Reading some of the stories on here I feel that my little ditty is going to be quite boring but it is completely true and may interest one or two.
I know it's not good but for the last 9 years I have been having an affair with the wife of a friend...lets call her Angela.
Initially it started as friendship but developed. It took us quite some time to start a sexual relationship and initially it wasn't that good mainly because I had to use the dreaded condom.
After a number of years I steeled myself and had the snip. What a difference. the first time I slid into her bare backed was electric. She has a truly tight pussy and it wasn't long before I cum powerfully deep inside her.
Things got better and better....leap forward 5 years to the present day. Angela is now without doubt the dirtiest horniest fuck a man could get.
On the surface the demure little housewife.....but once inside a hotel room !!
I want to put on record our last hotel...which was about 3 weeks ago. Over the years Angela has developed two obsessions namely toys and pain...and both were given a full outing.
Firstly pain...Angela loves to be spanked...hence my username....but when I say spanked I don't mean the little taps you see on film...I mean a full blown spanking that makes my hands hurt. She gives the order and I oblige...harder and harder until her arse is bright red. She likes to pull her arse cheeks apart while I do this giving me a good view of her hole. She is also into nipple pain and we both wear very tight clamps which truly are agony.The afternoon started with me fucking her in the doggy position and belting hell out of her arse till even she could take no more. She likes to be verbally abused so I enjoyed calling her the fucking slut she is whilst moving around to stuff my cock into her mouth.Next came the toys. All manner of dildo's including a huge black number which stretches her to the limit. I sat back and watched her shag herself stupid then inserted her anal plug for her and switched it on...she went into orbit.
I then suprised her. A visit to Nice n Naughty paid dividends as I bought a strap on which vibrates.I put it on and fucked her. The screams of delight were a joy and I felt like the complete porn star (only average endowment). I fucked her and fucked her whilst the anal plug was also doing its work. I put her in the doggy and took out the plug. I started to fuck her arse with the strap on but she was right it was to big so of with that and in with my own cock to fuck her arse. this was all to much for me and i only lasted a couple of minutes before pulling out and coming over her hole.The little slut then proceeded to finger it up and eat it making me do the same.
As I said...not the rudest of stories but a true one.

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2 years ago
hot are you still exploring her dirty side?