The Fruit Flies (a gay and lesbian tale)

THE FRUIT FLIES (a gay and lesbian tale)
This story takes place in Paris in the mid-1920s. A “fruit fly” is another word, more polite, for “fag hag”.
Leonora had been waiting 20 minutes for her friend but she remembered Brigitte was always late. Actually Leonora didn’t mind waiting in this posh café which her French friend had suggested. Paris was always as exciting as she remembered it. Well-dressed young people walking around, the fashions which were getting simply just…well…I mean…so butch..what they called “garçonne” here. Leonora was more conservative and had chosen a tweed skirt and a white blouse. And now men with men, women with women, all was so permissive in Paris. It was also common in London where Leonora lived, but it was still happening behind closed doors.
The two women had met in the Louvre art school some years ago and had remained friends, actually more than friends at times, but nothing serious since they were both attracted to lesbians and gay men. They were both into kinky sex, spanking, catfighting, watersports and, of course, voyeurism. Leonora had moved back to London where she worked in a design studio while Brigitte had continued at the Art School, but this time as a teacher.
Leonora finally saw her French friend, waving to her as she crossed the street. She didn’t expect her to have changed since the two women saw each other many times a year. Brigitte still wore her hair up which gave her a sexy look, with those blonde curls bouncing off her face and neck.
“Bonjour….my beautiful Leonora”, cried Brigitte
“Come here ….sweetheart…and kiss me”, squealed Leonora as she embraced her friend.
The two women gave each other little kisses on both cheeks and one final one on the mouth.
“Oh you are so …, how do you say, so proper in your dress”, laughed the French woman who wore a straight dress with a very thin and loose belt and no bra.
“We can’t all be “modern””, answered Leonora blushing.
“So ?....So ?...Tell me ?...Did you bring him ?”, asked Brigitte nearly out of breath.
“Oh you mean Nigel ?”, asked the British friend
“Mais oui”, screamed Brigitte, “Who else ?”.
“He is staying at a hotel…one which I can’t afford”, answered Leonora rolling her eyes.
“So…is it one where we can…? ”, began Brigitte
“No…no…I think he would not like that…He goes there often and knows people…so,” said Leonora embarrassed.
“Ok…that’s ok…we’ll go with my plan and the place I know”, reassured Brigitte, putting her hand on Leonora’s gloved hand.

After they had finished their drinks at the café, the two women walked to the Luxembourg Gardens and found a bench in a quiet area.
First Leonora told Brigitte about Nigel, since the French girl was so insistent. Nigel was a businessman and quite wealthy, belonged to a club, was rather handsome and in his early 30s. They had known each other a few weeks when, one night when he was a bit d***k, Nigel admitted preferring men to women. His confession was soon followed by the welcomed admission by Leonora that she preferred men who were attracted to men. Brigitte knew all that but she listened patiently because she was mainly interested in Leonora’s involvement in Nigel’s love affairs.
“I did set him up with someone a number of times”, beamed Leonora
“Did you watch ?”, asked Brigitte wide-eyed
“Oh you ….you know I did….”, replied the British girl blushing heavily.
“And he is…how you say…the “man”… “on top””, pursued Brigitte
“Oh yes..there is no doubt about that”, Leonora answered, blushing again but also laughing at her own embarrassment, “but do tell me about your friend”, she continued
“Oh ..Charles is a student at the art school and he often models in other classes to make ends meet”, answered Brigitte.
“So you think Nigel will attract him ?”, asked a worried Leonora
“Ahhh..Charles is attracted to every handsome virile man he meets”, reassured the French girl
“So he will be a good woman for Nigel you think”, Leonora asked again
“Sometimes he is satisfied using his mouth….other times I have seen him ….get taken if that is the right expression in English ”, explained Brigitte
“Oh it’s the right expression”, laughed Leonora,”Nigel can also be quite happy by using his mouth, especially in places where one can be discovered”.
“Like this park ?”, asked Brigitte
“Yes…I witnessed an encounter just last week. We met another couple in a London park”, whispered Leonora to an excited Brigitte.
Just as Leonora was about to tell the story, an older man sat on the bench next to them and pulled out his newspaper. The two women got up and left arm in arm.

