The Salesmen (a gay tale)

THE SALESMEN (a gay tale)
Bill drove into the small town at about the same time he always drove into a new place, just after dinner. He usually stopped at a diner along the highway for food, phoned ahead to see if the hotel had a room, and walked into the local bar just as he needed an after-dinner drink.
The routine was the same since he had started this run in the north-eastern states ten years ago. Bill worked for a company that made paper-making equipment and visited his customers in the numerous mills in that area. Some towns were small, others were larger. He knew the roads, the mills, the people, the hotels, as well as the cheap motels, the hangouts, and the sleazy bars. Bill had just turned 50, was single, had a small pouch, receding hairline, good teeth. Kennedy was President, lifestyles were changing, new ideas and values were appearing but you still had to be quiet and discreet.
That evening Bill drove into Midland, a medium-sized town which he didn’t know as well as some of the others, since the mill was quite new. He parked his car in the designated area behind the church where the hotel patrons could park for free. The salesman took his bag and brought it upstairs to his room, after getting the keys from the desk clerk who recognized him from the last time.
It was a chilly fall and the sun set pretty early. It was quite dark by the time Bill made his way to a basement bar he had been to earlier in the year. The place was well-kept and the oval-shaped bar was surrounded by large plants and posters of exotic lands.
“Evening Sir, what can I get you tonight ?”, asked the middle-aged barman
“A gin and tonic please”, answered Bill, his eyes slowly getting used to the light.
Just as he was doing that, the barman dimmed the lights throughout the whole bar and Bill felt somewhat appeased by that.
Bill wasn’t the only customer. At one end, there was a young couple, obviously local, and engaged in a serious conversation. Otherwise the place was totally empty. It was Monday night and not so surprising. Bill had just received his cold gin and tonic when a gentleman walked down the steps and sat on the other side of the bar facing Bill.
“Good evening Sam, back from your trip ?”, asked the waiter
“Yep, and leaving again in two days”, said the gentleman dressed rather formally for the town and the place. Sam was a travelling salesman much like Bill, but he did mainly short trips.
“How’s the wife ?”, asked the barman mechanically
“Oh..ok I guess….haven’t been home yet”, answered Sam
“No big rush, I guess”, asked the barman
“Not really”, answered the salesman
The barman walked over to the couple and made sure they didn’t need anything.
“Haven’t seen you around here before ?”, the waiter asked Bill
“That’s because I’m not from around here”, answered the salesman.
“Just passing through ?”, insisted the barman who seemed to want to talk on this quiet night.
“That’s right…leaving tomorrow night”, answered Bill who revealed more than he usually did.
Sam slackened his tie and took off his jacket with he folded and put on the stool next to him. Bill was trying to look at him without staring. He was a handsome man with a square face and a heavy jaw. There was something military about him. His clothes were of good quality but a little worn. He had a crew-cut which gave him a younger look , but he was about Bill’s age.
When the barman left for a minute to get some more ice, Sam made a point of looking at Bill with a very faint smile. The two men stared at each other and Bill licked his lips quickly. He had heard the comment about the wife and was not sure how far to go. He was going to let that one come to him. He had been disappointed so many times. The right signs, the body language and then nothing. Too scared, too busy, too ashamed.
Sam had nearly finished his beer when he got up and went to the washroom. A few minutes later, he came back to the bar, put his jacket on, left some money, and walked up the stairs. Bill thought he had misjudged that one, although he had developed a pretty good feel over the years. He finished his glass, paid the barman, and decided to stop by the washroom before he left. When he entered the small bathroom, Bill immediately saw next to the wash basin a note scrawled on the brown hand paper which read “Behind the church”. Bill wasn’t sure if it was meant for him or even if it had been written a few days ago, but he tore it up and threw it in the wastepaper basket.
