MOTHER KNOWS BEST (Lesbian story)

MOTHER KNOWS BEST (Lesbian story)

At least it wasn’t pouring. The light drizzle wouldn’t shrink Leila’s tight skirt when it dried up. Eve looked at her daughter sitting on the front seat. If they measured skin pressure against fabric the way they did earthquakes, this one would be a 9. Leila kept squirming on her seat as they drove from their suburban streets onto the highway.
“My skirt is so tight, my legs are falling asl**p”, Leila complained.
“Just suffer for a few more minutes and the skirt will come off, I promise”, reassured Eve.
“What if she doesn’t like me”, asked Leila.
“Oh silly you…of course she will”, answered Eve looking lovingly at her daughter.
Actually Eve wasn’t so sure Sandra would like her daughter. Poor Leila had not been blessed as far as looks were concerned. It’s not that she was ugly or fat or anything. She was so nerdy Eve could cry. Her thick glasses covered most of her face and her hair was short and frizzy with no life whatsoever. She had good-size tits but they were already drooping slightly and at 18 that did not look good for the future. Her ass was regular size and round but again…all this was so ordinary. Boys had always stayed clear of Leila who, fortunately or not, had, early in life, expressed more attraction to girls. Her coming out had not phased Eve since she had also turned to girls after her divorce. Girls had of course also avoided Leila except for Sandra, Helen’s daughter, who had just moved to the city and was attending her school. To tell you the truth, Sandra had had only a glimpse of Leila at school and her mother had shown her an old snapshot. She had at that point expressed some interest in meeting Leila.
Helen was making quite an effort since her Sandra was no Miss Universe either. She was prettier than Leila, which wasn’t hard, with high cheekbones but her nose was too long and her long black hair was dry and often messy. She had small tits which became invisible when she more her usual plaid shirt. Her ass was small, narrow and long, like a man’s. She loved sports and got into a few fistfights with either boys or other girls. Helen had caught her looking at girlie magazines and that had convinced her that her Sandra was a little butch. Like Eve, Helen was in known territory, having decided even during her short marriage that she preferred licking a wet slit than sucking on a cock.
Eve had met Helen at a party for single mothers and they had hit it off. Both mothers were much prettier than their daughters. Eve was a rather short chubby brunette with lovely tits and an ass which any lesbian would drool over. Helen was the complete opposite: a tall lanky blonde with small tits like her daughter and the small ass of gymnast. Just like her daughter, Helen was more inclined to be the butch. Eve had been surprised to see that so many single mothers were actually lesbians. Actually those all-girl parties were designed to bring dykes together. After the party, Helen and Eve had driven to the warehouse area, parked side by side in a deserted lot, and had sex in Eve’s car. As they dressed, both women had mentioned their daughter and the difficulty in getting them a girlfriend. The idea of getting them together was Helen’s.
“We’ll see what happens”, Helen had said.
“And if there’s a spark ?”, asked Eve.
“Let the fire burn”, answered Helen, pinching Eve’s lovely ass through her skirt.
“Ouch !…”, yelped Eve, slapping Helen’s hand away, “I know…what if they get going ?”, Eve had added, beginning to laugh.
“Well s****r…we just stand back and watch”, answered Helen, joining in on the laugh.


Eve’s car pulled in the driveway of Helen’s bungalow. Leila managed to get out of the car without splitting her skirt. Eve had undone the top button of her daughter’s blouse before they arrived. The top of her milk-white drooping tits showed up quite well. Eve checked Leila’s lipstick one last time and touched up her makeup. Helen met them at the door. Both mothers kissed each other on the cheek as Leila rolled her eyes. Hoping to get her daughter excited, Eve had told Leila about her and Helen. Leila had masturbated and Eve had let her.
Sandra was already sitting on the couch. She sprang up when the ladies entered.
“Hey”, she said as she shook hands with Leila.
“Hey”, answered Leila.
“Well…well…now that the ice is broken, we’ll let the girls get to know each other better”, said Helen as her heartbeat increased.