Because of her connection with the art school, Brigitte knew all the painters’ workshops in Paris. She had chosen one which was empty for the week. The two couples would meet there on a Sunday afternoon.
Brigitte and Leonora arrived first and spent an hour clearing a space and moving the bed to one side of the room, just in case they needed it.
Charles arrived first, wearing a cap, very tight pants and a loose white shirt tied in a knot on his belly. Brigitte was right, he was very handsome and slim. He kissed Leonora’s hand and felt Brigitte’s breasts through her blouse.
A few minutes later, Nigel came up the stairs looking a little lost. He smiled broadly as he recognized Leonora and was introduced to Brigitte. He bowed and gave Leonora his cane and top hat.
Charles had stayed away from the group on purpose. Brigitte walked over to her friend and brought him towards Nigel and Leonora. Both women stood behind their man. Brigitte could smell Charles’s perfume and hoped it was not too much. Nigel touched his moustache as he appraised Charles, looking at him warmly up and down. Charles stood still as Nigel walked around the Frenchman and stopped behind him. Nigel put his hand on the small of Charles’s back. The Frenchman arched his back, his perfectly round buttocks sticking out even more. Brigitte turned Charles around to face Nigel. Leonora put her arms around Nigel’s waist and was pushing him gently towards the Frenchman. The two young men were inches apart. The women could see a bulge in front of the men’s pants. Nigel’s nose touched Charles’s. Nigel pushed his hips forwards just so slightly and their bulges touched. Later Leonora swore she saw both bulges grow an inch. Brigitte held her man by the shoulders and was pushing him towards Nigel. Leonora was doing the same. Then it happened. Both women took a step back as the two men clasped each other rather violently and tongue-kissed with vigour. Rubbing their bulges together, the men grabbed each other’s buttocks through their pants and began slamming hips.
It took a lot of strength by the two women to pry them apart and bring them to a different corner of the room. The women began to undress their man. Shirts, pants, scarves, shoes and socks came off. Both men were wearing tight underpants similar to those worn by wrestlers. They covered the upper part of their thighs. The fabric was elastic and thin. The outline of both erect cocks was clearly visible and a rather large dark circle at the top of the bulge was also obvious to everyone. The men were not the only ones undressing. Brigitte took everything off except for her blouse which hung over her large naked tits like a tent. Leonora, who was more conservative, kept her blouse and bra but was naked from the waist down. Brigitte’s curly blonde triangle was quite a contrast to Leonora’s thick furry black patch. Both women had a lovely ass which moved and jiggled as they walked towards their men.
Charles was in the process of licking Nigel’s armpits while the British top was trying to suck on the Frenchman’s nipples. Brigitte tried to hold Charles back while Leonora pulled down Nigel’s underpants just enough to uncover his knob. She moved her fingers over the sticky wet slit and quickly put them on Charles’s lips. The Frenchman was going crazy with lust and the two men slipped out of their underpants very quickly. Leonora took Brigitte by the hand and the two women moved out of the way as the men collided and let out a scream of lust. They rolled about on the wooden floor, each trying to reach the other’s cock. It didn’t take long for them to settle in a sideways 69 and begin to fill their mouth with the other’s erect cock.
The women were on their hands and knees and observing the male bodies. Leonora showed Brigitte how Nigel’s finger was deep inside Charles’s ass while her friend was sucking the Frenchman. Both men had scars on their back and arms. The women tried to differentiate between the love scratches and the battle scars. Brigitte began to touch herself as Leonora told her how in London parks, lusting males fought each other with canes over younger men. It was also not uncommon for lesbians to come to blows, even in upscale restaurants, as was reported in a Paris newspaper recently.
The two lovers were sucking each other with passion and there was no doubt in the women’s mind that they would fill each other’s mouth with their seed very soon. Nigel came first and Brigitte pulled her friend by the arm to show her Charles’s mouth overflowing with seed. Nigel’s outburst triggered Charles’s. Both men quietly licked the other dry while the women hovered over them, watching every exciting post-coital moment. Brigitte made the first move towards Leonora who pushed her away. Both women were terribly excited sexually and their relationship always grew tense, especially when men were present. They had been lovers and rivals, friends and foes, even engaging in a few hair-ripping catfights over the years, either because they were angry or to please an audience of voyeurs. When the sexual atmosphere disappeared they behaved as two normal women would.
The men, like boxers, had retreated to opposite corners of the room and were attended by their lady friend. Leonora cleaned Nigel’s cock but spread his sweat over his body, an odour which would inevitably excite Charles. Brigitte was cleaning her friend and dabbing Charles with some mild perfume. She took some lubrication and her hand was lost for a minute between the Frenchman’s bubbly buttocks. Of course all concerned knew that the next round would involve, or they hoped it would involve, the act of mating between the two men.
Using gentle but precise hand movements and some whispering into his ear, Leonora had managed to get her stallion totally erect once again. Charles was half-erect but smiling and breathing heavily. He was ready to receive the Englishman’s cock.
