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This Beautiful Story has been collected from a website. I like to share with you all member of Xhamster Lovers. Enjoy
Hi, Sara here, as this is my first time writing anything of this sort please bear with me, secondly it was fun to read the comments, and thanks for offering your services but Anna and I are doing just fine together.

If you do want to get in touch you can leave a comment if it is interesting enough we might reply. I had Anna start the story, and below is the second part by me, Anna has made a few edits here and there but it's mostly the same, hope you enjoy reading.

Anna loves playing with my bum, she never fails to give it a squeeze every now and then I really don't mind as long as it's her loving hands. Anna is quite the vixen and loves being on top, so as usual she crawled on top of my naked body to enjoy my hump. Even I enjoy the heat of her body on my behind, I used to think my butt was too big and unattractive but Anna has convinced me otherwise.

Back to our story, she was on top of me and I was browsing through a porn site, it was my first time. Anna had already worked me up and I was in the mood most of the girls were very pretty and were confident about their pert bodies, proudly showing off their perky tits and round bottoms.

We saw our share of dicks too but quite frankly there is nothing attractive about a penis, only a few of them really interested me. But a woman's body is like heaven, especially Anna. We comparing our own body's to those of the naked girls, quite a few of the girls had bodies that matched Anna, small petite and perky.

I don't know why Anna thinks her bum is unattractive, it's actually cute. Her bum is nice and compact, her legs are very lean and even when she puts her feet together there is a triangular gap between her thighs and pussy. That is the sexiest part of her body and I love to slide my fingers in her gap and tickle her to an orgasm.

But we still had a problem, Anna has felt the pleasure of fucking a guy, I have only experienced the pain. Anna often tells me about her ex and I have often wondered what that sex feels like. While browsing thru the porn site Anna showed me what a dildo is and I wanted to get one for ourselves for obvious reasons.

But since that is not possible in our country I had to put the idea out of my mind, but then we chanced upon a girl toying her pussy with a carrot. Our minds often think alike, and instantaneously Anna took over and searched the web on how to make a homemade dildo.

We read many guides and finally settled on the banana over the carrot as many guided said the curve of the banana as well as its smooth shape and perfect density make it the safest and most pleasurable fruit to play with. But before we started we needed to buy the supplies - condoms & raw bananas.

We dressed in no time and headed down to the market, we agreed that I would buy the bananas and Anna the condoms. Anna went to a chemist near Adarsh Nagar, a locality where nobody knows us and I bought a dozen bananas from the nearby fruit vendor, he was quite surprised when I chose raw bananas and kept telling me that they would take at least a week to get ripe.

When we got back to my apartment we couldn't wait to get started, according to the guide the raw banana with its skin on should be warmed up before use to stimulate body heat. We kept our banana in for 15 minutes in boiling water. The next step is to peel the skin off the banana, after its kept in the water it is quite easy to pull off the skin, but the banana was quite hot.

With the skin off the naked banana is warm and easy to handle the next thing to do is roll the condom over the banana. With the condom over the banana tie a know at the open end of the condom and the banana is ready for action!

We were very excited and got naked without any fuss, I was extremely horny and could not wait to be second so I insisted that Anna pleasure me first. My pussy didn't need any stimulation and was already wet and slippery with the anticipation. But the banana needed some lube Anna opened her mouth and gave our banana a mock blow job.

I lay down on the bed and spread my legs, before she could begin fucking me Anna buried her face in my crotch and gave me a deep long wet kiss. It was a very curious sensation as Anna pushed the banana into my body. Anna usually used only two fingers in my hole sometimes three to get me off but this was broader and much longer, plus the banana was quite hot.

My delicate pussy was not used to the heat, it was like pouring warm water on your pussy while shaving but this feeling was inside my body and it was stretching me. Anna was very slow and didn't rush, I was savoring the feeling of having my pussy pleasure by penetration, then the curve of the banana hit the right spots.

I began to moan involuntarily Anna kept looking at my pussy and then my face. She understood I wanted more, slowly she increased the pace. Every time she pulled out I could feel a suction in my pussy and as she pushed inside I felt the warmth of the banana spread in my groin. In between each stroke just as the banana went in and came back out I felt a tingling sensation that made my entire pussy clench, each time the banana passed over it I felt a stronger clench.

The pleasure was great and even I started to move my hips against Anna's thrust, Anna put her face near my pussy and started to lick my clitoris. The sensation was really building up and each time the banana went deep and came out again I had to cut my breath short. I had closed my eyes and my head tilted back, my toes curled up and I felt my muscles in my legs tighten.

Then suddenly I felt a very strong clench in my crotch, like when you sneeze except the clench lasted really long, at the same time I felt as if my vagina exploded. It was an amazing sensation and my pussy has never felt better, my heart beat fast and I could hardly move my body. It felt like just waking up one the perfect morning without any pain or worries, all I wanted to do was curl up and cuddle with Anna.

What I didn't know was the explosion I felt, was a squirt of pleasure, I thought I had peed and was terribly embarrassed. But Anna was so caring her face caught the entire blast and her face and parts of her hair were wet with it. She grabbed my towel form the back of the door and dabbed her face and my thighs dry then she pressed the towel on the bed and spread newspapers on the sheets.

I was mum as I thought I had done something terribly wrong and peed on her, but she came on top of me and hugged me. She explained to me that I didn't pee but actually had a squirting orgasm, she told me that I squirted the first time too but it was only a little and I had not noticed. She told me not many girls can have such an orgasm and it was quite rare, I didn't believe her at first so she showed me articles of female squirting on the net.

It was a amazing experience but I was totally spent for the next half an hour and just cuddled with Anna she gently kissed my face and I returned each of her kisses. After a while we dipped the banana in warm water again to heat it up to fuck Anna's love hole. But as the banana was heating up I began to warm Anna up.

I began with her breast and worked my way down her body. I love Anna's breast as much s she loves my ass, her tits are perfect in every respect, they are nice and big but not obnoxiously big, just the perfect size. They stand out ready nice and pert and bounce extremely well, she has dark brown nipples and I love to suck on them and pinch them.

I spent a good time working her tits up when I got to her pussy her panty was already soaked, she said she loved being fucked doggy style so I made her turn over and stick her ass out. She was on the bed with her ass up and had her knees together while her head was resting on her neatly folded hands looking back at me.

She seemed so cute and innocent yet incredibly horny in that position, and her heart shaded bottom was like an open flower exposing both her holes to me. I knew she like her anus tickled so I knelt in front of her and licked her bum and then I would have my revenge for her wakeup call.

Just as she began to enjoy it I slid my finger up her anus, her hole was very tight and she clenched her ass and bounced ahead ejecting my finger. She was a good sport and dint get angry.

It was time for the banana, I took the banana an pushed it deep in her hole with the curve facing down wards. She asked me to go deeper and I complied, then I increased the speed she was loving it. She was really horny and started to bounce her ass backwards, each time the banana emerged from her hole it was covered with her juices.

All I had to do was hold the banana in place and she bucked behind thrusting it into her body. Her bucking got really violent and jerky and just as she orgasmed her bucking broke the banana in two.

We were both reduced to laughter and lay next to each other thoroughly satisfied with our banana cream pies. Half an hour later we made two more banana toys, and sat across each other on my bed spread our legs and fucked each other's love holes simultaneously as we looked into each other's eyes.

We experimented with different positions that evening but Anna could not stay over that night as her parents would get suspicious, but by the time she left me my pussy had got quite enough action and besides I still had 9 more bananas.
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