Helen and Eve sat at either end of the couch and the girls next to each other in the middle.
Helen had put a few lesbian porn magazines on the coffee table.
“You have big tits”, suddenly said Sandra ogling Leila’s boobs.
“Sandra !”, yelled her mother.
“What ?…she does”, Sandra yelled back as she turned towards her mother.
“You have to be more…more..subtle, dear”, explained Helen.
“Thanks”, answered Leila with a smile.”You have small tits but I’m sure they’re nice”,
“Wanna see them ?”, asked Sandra.
“Sure..”, answered Leila with a grin.
Helen and Eve raised their eyebrows at each other. This was going well.
Sandra took off her plaid shirt, which she had insisted in wearing, and stuck out her small naked tits at Leila.
“Wow….nice”, said Leila as she eyed the erect nipples, which probably looked bigger through her thick glasses.
“Ask her if you can touch them”, Eve whispered in her daughter’s ear.
“Can I touch them ?”, repeated Leila.
“Sure…if I can touch yours”, answered Sandra, much to both mother’s delight.
Leila unbuttoned her blouse and her bra-less tits bounced out.
Helen gently put her hand behind her daughter’s head and pushed it forward gently.
“Don’t I have to ask first ?”, said Sandra turning towards her mother.
“No…no…you don’t have to”, Eve and Helen said in unison.
Leila closed her eyes as Sandra kissed her nipples which were getting harder and harder by the minute. Then Sandra started sucking on them then stopped. She looked at Leila who had opened her eyes.
“You wanna fuck ?”, asked Sandra brutally.
“SANDRA !!!!”, yelled Helen
“WHAT ?”, yelled Sandra back
“YESSSSSSSSS”, screamed Leila, to everyone’s surprise.
The two young ladies clashed with such passion that both mothers had to get out of the way quickly and stand a few feet from the couch.
Sandra was on top of Leila and both girls were kissing with passion. Sandra’s face was already smeared with bright-red lipstick. They knocked heads as each tried to suck on the other’s tits. Leila took off her glasses but not without poking herself in the eye. Sandra got up and kicked off her sandals while Leila threw her high-heel shoes on the carpet. Sandra had slipped out of her jeans and already stood in her tong in front of Leila. Leila had unzipped her tight skirt but struggled to get out of it. Eve came to the rescue and knelt behind her to pull the skirt off. Leila tried to kick the fabric which had fallen around her ankles but tripped and fell on the couch. Eve pulled the bunched-up skirt over her feet and quickly joined Helen at one end of the sitting room. Both mothers had their eyes on their daughter. The two girls were standing a few feet apart. Leila started playing with her tits and staring at Sandra. Sandra lowered her tong slightly and showed Leila the top of her full hairy bush. Leila licked her lips then turned around and slid her tong down showing Sandra most of her ass. Both girls started to blow kisses at each other.
“They’re so sweet”, said Eve
“Yes they are…Leila does have a nice ass”, answered Helen smiling devilishly.
“Thanks…and Sandra does have a full bush…oh my…oh my”, mused Eve.
“Hey ”, said Helen frowning , “that’s my daughter”.
“Ok..ok…”, answered Eve sheepishly, “I was just saying”.
Both girls were naked now and stood a few feet from each other. Plump Leila with her big tits and black triangle between her legs and tall skinny Sandra with her slim ass and short curly cunt-hair.
“I have to pee”, announced Sandra, turning to her mother
“Oh God Sandra”, screamed Helen, “I told you to go before Leila arrived”.
“I know..I did…but I can’t help it”, answered Sandra near tears.
“That’s ok…”, reassured Eve as she gave Helen the elbow.
It dawned on Helen when Eve, accompanied by Leila , followed Sandra and Helen to the bathroom, that this could be another way to get the girls excited.
Sandra was getting ready to sit on the toilet but her mother led her instead to stand in the bath. Eve pushed Leila gently towards the bath.
“They’ll know what to do”, said Eve to Helen as they closed the bathroom door behind them.