The scenario was usually the same and had been repeated many times before here in Paris and also abroad. The reader has to remember that both women are naked from the waist down and extremely horny because of the show the men are putting on and the sexual attraction usual between fruit flies.
When Nigel was ready Leonora took his arm and they walked slowly towards the French couple. Nigel’s cock was moving up and down with every breath, while Leonora had discarded her bra and was now dressed only in her open blouse, each side only partially covering one breast. Charles offered Brigitte his arm and they walked to meet the other couple. Charles was also naked, his white hairless skin quite similar to Brigitte’s. Both had a hairy triangle, Brigitte’s was blonde and Charles’s quite fair also.
The two couples met in the middle of the room. The two men stepped forward and gently rubbed shoulders and thighs, keeping their hands to themselves, at least for now. The two women kissed each other on the cheek and then each grabbed their man’s arm and pulled him away. Each man untangled himself from the clutches of his woman and the two naked males continued to circle each other. The two women stood aside and raised their eyebrows, looking at the two males like they would c***dren. Charles began to sniff Nigel’s shoulders and tried to push his nose towards the Englishman’s armpit. Nigel invited him to continue on the floor. The women protested but to no avail. On all fours, the two men circled each other like two dogs in heat. Nigel sniffed Charles and attempted to mount him. Charles ran away and the two women pretended to protect Charles who crawled behind them. Nigel went after him and the two men began to wrestle on the floor. The two women got on their hands and knees and were following the wrestling match with interest. They knew it would be a matter of minutes before the two sweaty men attempted another coupling. Brigitte grabbed at Leonora’s buttocks but the English girl slapped her. Nigel had managed to crawl on top of Charles, who didn’t put up much of a struggle, and was moving his hips up and down against the Frenchman’s asscrack. The women were dying to get into it but they wanted to watch the two men end their mating dance. Nigel’s huge cock slapped against his stomach as he slid it up Charles’s crack. The Frenchman got on his knees and the women clapped as the mating began. Nigel slid his rod up the Frenchman’s hole as if he had done that all his life. Charles let out a cry of pain and pleasure as he was filled completely by the Englishman’s cock. Nigel’s stomach seemed fused to Charles’s back while only his hips seemed to move back and forth, each stroke making Charles groan. Leonora’s hand had been between her thighs ever since the two men began to wrestle and she continued to rub her clit with vigor as she squatted next to the two lovers. Brigitte had one hand massaging her blonde pussy while she squeezed her breasts with the other. Both women were furiously masturbating while watching the two men fuck. They had prepared this moment for weeks and they would enjoy it to the fullest. Watching men fuck each other was how they got their jollies. It may be surprising to some to learn this, but then again so many men masturbate while watching lesbians. Nigel was pumping Charles’s ass with an even rhythm but the two lovers seemed to be getting closer and closer to an orgasm. Charles turned his head and Nigel gave him a kiss on the lips. That seemed to bring them even closer and also excited the women no end. Brigitte was the first to come as she fell to her knees and rested her forehead on the floor as if she was praying. Leonora was a gusher and she didn’t disappoint as she came hard, making a puddle on the floor between her feet. That may have triggered the men. Charles cock gushed as he screamed and put all his remaining strength in keeping his position for Nigel. The Englishman closed his eyes and groaned loudly, filling Charles’s ass with his seed. Charles finally could collapse on his stomach while Nigel covered his body with his own. Brigitte and Leonora were on all fours moving around both men, sniffing and kissing sweaty flesh. The men seem to rather enjoy the smell of feminine juices and made a few remarks meant to encourage the two half-naked women to copulate with each other.
This time it was Leonora who rushed Brigitte, who seemed to be waiting for it, and the two women tangled on the floor, each reaching for the other’s hairy triangle and tongue-kissing while on their side. Their cunt-lips were puffy and shiny with juices from their masturbation session. The two friends naturally got into a scissoring position, both cracks touching, and began to grab each other’s hard tits. The two men smiled as they watched their lady friends began to rub their cunts together. The rather fleshy asses were slipping easily on the shiny wooden floor and cunt juices made it even more slippery whenever the two lesbians changed positions slightly. The two lovers were experts at what they did and managed to kiss and rub tits while their cunts were flattened against each other. The men were wide-eyed as they watched Leonora squirt for the second time, her gush deflecting on the French girl’s stomach and hitting her on the chin. Brigitte gushed also but Leonora claimed later it was pee. The two women, clinging to each other, toppled to the floor and kept their position.

The men got up and washed at opposite ends of the studio while the still naked women were sitting on the floor sharing a bottle of red wine.
It was quite late that night when Leonora and Brigitte finally left the studio, the men having left hours before.

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