The church parking lot was where he had parked his car and it was only a few minutes from the bar. He figured he had nothing to lose and walked over to the church closing his jacket against the wind. The small parking lot was behind the church and next to the cemetery. He was walking around the church when he noticed headlights from a parked car. The lights came on then were turned off. Bill walked to the car. Even with the reflection of the church lights, he could see Sam’s white shirt. He opened the passenger door and sat in the front seat next to Sam. The two men sat in silence for what seemed like hours.
“We could go to a motel”, suggested Bill, even before Sam said a word.
“Everybody knows me here”, answered Sam
“Let me think”, continued the salesman
“Ok…I think I know the safest place”, he added
Sam started the car and they crossed the entire downtown area before they reached a two-lane highway. The men were silent during the entire trip and had not even touched each other.
Sam drove on that narrow highway for about 10 minutes then turned into a dirt road which led into a forest. A few feet after the turnoff, there was a fork in the dirt road and Sam slowly drove onto the narrower of the paths.
Sam stopped the two-door sedan and the men got out, pushed the front seats over and crawled into the back. Once settled on the back seat, they pushed the front seat to its normal position. Both men took off their shoes. They continued to disrobe, shirts, jackets, trousers, underpants, all was thrown on the front seat. Bill watched as Sam’s hard cock slapped against his stomach as he took off his underpants. Bill’s knob peeked at the top of his pants. The men were erect and breathing heavily once they were finally naked.
They hugged together and kissed, clumsily at first and then with more passion and accuracy. The inside of the car smelled of sweat and cologne. Both men were equally hairy. Bill sucked on Sam’s nipples while Sam tried to squeeze his asscheeks. They didn’t have much room and had realized that preliminaries had to be simple and quick. Bill rubbed his finger over Sam’s knob then put it to his mouth. Sam did the same. They both knew the signs. Sam lay down on the seat and Bill straddled him head to toe. The men were too tall for the length of the seat and they had to bend their knees to fit. They had been waiting for this all evening. If they had had a chance to speak before their encounter, Bill would have told Sam how a few days ago he had sucked a younger man in a stall at a truck stop and Sam would have admitted a mutual masturbation session in a dark alley a few weeks back. Both men were horny and were experienced cocksuckers. They quickly got on their side so they could finger each other’s ass while sucking. Sam enjoyed rimming but there was no space and no time. Each man took the other’s full cock and the knob even touched the roof of their mouth, and they sucked without choking. Bill loved the feel of the hard warm member inside his mouth. He liked to slip it out also and lick the slit and put the knob between his lips. Sam’s cheeks were hollow as he sucked hard, trying to keep up with the rhythm of Bill’s hips. Hands were busy with asscheeks, ass crack, and balls. Love noises could be heard, if there had been someone there to hear them. The two naked white-skinned men were moving against each other on the narrow back seat. They tapped each other on the ass, moaned louder, then without any notice, but in total control, they started to cum. I say “started” to cum because Sam came first then Bill but they finished together what they couldn’t start together. They obviously gave each other a big load. Once they stopped moving, they just lay there motionless for a few minutes. Well not exactly motionless, since they continued sucking the knob and licking the seed, sucking each other dry. Then Bill turned around to lie sideways face to face with Sam. The two men kissed and mixed their seed in their mouths. If they had been in a bed, in a hotel room or at home, they would have had time to kiss, fondle, and maybe even chat. They could have even begun another session. They were naked, in the back seat of a car in the middle of nowhere and they were 50 years-old.
The two men dressed and drove back to town. Sam dropped Bill off at his hotel and continued home. They made vague promises of seeing each other next time Bill was in town.
Sam sprayed some cologne on himself and brushed his teeth on the side of the road using a water bottle he always carried. Bill took a shower and read for a while. When Sam arrived home, his wife was asl**p.


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1 year ago
very good story enjoyed it very much
2 years ago
backseat afairs are so hot
2 years ago
Well Done.
2 years ago
Succinct! Very good.
2 years ago
Great story mib14! Very relatable.
2 years ago
Very nice; i would like more!