“You never told me you were into this”, asked Helen grinning
“ know…you never asked”, answered Eve blushing
“Well..I’m glad I asked”, said Helen putting her hand between Eve’s legs through her skirt.
“Shush…”, said Eve, slapping Helen’s hand away, “..not now”.
“Ok..but later…maybe…you and I in the bath tub”, asked Helen with a grin.
Eve felt her cunt getting wet at Helen’s suggestive talk but she regained control of her lust.
“Later..maybe…but let’s concentrate on the girls…ok ?”, she said to her lover.
“The girls are pissing”, said Helen who loved dirty talk.
“I bet they are”, answered Eve getting more and more excited.
But at that moment, and before Eve and Helen had a chance to continue their fantasizing, Sandra and Leila came out of the bathroom still drying themselves with a towel. The two girls walked in the middle of the living room, already breathing heavily. You could see the lust in their eyes and that the session in the bathroom had indeed excited them. Leila opened her pussy lips with her fingers and made licking motions with her tongue. Sandra couldn’t resist the invitation and dropped to her knees in front of Leila. She began rubbing her long nose up and down Leila’s hairy cunt. Leila closed her eyes and enjoyed the rubbing against her clit. Sandra stuck out her tongue but had trouble getting through Leila’s hairy bush. Leila helped her by opening her cunt lips with her fingers once again. Helen and Eve could see the pinkish flesh of Leila’s vagina.
“Suck her baby”, encouraged Helen, “that’s my girl”.
Sandra was indeed learning fast and had found Leila’s erect clit. Helen approached the two girls and knelt next to Sandra to coach her.
“Take her clit between your lips and suck on it”, advised Helen
Sandra did just that and Leila let out a loud moan. Sandra stopped suddenly.
“Don’t stop…keep sucking”, urged Helen
“But she came…didn’t she ?”, asked Sandra innocently.
“No ..she didn’t…she just likes it”, answered Helen losing her patience.
Sandra clamped her mouth on Leila clit once more and kept sucking making slurping noises.
Helen looked at Eve, who had taken off her blouse and skirt, and rolled her eyes.
Leila put her hands behind Sandra’s head as if she had done this a hundred times. Her eyes became glassy and her breathing increased.
“Keep sucking…”, encouraged Helen.
Sandra. who was beginning to have a sore jaw, replaced her sucking by some spirited lapping of Leila’s entire crack then went back to sucking. Helen recognized the signs that Leila was near orgasm.
“Keep it up a little longer”, she suggested to her daughter.
Then Leila screamed and humped her cunt against Sandra’s face. She didn’t actually squirt but Sandra’s face was just the same covered in juices. Leila’s legs gave out and she crumbled to the carpeted floor. Eve rushed to her side.
“You came…didn’t you…oh you cute little thing”, exclaimed Eve embracing her daughter who still looked stunned from the experience.
Helen kissed her daughter’s cheek to congratulate her but Eve suspected even then that it was to get a taste of Leila’s juices. Sandra crawled towards Leila and the two mothers moved out of the way.
“There gonna hook up again”, cried Helen
“Yes ..they are”, said Eve in a different tone of voice. She put her hand on Helen’s mouth and wiped it with her fingers.
“You had juices on your lips”, said Eve
“Oh did I ?”, answered Helen looking surprised
“You slut”, said Eve, trying to sound angry, but at the same time grabbing Helen’s asscheeks.
Eve was still in her bra and thong. Seeing this, Helen quickly got rid of her skirt and blouse and the two women were just about to begin a little love dance when Helen suddenly pointed to their daughters. Sandra had crawled on top of Leila and was humping her thigh with her wet cunt. Leila was trying to open her legs wider to accommodate Sandra hips. They bumped heads as they tried to kiss. Their lips connected on the second try.
“I think they wanna fuck”, suggested Eve
“That’s my little butch daughter”, added Helen, running towards the two girls trying to copulate.
