Those who have not yet read the first three episodes or get confused with Asian names, here is a summary of the characters. I apologize for the long preamble but it is important in order to understand the rest of the story.
THE FACTORY – a shipping and distribution center for Chinese food all over the US.
JENNY – 40-year old non-Asian factory worker. Attractive but modest closet lesbian doing her coming out. The main character of the story.
NICKIE – Non-Asian lesbian hooker in her 20s. Operating from a rooming house. Jenny paid for sex with her (part 1) and likes her.
LIHUA – Chinese kitchen worker at the factory. Late 20s. Jenny’s initial contact for her fuck with Nickie. Lured Jenny into a shed for lesbian sex. Gave Jenny the go ahead to see Minnie. (Part 2)
MINNIE – Young and attractive Japanese-American secretary to the VP (named Liu) of shipping at the factory. Lipstick lez. Had sex with Jenny in the office but surprised by Liu (but pre-arranged by Minnie and Liu) who threatened to expose Jenny (photos) unless she joined the lesbian ring of the factory. (Part 3).
LIU – VP of shipping. Mid 40s. Minnie works directly for her. One of the leaders of the lesbian ring in the factory.
LAOBAN - or “The Boss”. Chinese lesbian in her early 60s. Runs the large factory although she is rarely seen on the premises.

The Lesbian Ring: There were six factories across the US, each one run by an Asian lesbian. Theirs was run by Laoban and there were 5 others like this one, in 5 other cities like New York and Boston. Promotion inside the company was based on looks, sexual prowess, and to some extend on sexual domination. The favorite girls could be transferred from one factory to another, depending on trades, negotiations or threats between the bosses.

After her talk with Liu and Minnie, Jenny didn’t quite know if she should be worried, ashamed or happy about the situation. The scary part was that the organization had blackmailed her and that her sexual preferences would be all over town if she didn’t cooperate. On the other hand, she didn’t have to pretend anymore, at least with the girls she was close to. The best part was that she would be called upon to engage in lesbian sex with a lot of women, and that pleased her no end. She was becoming more and more of a nymphomaniac, probably because she had been so afraid of her sexuality for so long.
Another improvement in her life was that she was no longer a floor-worker in the factory but had been given the important-sounding position of “liaison officer”. Her colleagues even congratulated her. She had been told what to say.
“I just make sure the work flows well between the two main divisions of the factory and that we are in constant contact with the other factories in the company across the US”, she had memorized after a few hours of practice.
Her white frock had been replaced by a new business suit which fit her like a glove. She had to get an extra one, but that one she had to pay for herself. She had gone shopping with Minnie for the suit and the secretary had taken the opportunity to explain to Jenny what the “ring” was. She was told that she would be working mostly inside this factory but that sometimes she could be called to visit another city. What Minnie told Jenny was that there was fierce competition between the shipping and packaging departments. Jenny knew that but what she didn’t know was that most of the friction (no pun intended) came from affairs between lesbians of the two departments. Jenny would still be identified with the shipping department and would represent it in her assignments.
“Remember when we were in Liu’s office ?”, asked Jenny
“Of course I remember…Are you going to bring that up again ?”, answered Minnie with a sigh.
“No..No..I’m not….but remember I told you how I always watched your ass…”, continued Jenny in a normal voice in the deserted coffee shop.
“Shhhhhhhhhh….”, whispered Minnie, “Don’t talk about my ass in public”.
“Ooops….sorry…I get so excited….well…anyway…you said we could do that later”, gushed Jenny with a wicked smile.
“Here ?”, cried a surprised Minnie
“Well…where do you want to go ?”, asked Jenny turning red with excitement
It was early evening and Minnie suddenly thought of a spot Jenny should know about. She would kill two birds with one stone.
Minnie took Jenny’s arm and led her back to the car. They drove to the older part of town, not far from where Jenny had fucked Nickie. They parked on a short dead-end side-street. They could hear the subway crossing the overpass nearby. The women walked onto a commercial street on which most of the shops were closed. Minnie walked down some stairs into the darkness. After a moment’s hesitation, Jenny followed.
“Hey…Minnie with a friend”, she said as a sliding panel opened in the black dungeon-like door.
The door opened and the women walked into a noisy bar with blue and purple strobe lights criss-crossing the dance floor as if they were going to bomb it. At least 20 women of all ages were either dancing, sitting at the bar or at a table, alone or in groups.
“A dyke bar”, whispered Jenny into Minnie’s ear, “I never thought….”.
