistened with cunt juices mixed with dirt. Shirley went on all fours to find a level spot, sat down with her legs open and waited for Gladys. Paulette helped Gladys get up and take her position in front of the American girl. The two fighters were exhausted and dazed. Neither of them expected such opposition from the other. I would even say a certain respect had settled in, which was not present at the beginning of the fight.
Even with longer legs, Shirley was not really at an advantage in the scissoring position. On the other hand, Gladys had good strong legs and thighs which would be a plus. With the help of Paulette and Joyce, the two rivals moved towards each other, sliding their legs on either side of the other and bringing their Vs together by taking small hops on their butt. Finally the two shaved cunts were nearly touching. The two WACs seem to gain strength suddenly as they quickly got into position and brought their open wet swollen cunt lips together. They held and pulled at each other by the shoulders until the two cunts were flattened together. Then the trick was to move up and down against your opponent but for that you had to raise your lower body from the ground. The women let go of the other’s shoulders, and, supporting themselves with their arms on either side of the body, they lifted their hips and gyrated in such a way that the cunt cracks would rub against each other. Obviously both were very experienced at this and the other girls looked in admiration. It took a lot of energy and one wondered where they were getting it from.
Both women could feel the other’s large engorged clit rub against labia or even loiter at the entrance of the cunt hole. What they were preparing for was a frontal attack, clit against clit. They knew the move had to be quick and brutal. The fuck would last one minute, maybe less. The two lesbians had locked eyes and they mouthed something. The f***e with which they leaped against each other made the onlookers step back and muffle a scream. Gladys cried as she slapped her fleshy cunt against Shirley’s, the taller girl having an advantageous angle on the Brit. One could see from the expression on their face that the clits were bumping together and fighting like two swords.
“”Oh FUCK….FUCK….FUCK”, cried Gladys as her whole body shook. She threw her head backwards and brought it down again, spitting at Shirley. The American, smelling victory, put as much weight as she could against her opponent’s love button and continued to rub.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ….Noooooooooooo….”, screamed Gladys as she continued to sob.
Shirley moved her V away from her opponent’s so that the WACs could see Gladys’ cunt squirting against her own thighs, which she clamped together as if to hide her orgasm. There was no cheering, no applause. The moment was practically solemn. Shirley lay on her back for a few minutes recuperating as Joyce gathered her clothes. She was too dirty to put them on and Paulette wrapped Shirley’s naked dirty body in a large bath towel. Joyce carried her clothes.
There was silence enough to hear the high-pitched moan coming from Gladys who was lying on her side. Then something totally unexpected happened. As she walked by Gladys, Shirley knelt next to her, lifted her head with her hand, and planted a full kiss on her sticky dirty mouth. Then she got up and walked inside the house. Paulette and Annika wrapped a towel around Gladys’ naked body and supported her as she walked slowly to the house.
“I think they are showering together”, announced Annika to the group preparing to go to bed
“I guess they don’t need YOU anymore”, snapped Ritsa, always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
“Well…that’s encouraging for international relations”, laughed Paulette, trying to cheer the atmosphere.
“Speaking of international relations…you and I have promised the workers a fuck tomorrow..remember ?”, claimed Joyce cheerfully
“I haven’t forgotten….Miss Canada….”, answered Paulette lifting her small tits with her hands
“You want to practice under the sheets ?”, purred Joyce
“Mmmmmm….I don’t know….maybe I’ll wait…and make you want me more”, answered the French girl, blowing a kiss.


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5 months ago
Good 2nd part. This one is boiling up nicely!
6 months ago
excellent you describe it exquisitely I could picture it very vividly. and it got me soo hard, made me cum when the two large clits started rubbing together.