Eve joined her and the two mothers quickly took off bra and thong as they stood beside their nude daughters who were kissing and rubbing their bodies against each other. Helen knelt next to Leila and opened her thighs with her hands while guiding her daughter’s hips between them. Eve was on all four behind Sandra and had both hands on the girl’s small ass pushing it towards her daughter’s hairy cunt. As Sandra and Leila broke their kiss, Helen’s cunt hovered over Leila’s face, while her small tits were inches from her daughter’s mouth. Eve had slipped her hand between Sandra’s thighs and was measuring the distance between her daughter’s cunt and Sandra’s. For a short moment, Eve and Helen looked at each other with such lust that their hands were shaking . The fleshy female bodies, the smell of wet cunts, the sweat, all spelled lesbian sex. Both mothers, their hands stroking their daughter’s body as well as another young girl’s body, were in a sexual trance. Helen put her knees on either side of Leila’s head and lowered her blonde cunt on Leila’s face. Eve had managed to get Sandra’s cunt to rest on Leila’s cunt. Her head rested on Sandra’s inner thigh and she extended her neck so that she could lick Sandra’s bulging cunt lips from behind. At the other end, Helen closed her eyes as she felt Leila’s tongue drive deep inside her vagina. Facing her daughter, she took her face in her hands and was giving her instructions.
“ Do you feel her clit ?”, she asked Sandra
“No…just her crack..” answered the daughter
She pulled Sandra by the shoulders towards her.
“Now push forward…you should feel it now…”, she instructed, trying to keep her tits away from Sandra’s face.
“Oh I think I feel it…I lost it…ok now I’ve got it again”, managed to mumble Sandra
Her assessment of the situation was confirmed by Leila was let out a muffled groan, her face completely crushed against Helen’s cunt.
“Now you fuck her slowly…FUCK HER”, cried Helen
Eve had the best view of both young cunts together.
“Fuck her….FUCK HER”, she also cried, as she continued to lick Sandra’s cunt lips.
Sandra let out a loud moan as Eve’s tongue began to lick her asshole. Eve also pressed her fingers between the girl’s thighs knowing that she was stimulating both girls at the same time.
Eve looked up as she was licking Sandra’s butt hole and stared at Helen. Both mothers were lusting after each other but right now they were involved in a complicated 4-way and enjoying it. Helen was beginning to feel her orgasm mounting but she was also sure Sandra was getting close to exploding. Her daughter’s eyes were so large and her nipples were standing erect on her small tits. Suddenly it all happened in succession. Sandra cunt let out a stream of juices into Leila’s open cunt and Leila exploded, screaming into Helen’s cunt “FUCKKKKKKKK”.
Sandra’s butt hole closed around Eve’s tongue as she climaxed. Eve was rubbing her clit with her fingers but she wasn’t ready to cum yet. Helen was nearly there but Leila had stopped sucking her after she climaxed. All the women were breathing heavily and covered in sweat and juices. The two mothers pulled away from the young couple. Sandra and Leila kissed and cuddled after their earth-shaking orgasm. They whispered things to each other which the mothers couldn’t hear but it probably had to do with Sandra’s squirting. The two mothers looked at their daughters then at each other. Concentrating more on their daughters’ pleasure, neither of them had managed to reach a climax and that made them particularly jumpy.
“You got your cunt sucked by my daughter, you fucking slut”, yelled Eve
“I bet you would have liked that, now wouldn’t you “, answered Helen
“You had a little licking of your own.. down there… now which cunt did you lick or did you suck on both of them ?”, added Helen, feeling triumphant.
“I licked Sandra’s…so there…and I ate her butt hole”, answered Eve making an “O” with her fingers and mimicking a licking motion.
Helen was looking at Eve and made a humping motion with her hips. Eve opened her cunt lips with her fingers and showed Helen her erect clit.
“I’ll poke you with my clit”, purred Eve.
“I’ll bend your clit with mine….Meowwww”, answered Helen, parting her labia
“You wanna fuck you horny dyke ?”, yelled Eve
“Bring it on you asslicking butch”, screamed Helen, furiously rubbing her hairy cunt.