“Stay with me. We’re working”, shouted Minnie over the music.
“When you are told to go to “Marly’s”, you come here”, she continued, “I’ll give you directions when we get back to the office”. Both women sat at one of the tables near the bar.
Once Minnie’s eyes adjusted to the strange lighting, she nodded to a woman at the far end of the sitting area. The middle-age woman was accompanied by a few young Asian girls.
“Who’s that ?”, asked Jenny
“Oh… that’s Marlene. She owns this club and a few shady backroom businesses”, answered Minnie, at first rather nonchalantly, but then her eyes light up.
“Actually it’s a great coincidence that you are here and that she is here also”, continued Minnie.
“What does she have to do with me ?, asked Jenny
“I’ll explain later. Just do as I tell you without asking questions”, blurted Minnie, as she got up and took Jenny by the arm.
Marlene was in her early 50s, born and raised in this city, and had been a showgirl and a club entertainer. She always bragged that she had sung a duet with Frank Sinatra. The round-face blonde was rather attractive under the make-up and still maintained a great figure. She was discreet on the street but there was no question that she was a lesbian through and through. When she turned an old run-down bar into Marly’s, then everyone knew.
“Hi Marlene…I just wanted you to meet my friend Jenny”, said Minnie
“Glad to meet you Jenny”, said Marlene as she got up and shook hands, her blue eyes looking over this new find.
“Actually Jenny and I were here for a little privacy…you know…but I’m sure we’ll see you later”, quickly blurted Minnie, as she walked away with Jenny towards the ladies room before Marlene had a chance to answer.
“Do you still want my ass ?”, asked Minnie
“Of course I do”, answered Jenny, grabbing Minnie’s asscheek
“Hey !...people are watching”, complained Minnie
“It’s a dyke bar…for Christ’s sake”, snapped Jenny
The two lesbians walked past the bar and took the hallway next to it which led to the back alley exit. Halfway down the hall was the ladies room. The bathroom was large, clean and had six stalls and washbasins. It smelled of detergent.
Two women were kissing in front of one of the washbasins. One could have been the other’s mother. They stopped kissing to look at the intruders.
“Could we have some privacy ?”, asked the older one in a Brooklyn accent
“She wants to eat my ass…what can I do ? ”, answered Minnie laughing
Minnie let Jenny into a stall and closed the door. The door was about a foot off the floor so it didn’t completely isolate the user. Jenny pushed Minnie against the side wall and f***ed a kiss on her. Minnie fought back mainly to excite her partner. They kissed passionately, licking each other’s face. Jenny was horny after all this talk.
“You want….my …ass ?”, managed to ask Minnie between kisses
Jenny was tired of talking. She reached under Minnie’s tight skirt and tugged on her panties untilr they were halfway down her thighs. The Japanese lesbian took them off completely and put them in her bag. She put her hands against the stall’s wall and spread her legs as if she was expecting to be searched. Jenny had changed back into her skirt and blouse since the purchase at the store. The mature woman knelt behind Minnie and admired the secretary’s ass which was staring her in the face. In a way she found it more attractive when it was covered with a skirt but now was her opportunity to satisfy her craving for naked female flesh. She closed her eyes, opened up Minnie’s ass crack with her hands, and plunged face first between the fleshy but firm globes. Minnie moaned when she felt Jenny’s tongue penetrate her puckered hole. Jenny slid her right hand between Minnie’s thighs and began to rub her furry cunt. Jenny was going to town on the ass which had always made her wet. She tongue-fucked it, rimmed it and licked it. Minnie’s slit was dripping and her pubic patch completely wet, sticking to her belly and the inside of her thighs.
When the two kissing lesbians at the entrance heard the “Make me come baby” from Minnie, they decided to get an eyeful. They went into the stall adjacent to the action, climbed on the toilet and peeked over the wall. Minnie loved to be watched and Jenny was so involved with her licking that she didn’t even notice the two voyeurs.
Minnie smiled when she heard someone playing with the latch of the stall. The door opened and Marlene stepped in. She wore tight blue cotton trousers and a black satin blouse tied in a knot just under her boobs.
“Go and make sure no one comes in”, she said to the two women watching from the next stall.
Jenny, who had been kneeling behind Minnie all this time, got up and wiped her mouth with her hand.
