"The Infamous Five": A Tribute

A "tribute" pornographic parody of the main characters in the wonderful Enid Blyton series.

The k**s are now of course "legal", having spent by now many school and half-term vacations together on exciting adventures together, involving "secret passages", raunchy rogues, up-hill gardeners, ass smugglers and various circus freaks.

Georgina is very butch, short, dark haired, wants to be a boy, and insists on being called 'George'.

Anne is a very pretty blond and very feminine, and likes to 'keep house'.

'George' and Anne often share a bed together on sl**p-overs. They're young, so just started with some exploratory fingering, waking up each morning with their fingers smelling like pussy. Now that they're older, Georgina has taken to rimming Anne's pretty little asshole while making her choke on her black cock strap-on. Anne feels helpless, but doesn't complain, and secretly enjoys being submissive. George's tongue makes her feel funny all over.

Georgina is obsessed with her dog Timmy. In the books, Timmy is well-trained, clever and does a lot of licking. He always gets into bed with her at night. Now, Anne has warned Georgina that Timmy's licking 'isn't very hygenic' but at night we hear Georgina gasp 'Oh Timmy, you're very licky tonight...!"

Julian is the older male, very masculine and toned. He's "posh" and enjoys doing tricks with working class Alfie, the local fish monger's son, behind Kerrin cottage. Alfie needs money, and Julian pays the boy tuppence for his favors.

Julian's younger b*****r is named 'Dick', and for good reason. He's hung like a horse. At their boarding school, the sadistic Headmaster takes a special interest in Dick after he was caught being sodomized in the toilets by a few of the older boys on the rugby team.

To teach Dick a lesson for his bad behavior, the Headmaster had him pull down his shorts and underwear and ordered him to bend over the desk to receive his punishment -- a bl**dy good caning across the backside. As the headmaster administers each stroke of the cane he milks his own huge ugly cock into a frenzy. Grunting loudly, the headmaster spurts hot cum all over Dick's red and raw backside. Dick was made to apologize to the headmaster afterwards.

To prevent the whole sorry affair going onto his permanent report Dick begged and pleaded with the headmaster to allow him to "lick Sir's special place until it makes you happy" each afternoon, just before tea. Truthfully, Dick didn't enjoy having the old headmaster shoot that hot goo into his face each day, and a few times into his bottom too where it was all wet and messy. But it was usually over with within minutes and Dick was always sure to say 'thank you, Sir' afterwards. The headmaster made Dick understand that he was only getting what he deserved, and Dick was grateful to the headmaster for his generosity.

In the end, a few of the sweaty smelly rugby players continued to capture him and drag him around to the garden shed after practice and took it in turns to 'make him their girlfriend' which hurt a bit at first, although it gradually got easier, and by the end of term he found himself rather looking forward to it. He began taking an interest in women's clothing, and tried his best to be pretty.

Thankfully, the headmaster agreed to keep it all 'their little secret', which was very kind in the circumstances. And in fairness, the headmaster always took great care not to prevent spraying the cum over his school uniform, as it would have been tiresome to clean. Other boys weren't as fortunate, Dick realized.

As for Aunt Fanny, she always wore pearls and a twin-set, but is at heart is a slutty MILF, actually a bit of an anal whore when you come right down to it. She was able to make a little extra pocket money with her video cam business. Customer hits sky-rocketed when she wore her favorite Laura Ashley print dress, usually hiked up, with her innocent white cotton panties shimmied down shapely thighs, while pumping her creamy squelching pussy with a freshly picked long thick cucumber from her well kept vegetable garden.

Aunt Fanny really enjoys horseback riding and always spends extra time cleaning stallion afterwards. Some of the farm hands have been known to pay to watch, and say that 'it is very instructive' to see Aunt Fanny groom the horse "top to bottom, and in-between".

Julian takes Aunt Fanny's well-worn panties to sniff when he's jacking off over the toilet. She did walk in on him once and then proceeded to wank him off using her own still-warm panties. Without saying a word she then took the cum soaked knickers and slipped them on under her dress afterwards, and left.

As Julian stood there with trousers around his ankles, his big thick cock dripping onto the floor, he felt somewhat ashamed... but for years afterward Aunt Fanny would meet him in the toilet, remove her knickers and allow him to sniff them if he promised to jack off in front of her. She would sometimes take the opportunity to slip one, then two fingers up into his ass and pump his cock with her free hand, while he clutched her panties to his face, deeply inhaling her musky odor, until such point as he practically exploded with cum. It was all a bit messy, but Aunt Fanny seemed happy to lick the cum off Julian, although she would sometimes push his head down and f***e him to lick his own cum off the toilet until it was clean, slapping his ass as she did so.

Uncle Quentin. Well, he's weird. He stays locked up in his study. A lot. Georgina has found his 'Butt-master' VHS tapes and enjoys watching them with Anne, while they masturbate each other.

Uncle Quentin is a bit fixated on Joanna the cook. She's a sweet and lovely granny, but from time to time Quentin has been known to rush in unexpectedly take her roughly from behind in her own kitchen, just hoicking up her voluminous skirts for a quick rough fuck, slapping her big white ass while fucking her hard in both holes. He gets turned on by her big grunting noises and pinches her huge nipples while taking long, hard thrusts into her tight ass. Afterwards, while she is still gasping and bent over the kitchen table, he takes out his mobile phone and takes video of his cum dribbling and squelching noisily out of her raw ass and pussy. He sometimes buries his head in her ass and licks it all up, before pulling her knickers up and her dress back down into a neat arrangement. Her cheeks aglow, old Joanna usually goes back to preparing the roast dinner.

All in all, the Famous Five seem to have one amazing adventure after another, exploring new 'secret passages' together in seaside mansions and all over the English countryside.

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6 months ago
AWESOME TAIL---Joanna must have loved it all!
8 months ago
loved it , need to know what all those fav characters are up to now
9 months ago
Ha, no pressure! I enjoy reading children's literature, but some of it just seems so obviously repressed or sexual in nature, and the Enid Blyton stories are just begging for an erotic 'grown-up' version. Anyway, I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, I do appreciate the comments, and look forward to reading your own posts!
9 months ago
Good set up, I cant wait for more.