The threesome

I was going to San Diego to help a friend move to Houston. I was stationed in San Diego through out my Naval career so I was very familiar with the area and had a few ladies I could call up for some fun. I called one of my favorate ladies to see what she was up to and to let her know i was in town. Of course she was excited that i was in town and imeditatly wanted to meet up. So we made plans and she came to pick me up. When she showed up she showed up with a friend of hers. Now the girl I knew was gorgeous...but her friend was STUNNING! Anyway I really didnt think much of it she introduced me to her and said she was staying with her for a couple of days. So went to eat hung out for a while then took it back to my girls apt. Once we got there my girls friend said she was tired and went to the room to lay down. Me and my girl then start to get hot. She began with sitting in my lap grinding her ass against my crotch. As she was doing this I had my arms around her running my hands up and down her body...gentally scratching my fingers down her stomach. We stripped each other down...and I then bent her over the couch and slid my dick deep inside her. We had fun for about 45 minutes to an hour...afterwards we went into her room where her friend was. she layed me down next to her friend and in my mind i thought we were going to sl**p. She layed down next to me and put her arm around me. I had my back to her and she was rubbing my arm with her hand. Then I felt her grab my arm and place it on her friend. She then started to run my hand up and down her body. From her neck down to her ass. I was kind of nervous because I was not sure how her friend was going to react. But i went with it. So i started to continue to rub on her on my own...massaging her ass then running my hands back up to her chest and circling her nipples with my finger tips...I begin to feel her to start to move around a little while letting out slight moans. This gave me the sign that she was ok with what was going on. So i then slide my hand down to her underwear and start to massage her clit on top of her panties. she then opens her legs for me to get easy access. As this is going on my girl starts to slowly jack me off and sucking on my cock...i then grab her friend and have her sit on my face...while my girl is giving me a blow job...her friend start to grind on my face and spreading her pussy juices all over my she slides down to my cock and puts it inside my girl now sit on my face faceing her friend...her friend is riding me making out with my girl while she is grinding on my face. after her friend came she got of and laid down i then put my girl on all fours and started to fuck her doggy style as she was eatting out her friend..i then fucked my girl hard until i cream pied her....this did not only happen that one night it ended up happening for the rest of the time i was there 5 days!
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