“You’re a hungry girl..aren’t you”, asked Marlene,
“You can say that”, answered Jenny hesitantly
“I’m pretty hungry myself right now”, said Marlene as she stepped closer to Jenny, undoing the knot of her blouse and liberating her tanned tits. Half-naked Minnie turned around and faced the couple.
“There’s a price to pay”, stated Minnie looking at Marlene straight in the eye
“What is it ?”, asked the club girl, not sounding very surprised
“Information on and especially pictures of the other groups.. we could use that”, said Minnie firmly.
“So she’s with Liu also ?”, asked Marlene
“Yes ..she is..but she’s new”, answered Minnie
While the negotiations between Marlene and Minnie were going on in the stall, Jenny had stepped out and began to undress. She was new but not stupid. She knew Minnie was offering her to Marlene. By the time the blonde walked out of the stall, Jenny was only in her panties.
“You’re a sweetie”, purred Marlene as she took a near-naked Jenny in her arms, running her hands over her tits and ass.
“Get naked and let’s go at it”, invited Jenny, much to Minnie’s satisfaction.
The blonde gave her blouse to Minnie, and wiggled out of her slacks. She never wore underwear. She was always ready. The bar owner had had sex recently, thought Minnie. The inside of Marlene’s thighs and her blonde bush did seem wet and shiny. Jenny snorted as she took her new lover in her arms, excited by the smell of half-dried cunt juices. Marlene was a bit taller and bigger than Jenny but the factory employee was athletic. The two naked lesbians hugged each other, kissing and grabbing whatever flesh was within reach. Jenny slowly pulled her lover down on the fake marble floor. The women obviously were very eager to taste each other’s puffed up cunt lips and wet crack. Marlene pivoted, her fleshy asscheeks jiggling like jello, and got into 69 with her lover. She lowered her wet cunt on Jenny’s face and moved her body so that she could feast on Jenny’s clam. Hips and heads were moving in unison.
When Minnie saw that both women were engaged in a lick-fest they would not interrupt, she waved to the woman at the door who shouted something to her partner. At least a dozen women hurried into the ladies’ room to watch Marlene have sex with the newcomer. Minnie had not bothered putting her panties back on and was the other center of attention.
Jenny was now on top as the two lesbians rolled about, continuing to lick and grab ass. They rolled on their side as both lifted their head to gasp for air before they plunged their tongue once again in the furry triangle in front of them. It was Jenny who seemed to have started extending her neck and reaching for Marlene’s ass with her tongue. Marlene soon followed suit and for a few minutes, both women licked the other’s ass. Jenny was sure a fast-learner, Minnie thought to herself. After only a few partners, the mature closet lez was meeting with the best of them lick for lick.
The crowd around them was growing and couples were forming mainly to kiss and grope, excited by the mass of female flesh on the floor. Nobody wanted to miss the action. A young black girl caught Minnie’s eye and after exchanging smiles, joined her in a stall. The two lesbians knew each other.
“Where’s your girlfriend ?”, asked Minnie, somewhat on the defensive
“She’s away for the week”, answered the black doll with a devilish smile as the two women put their arms around each other’s neck and kissed. The last thing Minnie wanted was to get into a fistfight with a butch.
“Just do me”, whimpered Minnie whose orgasm with Jenny had been interrupted by Marlene.
The Japanese girl and the little black dyke roughly grabbed each other’s snatch and began to rub. Both had been in this situation before, many times as a matter of fact, when a quick one was needed and only a stall was available. They couldn’t count how many bar or store pickups had ended up in the ladies room, hands inside panties and quick orgasms. Clothing rearranged and new lipstick put back on and both women could walk out of the ladies without anyone suspecting they had had sex.
During that time, Jenny and Marlene continued to eat each other like there was no tomorrow. The crowd appreciated every minute of it, especially since few had seen Marlene naked, let alone having sex. Just before Minnie and her black friend came out of the stall, Jenny and Marlene screamed their orgasm. Minnie hurried to find her friend and colleague.
“ was it ?”, asked the Japanese secretary.
“Nice…hot…wow…she’s hot”, answered Jenny, trying to catch her breath, her face and hair covered with juices.
Minnie looked up at Marlene, already surrounded by her groupies from the bar.
“She has a mouth like a vacuum cleaner”, commented the buxom blonde.
“Next time we’ll rub cunts”, cried Jenny over Minnie’s shoulder
“I can’t wait to cum inside your hole”, answered the club owner
“Do we have a deal ?”, asked Minnie, who was never far from her business interest.
“Yeah…you bet….we have a deal”, said Marlene with a smile.


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