Sandra and Leila were wide-eyed and watched their mothers acting like dirty sluts and provoking each other for some lesbian sex.
“Go mom..fuck her”, screamed Sandra, clapping her hands in excitement
“Suck her ass mommy…”, shrieked Leila, throwing her arms around Sandra’s neck and kissing her.
“Oh God..I want to watch this”, whispered Sandra into Leila’s ear.
“Me too..that is going to be some cool fuck”, answered Leila
The two mothers didn’t deceive their daughters. The mature dykes clasped each other in the middle of the room, mouths smearing lipstick on each other’s face, tits flattening each other, bellies rubbing, hands grabbing each other’s asscheeks…
Helen tripped Eve to the floor and the daughters got up to watch their mothers in a tangle of legs, arms, tits and ass. Mouths were sucking at anything that smelled good, fingers were poking holes, flesh rubbed against flesh, sweat and cunt juices mixed. Helen managed to get her head between Eve’s buttocks while Eve tried to mouth the blonde’s hairy triangle. After a few minutes, the two mothers were in a perfect sideways 69, licking away like there was no tomorrow. Leila was kneeling at one end watching her mother lapping at Helen’s crack while Sandra was at the other end, her face inches from Helen’s who was stabbing at Eve’s cunt hole with her tongue. Leila couldn’t help stroking Helen’s ass then, excited by the sight of her mother sucking another woman, buried her face between Helen’s narrow ass-crack. Not wanting to be left out, Sandra stuck her nose between Eve’s large asscheeks and rubbed it against Eve’s puckered hole. When both mothers began to buck against each other’s mouth and emit muffled cries like wounded a****ls, the daughters moved away to let their mothers reach orgasm. Leila joined Sandra as they sat patiently on the carpet waiting for the two mature lesbians to lick each other out and regain their normal breathing. Helen got up first then Eve. The two daughters watched wide-eyed as their lusting mothers, their face and inner thighs covered in glistening cunt juices, circled each other, spit drooling from their mouth.
“They’re gonna fuck…let’s watch”, whispered Sandra as she slid her hand between Leila’s plump thighs.
“Your mother is gonna fuck my mother”, answered Leila, reaching Sandra’s wet mound with her fingers.
Eve and Helen embraced in the middle of the room mixing spit and giving each other little love bites at over their face. Helen cupped Eve’s buttocks with both hands and tried to lift her. The couple reeled for a minute and Eve fell on the floor with a loud thump. Helen jumped on top of her while Eve was spreading her thighs as much as she could. The two experienced lesbians quickly found the perfect fucking position as their hairy snatches connected. The two daughters, who were masturbating each other with gusto, couldn’t believe their eyes when it took only a few seconds for their mothers to start rubbing cunts. Helen’s ass-crack opened and closed as her muscles worked on moving her mound against Eve’s. The girls couldn’t see their faces but they seemed to be kissing.
“Your mother is such a butch”, said Leila, “just like you”.
“Your mother is her bitch”, answered Sandra
The two mothers fucked for a few minutes, at times changing their position slightly so that their clits connected, screaming obscenities at each other as they climaxed again and again. As their mothers lay there in a heap, the two daughters closed their eyes for a minute enjoying their own mutual climax.
It took the two girls a few minutes to pry their mothers’ limp bodies apart. Leila slid under Helen’s tall blonde nakedness while Sandra got on top of Eve’s plump glistening flesh.
What happened next ? Let your imagination take over….


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I'm so very horny now!!! Luv Marie...
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great story hun more
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Great story!
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That Story Great! It has everything in t that I Like to watch in Videos and See in Pictures.
By theway "mib 14" it's highly unusual for ME to read a Story, Watch a Video, Gaze at Pictures or even visit another's Profile eithout leaving a comment and/or Private Message ~ So be careful not to paint everyone with the same brush!
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Please leave a comment if you can. So many people read stories and nobody leaves a comment. Then why do we write them ?