Short hotel story...

i would meet up with u in a hotel bar where we would kiss and flirt
over a few drinks then we would go back to the room,where once inside
we would kiss deep and slow with lots of tounge,as we hold each other
tight and my hands running all over your body...then i would slowly
take of your blouse while kissing you all over,then take of your bra
and gently kiss and suck your nipples,then run my tounge down your
body and take of your skirt,and panties leaving you only in stockings
then lay on the bed,start kissing your stockinged feet and run my
tounge up to your pussy,slowly running my tounge round your pussy
lips,before licking you deep.once you have cum i would kiss you all
over again before entering you slowly,first going very slow them
faster my cock sliding in and out of your moist pussy,as we hold each
other tight and fuck harder,both moaning loudly,your lovely legs
wrapped me,both fucking harder and faster till we both cum....
we kiss and flirt in the taxi on the way back to my house,my fingers
stroking your pussy lips,through your damp panties,we kiss deeply as i
unlock the door,i whisper in your ear"i am hard again and i want to
taste you" we hurry upstairs kissing and running our hands over each
other,i drag you into my bedroom,i work my tounge round your neck,as i
slip of your dress and bra,working my tounge down to your breasts as i
lay you on the bed,slowly kissing,licking and sucking your nipples,my
tounge working its way down to your moist pussy,i gently kiss your
pussy lips,working my tounge deep inside you,tasting us both,your
groans make me lick deeper and faster,your stockigned legs wrapped
round my neck,feel so good i work my tounge back up your body so i can
kiss and suck those lovely nipples,i quickly take of my pants,your
pussy so wet and inviting and slowly work my cock into you,as we both
moan with pleasure,your legs wrapping round my back f***e me deeper
into you me now fucking you hard and fast,both screaming with pleasure
as we look into each others eyes we both can see the pleasure we are
giving each other..oh babe i am comin i scream...i cum into your pussy
for the second time of the night...i cuddle you tight as we kiss
deeply both of us happy......
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